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Very Sad

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I just wandered over to the toddler board, and then remembered... 3 1/2 ISN'T a toddler anymore!!!

I've gone through his baby years, AND his toddler years, and he's now almost a REAL KID!!!

Where the heck did that time GO!?!?!?

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It is so hard to see our little ones grow... Welcome to the 3-5 year olds!
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I'm right there with you!!!! I still go to the toddler board and think of my "non toddler!"
If I didn't moderate both boards I probably would post my 3 year old questions in the toddler board forum just b/c that is still how I think of him......I know how you feel.

They grow so fast!

Chin up
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Don't feel sad yet My first baby is about to push me up to he next age group. Last year when the WIC office told me she wouldn't qualify because she would be five a had break down right there in the office. Not that I care so much about the cheerio's but because my baby was almost five. Now she is almost six.
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I know just how you are feeling....{{{{{{{happyday}}}}}}
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