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Why does she need dss's social security card?

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Biomom called and said she needs to make a copy of dss's ss card. She says it is for her insurance, that she needs to give them copies of everyone in the house. Doesn't that sound weird? Not just the number, a copy of the actual card. EVen when I applied for dss's insurance I didn't have to show that and no one asked who else lives in our house. Dh is suspicious that she is appying for child support or welfare in dss's name. Dh didn't want to give it to her, but it's not something secret, she should have a copy already, so he gave it to her, but it will KILL me to pay her! I wouldn't mind if she was struggling and trying hard, but she chooses to not work, has two millionare parents, and we pay for everything already. Does it sound legitimate?
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Hey- Maybe the millionaire grandparents want to set up trust funds or something. My dad and my inlaws have asked for the SS# for a number of financial gifts. It certainly sounds legit, since you agree should already have a copy, and she might have just lost it. Not that the excuse she gave you is the whole truth and nothing but the truth- doesn't sound like you have that kind of relationship.
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I had to show copies of my kids' SS cards for my health insurance. I've had coverage before and no one asked, but when we changed carriers last year, I had to show copies for both my kids.
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Ask her for the insurance agents name and you will be happy to give it to them directly.

This is exactly what I did when ds biodad wanted his SIN #. In our case, it turned out to be legit, but from what you've told us, I wouldnt put it past her. It does sound weird.......
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well, it does make me feel better to know that others have had to show the actual card for legit insurance purposes. The weird part to me is that I already have insurance for dss, this insurance is supposed to be for HER. That's why it is weird to me that they would care about someone else's ssn, much less their actual card. It is some state aid program so maybe it's true. We'll see. Just feels fishy.

woobysma-- just to clarify, when you say it was for your insurance, do you mean the insurance was for you and the kids, or was it just for you but they wanted cards for your kids too. My insurance company never even asked if I have kids (I have a different company from the kids)!
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It was health insurance for me and the kids (through my employer)...... plus, when I changed my youngest son's last name, I had to provide a copy of his updated ss card before they'd change any of his info. It's a large national insurance company and they've been very strict about seeing the actual cards (or copies).
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But this insurance isn't for him, it is for her. That is the weird part.
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