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Can you reach your cervix? TMI

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I tried the other day and I either have no clue what I am doing or I coudn't reach it. I was thinking if I just stuck my fingers far enough up there I would bump into it. lol But I didn't feel anything that I thought could be a cervix.
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Nope. Can't even come close to feeling it when I'm pregnant.
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Yes, I can feel mine. I can put my finger all the way around it, seems to stick downward like an upside down ice cream cone. At least I think it seems skinnier the further up I feel. The bottom is rounded, and the cervix itself feels like the tip of my nose. Cartilage-y, sorta. Mine is still nice a nd tightly closed. But baby is at 0 station, so I know my cervix would be low. When on the toilet (squatting) , it feels like my cervix is just a few centimeters from being even with my perineum.

I used cervical positioning as one of the tools to check for fertility when TTC our second, so I got comfortable feeling my own cervix. I knew that if I could pass a finger into it, it was soft, high, open , and wet. So I also know what a partially open cervix feels like.

Ive been pretty crampy, and had some contractions, so about once a week, I give a check to see if anythings going on. Since its too early, and I wouldnt want to be dilating, Im concerned. But once I hit 36 weeks, i dont think I will bother, because I know it really doesnt mean anything about labor coming soon. Also, I may not be able to get my arm around my belly in 4 more weeks!
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At the office I work at we have clear plastic speculums, I think I am going to snag one on wednesday. See if you doc has one, a good hand mirror and one of those with a flash light might make it easier for you to find what you are feeling for if you can see it first. Just an Idea!
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I haven't tried yet.
But I do know that doctors have a hard time finding it, so I don't think I'll have much luck. Perhaps if I get in a better position I will. One woman told me to sit on the toilet to check, because it makes it easier.
Good luck finding it...I'm sure it's there! :LOL
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I tried reaching mine the other day and I couldn't!!!
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rach- my midwifes have always had a hard time finding my cervix too.Must be why I can't.
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Are you kidding..I can barely reach my butt :LOL
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I also used to check cervical position when using FAM/NFP for both pregnancy avoidance and later pregnancy achievement. So I'm familiar with where the cervix is. But basically, you can make it easier to find by squatting or putting one foot up on a stool or the edge of the bathtub.

I'm at 5 1/2 months right now (visiting from December board) and I noticed that my cervix feels soft, not hard. No idea why. But it was also a little harder to find than usual because the baby's size and weight have a squishing effect on that whole area, lol.

Incidentally, what is the reason for checking the cervix during pregnancy? Is it just to have an idea of effacement/dialation?
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Taedareth: Because I have been crampy, having some contractions, and lots of BHs, as well as baby being at 0 station and causing lots of pressure, I am concerned about dilation prior to 36 weeks, as I am having a homebirth. So it is something I am keeping an eye on in case I feel like I need to go on limited activity or bedrest if I am dilating. My midwife wont ever check dilation unless I request it, and since I can check myself, I'm doing that on this side of 36 weeks.

After it is safe for me to have a homebirth (36 weeks), I wont be checking it anymore. It wont tell me anything about when labor will come anyway, and I know that.
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OMG that's so funny that someone thought to post this thread!!! Just two days ago I thought, hey, I wonder how my cervix feels now that I'm all huge. And lo and behold, I couldn't find it anywhere!! I was so shocked, I asked DH, "What do you think could have happened to my cervix? I mean, it's GONE! I never had it disappear before!" DH was nonplussed, and I doubt he really even knows what the heck a cervix is. He said, "do you want me to try to find it?" in a hopeful tone of voice. I said I'd rather leave that for my next prenatal check-up, which as it turns out was yesterday because I've been having so much spotting. (Diagnosis: baby jumping up and down on cervix too much. Absolutely nothing else wrong.)

Anyway, it's news to me that a cervix is hard to find in pregnancy! This is our fourth baby, and I don't think I ever tried to find my cervix during any of our previous pregnancies. And I've always been really in touch with my body, too, or so I thought LOL.
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Well, I tried finding my cervix once or twice before I was pregnant, when I was charting and all that I wanted to start checking it. I think I felt it once then, but not sure. So I haven't even tried to feel it now....lol, I'm not sure I could even if I wanted. It's getting a bit challenging just to wipe after I pee :LOL

Emomom, I checked out your pregnancy journal and consequently checked out the T-Tapp link. That's some cool stuff! I'm definitely going to look into, it looks awesome!
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