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what does mucus plug look like?

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I think parts of my mucus plug are coming out, but i'm not sure? what is it like?
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Well, I can only say that with my last baby, when i saw it, i knew what it was. Mine looked like pinkish snot. A gob of it. Then I lost more as the day went on.

Good luck!
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Yes, I have to agree, it's like thick mucus or snot. Soemtimes it's white, sometimes pinkish or red tinged sometimes yellow or clear. Just depends!
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I noticed mine because I felt like I had passed a clot like with my period. It looked just like everyone's said - thick pink snot.

I didn't go into labor for three more weeks, though. :
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I'm pretty sure I lost mine a week and a half ago. That's what it looked like... a ball of snot. Mine wasn't really pink.. it was opaque whitish.
No labor yet for me, though.
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is it possible to never see ur mucous plug?
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Yes, it's totally possible to not see the mucus plug. Sometimes they disolve away. Sometimes it's just tiny little pieces. Other times it's a big glob. Some notice, some don't.

Like the other posters said... seeing the plug doesn't mean immediate labor. Although, it's nice to think that something exciting is happening!
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FYI Sometimes the mucous plug is lost early on and can even form again! I have also heard of a mucous plug that was almost as big as a baseball! Maybe an old midwives' tale, aye? My midwife laughs about all the lost mucous plugs because moms always call and say they have lost their mucous plug, as if there is this great big lost-and-found or something where all these mucous plugs are just a-lyin' around.
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The best description i ever heard, is that it looks like someone blew thier nose into your britches!! I never saw it with my 3rd, but my first 2, yeah. yuk, but I knew labor was close!
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With my first I lost it at once. Prior to seeing it I had thought that they really could have come up with a better name. There is no other name for it. It is the biggest wad of snot you'll see. Mine was tanish in color, but I never saw any show until my kids were on the way out. My dr was po'd at me for not calling him when I lost it(plus I'd been having contractions for the 3rd day). Gosh, in that medical emergency : of losing my plug I made it to my dr's appt 3 hours later and didn't have her for another 2 days.

With my next I never saw it, don't know where it went.lol

With my 3rd I lost it in lots and lots of tiny bits and pieces for 10 weeks. Then when my water broke before I went into labour it was non-stop mucous(way more than I had water) every couple of minutes until I was augmented 17hours later and I probably still had it but I was in a bed.
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Alright, I know it's from having sex...I had some very light pink come out of me last night and off and on today. I could sort of feel it drip a bit like when you have your period. but its not like a BIG thing of snot. but maybe a little bit snottish...? i'm probably thinking about it waaay too much...but i'm also having a lot of braxton hicks...so its peaking my curiosity. mucus plug?
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The first time I lost mine it was brownish/pinkish snot. But only a little, maybe twoonie-sized.
The second time I lost it it was at least the size of a baseball, and clear. HUGE HUGE amounts. I went to the bathroom (there was none in my underwear) and when I wiped I actually yelled out, "Holy !#*$" because it really startled me! All of a sudden my entire hand was covered in it. It was quite dramatic.
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i never noticed mine with my other two kids, but this morning i had the yellowish/clear snot when i wiped. i've been having some pretty significant contractions off and on for 2 days as well. we actually thought they'd turn over last night. i've had a few more today as well. gosh, i really hope i don't do this for another 2 weeks! haha
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I lost mine all at once in labor. I was in the shower on all fours, and looked down and saw this tampon-sized thing of mucus coming out. It was so cool! I never lost any mucus before that, and once the whole thing was out that was all I noticed.

I remember thinking 'Coooool!!! I'm really having a baby!'

Like the contractions 3 min apart weren't enough confirmation. :LOL
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Mucous Plug???

Hello everyone...

This is my second pregnancy and I am 34 weeks pregnant, 35 weeks on the 15th. I found this discharge in my underware this morning and THINK it could be my mucous plug. It was white and kind of rubbery and looked like it was part of a broken balloon. It was flat and on the wideish side. Is this my plug? This dishcarge was white, [U]no[/U] pink or brownish tinge at all.

I lost my plug during my first pregnancy but this time it looked different. Also in the first pregnnacy the day I lost my plug, my water broke, don't know if history will repeat itself.

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Janet, I'm sorry, I have no idea!

To the OP -- I only noticed my plug with my third and fourth pregnancies. The third time I was it came out just minutes before the baby did, it was round like a jellyfish and had a red spot in the center. The fourth time I lost bits of it for weeks -- sometimes it was stringy, sometimes more like stirred-up gelatin (kind of curdled looking, but clear.) Sometimes tinged brown, sometimes pink.
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I'm 37 and half weeks and I'm pretty sure I lost my mucous plug this morning. I'm a first time mommy so of course I freaked out. Mine was really whitish with one little spot of blood. I haven't had anything else all day though. This has been a hard pregnancy for me so I was thinking 'yay! here we go'. And nada... all day. Not even a rinky dink contraction!
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Mine was white and mucous like, and I lost it in the beginning of labor.
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With my first mine was brownish like you see with old blood and looked like snot like the others say.
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