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ChristoFinn's Gentle and Blissful Unassisted Birth

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Hey UC mamas! I FINALLY wrote out my LONG birthstory. Here it is:
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Kate that was so beautiful! I waited a long time to finally read that!

You inspire me to rewrite my story without the anger I felt initially.
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Oh, that was a gorgeous birth story!!!

Could you please post your belief statements sometime? Please? (of course just leave out the time related ones?) Or PM them to me if you don't feel like posting to the world. But, wow, those sound wonderful!

What a beautiful birth! Great lesson about postpartum... and I should note that after births I've never had an easy time putting on pajama bottoms and I adhered to the don't go up or down the stairs the first day, only once the second & third day and on the 4th day maybe go up and down twice if you feel up to it. So, the idea of crawling up and down the stairs seems pretty common to me if your were trying to do them too much.

Perhaps we need to clarify what "easy" postpartum means, esp for first time mamas. I had what I would call an "easy" postpartum times, but I would describe mine as one where I took everything easily. I let people help me. I just rested with my babies. I was not in pain, but I didn't do anything really but bliss out with my babes. I felt great. I did not walk far for a long time nor did I jog at 5 weeks like you! Wow, that's just amazing that you could and yet not shocking that it led to problems... but how would you know that if you didn't have things to compare them to!?!

We really should do an objective tangible sort of investigation into what people mean by "easy postpartum". I think it might be informative!
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I'm also curious to see the belief statements. Now I'm motivated to do the same thing.
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Hey, Mamas! I just got back from vacation. Thanks for your sweet words. I'll be happy to post some belief statements later when I get some more time. Be backs soon...
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Arora -- You're right, an "easy postpartum" can be very subjective. My problem was I had no idea how postpartum would be. (I left my mw before she got to that part. :LOL)

So, some of my belief statements (other than the ones I mentioned in my birth story:

When labor commences I will be ready and welcome it.

I will allow my body and baby to guide me in the birthing process.

I will be able to fully tune into my intuition.

If I start to feel fear or pain, I will be able to call upon my resources (the Universe, etc) to find comfort and strength.

My baby and I will establish a healthy and successful breastfeeding relationship.

Things like that. Obviously very personal to each individual and their concerns. Just as important, I also wrote quite a lengthy fear list that I burned in the fireplace a week before Finn was born. That was quite empowering and freeing. I'd highly suggest that to any birthing woman.

HTH!! Can't wait to read your experiences!!

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Your story was such a joy to read, being a mama ready to burst here. I've been trying to decide what to paint to hang next to my birth pool, and having a hard time. After reading your story, it became VERY clear that a turtle is PERFECT. Hehe, thanks!

Also, I'm glad you mentioned that for you, the only belief statements that didn't come true were the ones regarding time. That encourages me to really just go with the flow.

Congrats on your beautiful little boy!
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