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Creamy cm as basic pattern?

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Hi all,
I'm cd 25, 8 dpo and I've had creamy cm for the past few days. Could this be my basic pattern? I haven't noticed it before but this is our first month ttc and I'm paying really close attention to things

Any thoughts? And, yes, I'm sure I o'ed per my temps and cm.

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NOt to give you false hopes or anything...but I had creamy cm this cycle, approx cd22, and I was worried that I was o'ing late...then 3 days later tested positive..... dust to you
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Hi, Britt! Hoping the best for you. I noticed creamy cm today. I'm around cd25 but just o'd the other day (and we missed it ) So much more complicated with two. I wish I had paid more attention the first time around after the IUI.

Hope all is well and that we read good news from you soon! I know M. would make a great big sibling
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Is creamy cm an indicator of O or pregnancy?
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Domestic Goddess,

That's a good question, and when I had it, I thought it meant that I had O'd later than I thought, and started to panick. I went to the Ovusoft discussion boards to try and find an answer, but was never able to post there....anyway, turns out I was pg..but again, whether there is a direct corrolation, I do not know!
(lot of help I am : )
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I almost always have a day or 2 of creamy CM right before AF comes. I never really noticed until I started charting.

I am 13dpo-but my temp dropped a bit last night and I think AF is within hours of rearing her ugly head. So bummed-it's been 6 months now. I'll try to keep her around and give her a good thrashing.

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Oh, Tuli, that sucks.

Domestic Goddess, I just reread TCOYF and it seems that creamy cm usually happens before o (and before ew cm) but it didn't make much mention of it after that. I'm confused : but what else is new?!
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I hate to miss a good mucus conversation. I always found that creamy cm was a normal 'in-between' state. After ovulation, it would change to creamy, then really watery about a day before af. But, if I were pregnant, it never got watery, just stayed creamy all the way through the pregnancy. At least that's what has happened my two times.
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I'll be hoping for continual creaminess then
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