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my doc does not reside on this planet

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i don't know if it's because he's old or what, but my ob is completely clueless--he lacks common sense AND tact.

He still thinks i have gestational diabetes, and i'm still not convinced. He asked again if i had taken the 3-hour GTT (we went over this a month ago) and i said NO! He then said, "we'll schedule you for (insert name of another test, which i didn't know i had the option of) and if it's over 110, we'll put you on insulin" Then he went on to breifly describe the horrors i could encounter if i didn't, blah blah blah. Oh hell no, i don't care if my blood sugar is through the roof, unfortunately i'm one of those people who does a little research on things like this, and, for me, i believe the benefits wouldn't come close to the risks caused by exposing my baby to that. My husband said "i understand that's a possibility, but isn't it better controlled through diet?" Doc looked as though he'd been struck with an epiphany, and said that yes, that is the best way to do it, and there are some great drugs out there now that are helpful as well (he was obviously missing the point). Anyway, my husband spoke up and said i'd be totally willing to test my own blood at home (duh, that gives a much more accurate view of the situation than a one-time test that could be effected by any number of factors), and the doc seemed shocked and amazed that we'd not only be willing to do this, but that we suggested it (like he's never had a patient do that in the 500 years he's been practicing).

So, i got a prescription for a monitor and 200 test strips, but only 12 lancets. Any idea why they'd do that? i'm supposed to test twice a day (in the morning, and after dinner) so that means i should do it for 6 days, i suppose, but my next appointment is in two weeks. I don't know if i'm supposed to pick 6 random days, do six days in a row, or do it now or just before the next appointment. You;d think that would have been part of my instructions, lol, but it seemed so obvious i didn't ask (i had no idea the lancets wouldn't come with the test strips--or at least, one would think, there'd be a prescription for that too.)


I also got another appointment with a dietician (i cancelled the first one, because they told me my insurance probably wouldn't cover it, and my husband was jobless, so i decided to educate myself!). I'm not sure what s/he could tell me that i don't already know, or don't already do, but if it makes the doc ask just a few less questions, it's totally worth it, lol.

Oh yeah, and i AGAIN had to remind him that yes, i know i had big babies in the past, but i was also tested for diabetes then, and i didn't have it! He seems to think that babies can't be big genetically (after a quick glace at his bulletin board of satisfied customers, my husband noticed that there was not a single baby on there over 8 lbs. VERY interesting), and the fact that i don't fear having another one is nonsense.
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How lame! I can't believe he would put you on insulin for a blood sugar over 110! My count was 129, my midwife seemed happy with that and said if it was 140 or over they would be conserned.
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That is what I was thinking mine was 119 and my midwife said that was fine. My grandmother has diabetes and I am pretty sure that 90- 120 is normal. Don't quote me though. lol
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110 is normal blood sugar!!!!! Also, when are we talking about? There's a difference in the ranges of normal for before a meal, an hour after a meal, two hours after a meal...

You need a new doctor. You really do. If he's this crazy now, what's he going to do when you're trying to have a baby?
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In my experience with diabetes over the many years with my family members, 120+ is the lower end of the area of concern, and over 140-180 is the area where medication is given...in my experience, 180+ is where insulin is given on a daily basis.

Get another doctor...or a midwife if you can...

...what are you going to do if he spaces out during delivery?

I am sure the nurses and interns at the hospital and in his practice know that he is going "looney tunes", but no one is saying anything.

I suggest you leave him, get a midwife, and when you have all of your records, write a letter to the state governing board with your concerns about his mental condition.

If you have your records, you can back it up.
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Originally Posted by RyvreWillow
So, i got a prescription for a monitor and 200 test strips, but only 12 lancets.
I got a glucose and cholesterol monitor OTC.

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It may be gross to some but I use the same lancet for quite awhile. My numbers don't seem to be affecteb by this. Good luck with testing.
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Wow what an idiot that doctor is! Run away fast!! This is our fourth pregnancy and the third that I've been testing my blood sugar. The second and third pregnancies I had GD, but this time there's not a high blood sugar reading in sight! 110 is a great reading, whether its's one hour or two hours after a meal. There are diabetics that would give anything to have that reading!!

That doc is definitely talking out his butt.

By the way, the lancets are very inexpensive, it's the test strips that are super expensive and should get covered by insurance. And I would NOT recommend using each lancet for more than one day, because they really hurt when they get dull. I change mine after one day. So you do have enough for two weeks. I recommend testing your fasting sugar in the morning (before breakfast), and then two hours after breakfast---the 2-hr should be under 120. The fasting should be under 80 or 90. Testing after lunch is also possible, of course. After dinner is pointless, because if you are having sugar issues, they will be most noticeable in the morning and early afternoon. Anyway, test 2-3 times a day, about 3 times a week. That will give you a very good idea of your levels, which incidentally sound FINE.

Insulin almost never becomes necessary, except in severe GD that is not controllable by diet, exercise, or anything else. When I had GD I had to give up cereal for breakfast and be careful of my carbs, but that was all. And my sugars could easily reach the 160s when I was not being careful. I met with a dietician at a diabetes center, she told me how to improve my diet, and that was it. End of story. My readings were never over 120 after that (2-hr post meal.)

Heavens, get a new doctor as soon as possible!! That guy is dangerous.
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RyvreWillow~ How are you doing?? Are you able to switch doctors? I hope you have a beautiful day today and are feeling better

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Ugh, i'm more confused than ever. I found a new phone book today, and flipped through, in hopes that by some miricle there's a midwife listed in there now--guess what, there is, but the name on it is the one i was told retired last year...but it's in the new phone book, so i'm going to call tomorrow in hopes that at least it's still a birth center with another midwife, or doc, or something.

I also found something that made me really angry. There's a listing for a birth center, advertising "natural solutions for a natural birth" with, get this, my asshole doc's name and a number for another office! First off, i've been looking for a birth center for almost 7 months, second, why didn't i know he had another office, and third, WTF "natural???" Unless he treats the women at that office drastically differently, there is nothing "natural" about it--i doubt he could even say the word with a straight face! So yeah, i'm POed

As far as my GD drama, i'm more convinced than ever that i don't have it; i tested my blood today, and my fasting level is 84, two hours after dinner it was 110. i can't believe the amount of stress i've gone through for absolutely nothing! He is soooo going to get an earful from me! I'm tempted to keep going to him so i can bitch at him every time i'm in there.
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Oh, hugs to you. It sounds terrible to have to deal with all this at this point in your pregnancy. Check out the online listings for midwives, as well, as many midwives don't necessarily advertise in the phone book. Good luck to you on your search!

I agree with you, though, if he is the "natural" choice, I wonder what the interventive choice is....
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