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Need help with food/snacks

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DS eats well, but not a lot at one time so I constantly need to feed him which is not a problem. I just have no imagination when it comes ot food. I am a picky eater and hate to cook. Does anyone have some ideas on things I can keep handy as snacks or mini meals? I am looking for calorie dense foods since he is such a nibbler. He is 13 months.

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My DS (23 months) is also a grazer--just like his Dad... he eats plenty but prefers small, frequent meals to large 3/squares a day... I think it's like that for most toddlers--small tummies!

Here are a few ideas that both nourish and fill:

bananas (DS is holding it whole now and wow he loves that)

rounds or chunks of whole wheat bagel (organic brands are great--high protein, less filler) Also, high protein wheat breads can be found--great as toast or just plain

sliced/grated cheese - any kind but jack is good for extra calcium and protein

eggs! Scramble 'em! great source of protein and cholesterol is great for brain development!

yogurt - whole milk type

cereal bars (chucks of... usually a good pick me up)

Hope this helps!

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Embee gave you a good list. Also avocado. I spoon that to ds right out of the shell.

Cooked pasta. I keep some in the fridge.

Beans - black beans, pinto beans, etc. Buy good canned ones. Ds loves loves loves beans.

Whole Foods has mini ravioli. I keep it in the freezer, and every few days throw a handful in some boiling water. Ds will snack on it for a few days.

Tofu - you can buy the marinated kind at whole foods or another health food store. I slice up strips and give those to him straight out of the fridge.

Frozen flax seed waffles. I sometimes don't even toast, just microwave for 15 seconds.

Can you tell that my family would starve if it weren't for Whole Foods?
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Thanks for the tips. I guess I am doing ok since I give him most of those things. I'll to try a re-introduce avacoda since he wasn't too thrilled with it. I was so exicted to give him eggs and he doesn't like them. Maybe in a few months.

The Whole Foods stuff sounds great. I was thinking about buying some of their frozen stuff for quick meals but then I feel quilty about it being frozen. I love Whole Foods.

He does LOVE beans. Everyone thinks I am weird giving them to him but he loves them!

Thanks again.

p.s do you think olives are bad for him? He loves them and I cut them up so he can't choke on them.
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Great ideas!

Japanese sticky rice molded into bite sized balls and refrigerated
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I wrote my previous post then posted it after I finally got dinner finished and ate!

We feed dd olives. She loves loves loves them too. The salt content worries me a little, but a friend of mine feels that if it isn't an everyday thing....
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Favorites of our ds:
"Brainy" bagels (shredded carrot and whole grain)
baked tofu (marinated)
rice cakes (good for teething, but not lots of calories)
tahini and cereal - throw ANY veggie in and he'll eat it
carrots with cardamom (weird kid, I know)
mango (make it into a lassi with yogurt)

re: eggs - ds won't eat them scrambled (except in tahini/cereal - see above), but will eat hard-boiled yolks
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The only way dd will eat eggs is with ketchup! I make an omelet with cheese, cut it up & she likes to dip it. My naturopath friend says a little ketchup (or jam on toast, etc) is worth it to get them to eat some good stuff. I buy organic ketchup now, too.
The other thing dd loves is smoothies: 1 c plain yogurt, 1 banana, 1/2-3/4 c frozen blueberries, 1-2 tbsp flax oil. You could try other fruit, but dd has to have blueberries. Sometimes I sneak in something else as well. She loves to drink this out of a plastic cup with a straw. It makes a couple of small cups & lasts well in the fridge for a couple of days if she doesn't drink it all at once.
Dried fruit is good, especially something like apricots. More nutritious than raisins, but sometimes that's all they'll eat. Just try to brush teeth afterwards.
What else? Whole wheat crackers & cheese, firm cooked carrots, grapes, apple, hummus (for dipping anything), pickles.
Check out this web-site for a list of suggested servings:
Good luck!
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Embee-Hi. Do you know why JACK cheese is not as good as others? DS LOVES cheese and I give him JACK b/c it's what we usually have on hand. Thanks.
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I'll just add a few of our quick faves (some have already been mentioned):

Tofu, cooked ahead kept on hand in fridge
pasta, ditto

Peas and corn - frozen or warm, she LOVES them

Small cereals and crackers

Really small, thin, stick shaped slices of zucchinni

sweet potato "fries" baked and seasoned (also good cold)

leftover stir frys, warm or cold

a simple piece of WW bread all by itself

cheese slices (sliced really thin with veggie peeler)

I think cut up olives are a nice treat... maybe pickles would also appeal ?

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My dd loves olives too. I buy little cans of sliced black olives that are perfect for a few days worth.

Her new favorite thing are tofu hot dogs (dh loves em too!). There are several brands, but I usually buy Tofu Pups. You only have to microwave them for about 10 sec. and then I cut them into little slices and she dips in ketchup.

Try putting cheese in the scrambled eggs - that helps. Dd loves blue cheese!

I put frozen fruit in whole milk yogurt - blueberries, cherries or raspberries....mmmm
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Great ideas thanks!! I am making a trip to Whole Foods today!
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My ds loves those Amy's frozen dinners, especially the Veggie Loaf one. I also cook up a sweet or regular potato for him sometimes. The butter is organic and good fat for him. Oatmeal with blackstrap molasses (iron). Protein shakes (a regular breakfast item in our home) made with rice milk, blackstrap, flax seed oil, and banana. Sliced red pepper (Vit C). Steamed carrots/parsnips. Peanut butter toast. Annie's mac & cheese. Fruit, of course. He LOVES to help in the kitchen, so he makes his own shakes (with a little help) and even "slices" his own red pepper and raw carrots, allbeit with a butter knife! It always seems like they don't eat much, doesn't it? Then they just go hog wild for one day and eat everything in site. My ds always eats a truckload at my friend's house, so I know he gets a full tummy when he's over there! It is tougher when you decide you're not going to give them junk! Grant hasn't even had candy yet...you should see some of the looks I get from parents when they hear that! It's not like he's going to die from lack of a Snickers bar! Good luck!
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