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No prenatal vitamins

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I'm about 10-12 wks & haven't been taking any vitamins : . How bad is that? My stomach is just so sensitive right now, I'm having a lot of trouble with food. I can't seem to find a "good time" to take them because I never manage to stuff my stomach the way I need to to avoid nausea from the vitamins.
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I am on my third pregnancy where I have had to quit taking prenatal vitamins because of incredible morning sickness. My first two are fine, & I've every reason to assume this one will be as well. Since you can't eat a lot, concentrate on making every bite count. As best you can, stick to fresh produce and meats and whole grains. Getting your vitamins & minerals from your diet is much preferable to getting them from a pill.

When it comes to fruits & veggies, the general rule of thumb is the darker the color, the better for you is. It's not 100%, but it's an easy starting point. Baby spinach is reasonably mild, as are the small florets of broccoli (better yet, you can hide broccoli in just about anything), zucchini, that sort of thing. Blueberries are good, and if you cannot afford them fresh, look for frozen, unsweetened--I actually buy my blueberries & strawberries both frozen. I have always been able to tolerate cold stuff; you might want to try a smoothie made with a cup of frozen blueberries, a cup of plain yoghurt, and a packet of Stevia or a bit of honey. That will get you protein and vitamins. (You can also easily thaw the blueberries & mix 'em into the yoghurt & add your sweetener.)

If you don't like meat, you can get a good deal of protein from sources like nuts (buy them in the baking aisle & they'll wind up being cheaper than buying them in the snack aisle, and they'll be raw too so you don't have to worry about stuff like oil & salt. Canned beans are relatively cheap & convenient, as long as you don't think pork & beans is a good idea. I'm fond of Old El Paso or Rosarita brand vegetarian (fat free) refried beans, some of those & some cheese on a tortilla & you've got a good breakfast taco. Brown rice & beans are a complete protein.

In general, don't worry yourself too much. If you were eating a reasonably healthy diet before you got pregnant, you (and your baby) will be just fine.
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I haven't taken any yet. Intentionally. I just don't think they do much good. Not to mention I don't swallow pills well. I know you can get liquid vitamins, but again, don't feel they do much good. I did plan on drinking nettle and oatstraw infusions, but never got in the habit of it because of morning sickness. (Trying new things is definitely out.) I ate very well before my pregnancy, and have listened to my body's cravings for the entire pregnancy, and I feel that both me and my baby are healthy. However, I'd like to try for the infusions next time; I'm sure they'll help.
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I never took prenatal vitamins with any of my pregnancies. I took folic acid, but chewed that because I did not swallow pills. I never had MS or anything, I just never took them. My dr doesn't tell his pg patients to take them until after 18weeks because so many women(whether they have ms or not) get sick from them before that due to the iron in them.
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I am TTC, and can't stand prenatals. Even the natural ones constipate me. So at my ND's suggestion, I'm taking a folic acid supplement and just a regular multi.

You might consider taking at a bare minimum the folic acid as it helps prevent neural tube defects and is a tough mineral to get naturally.
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I've never taken official "prenatal vitamins." With my last pg, I would take 2 children's chewables a day. I got a prescription for prenatals from my OB, took them once or twice, then decided that I was better off not taking the vitamins and actually eating food, since the vitamins made me too nauseated to eat much.
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I didn't take any with my first two babies. I just figured it was better to be really diligent about what I ate, then slacking off and relying on a pill. This is # 3 for me and I'm taking them this time. I felt like crap during my last pregnancy, and I guess I'm hoping that they will miraculously cure the fatigue this time! Also, all I want to eat is tortilla chips & queso dip.

Kat- mama to Alder(couplesUC 9/6/01) Banyan(solobirth5/4/04) & #3 expected 4/4/06
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I'm 24 weeks with my first. I was taking prenatals but I hated them! They were stinky, made my pee really dark and stinky and I also hated the idea of getting my nutrients from a pill. So I stopped. I have a really healthy diet, so I'm not worried. I am also drinking nettle and raspberry leaf infusion on a daily basis.
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I still take them as a nursing mom, and even took supplemental iron on top of that with my first babe. I think folate is essential, and i wouldn't think of being pregnant without it. As for theother stuff, diet is best.
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Has this been mentioned yet... you can take one children's chewable vitamin instead of a prenatal. OBs have rec'd one Flintstone's Chewable instead of the prenatals during morning sick times when you can't have anything else. Although, I'd CERTAINLY go for the natural version of children's chewables over the Flintstone's kind. Don't take more than one a day though because there are higher levels of other vitamins in the children's that aren't good when taking more than one.

AND, that said, follow your heart. Let it guide you. If you feel you don't need anything, then don't take anything. If you want to go supplements and herbs then go that route. But, whatever decision you make do so consciously.
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I could never stand prenatals either. But I take a tablespoon of AllOne Powder a day in a protein shake. I love these vitamins. They have a website, so do a search and take a look for yourself. I've NEVER felt nausea from them or had trouble digesting, etc.
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I worked with a healer at the start of this pregnancy. I had toximia with my last one, tried to take a vitamins, but couldn't stop throwing them up. (long story---didn't know anything about anything...espec how to eat right...) anyway, the healer told me that vitamins are crap and that an avacado a day is the ticket--that it will do the same as a vitamin. I have to admit i haven't been able to eat one everyday--i've gotten to the point where they aren't really appealing...but i have been eating mostly raw and vegan, and i feel GREAT!!! don't worry about those vitamins. eat good food.
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Thanks, Mama's. I love smoothies, we actually eat a lot of blueberries! I make my smoothies with Seven Stars yogurt (right down the road from us!) with frozen blueberries, a banana & orange juice - yum! Of course we've had fresh blueberries out the wazoo this summer as well.

Since I've skimped on the prenatals this long already, should I really worry about the folic acid at this point? I thought spina bifida occurred very early on, like before you knew you were even pg? That was actually my only concern. I always take a WF vitamin, so I think my folic acid supply was okay before conception. We do eat whole grains & pretty healthy overall, but I have to admit, the things I've been craving - or that actually appeal to me are horrible! Hoagies, cheesesteaks, stuff I'd never eat when not pg!!
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I don't take prenatals. I eat well and supplement with JuicePlus and a high quality fish oil for my omega 3s, just like I did before I got pg.
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It is indeed my understanding that your intake of folate before you know you're pregnant is the important part, so I wouldn't worry about it. I tried the Flintstones Complete thing with my first pregnancy, & it didn't even come close to helping. If you've got a good diet, though, you're just fine. I actually rather agree with my high school chemistry teacher, whose opinion on vitamins in general is that they just produce really expensive pee.
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I juice organic veggies and drink about 16 ounces of juice a day. Cabbage, spinach, green beans, beets and beet greens, carrots, cucumbers. I don't need a vitamin. God ony knows what kind of sludge they put in prenatals and if your body can even assimilate and use them.
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I have been studying nutritional supplements for years now, and I believe that the reason so many women despise prenatals, is that most of the ones out there are crap. When my dr. wanted to prescribe me to them (when I WAS getting prenatal care), I just refused, without even checking what kind they were, because I was fairly certain that they would be generic ones sold to the hospital in bulk and that the doctors (who aren't trained in nutrition) were told they were necessary and every pregnant woman should be taking them.
Anyway, when out of curiosity, I did check the label and compared it to the vitamins that I do take, I was right. Crap. While eating a very balanced, nutritious diet full of raw stuff, organics, etc is the best way to go, my own research shows me that even that best diet doesn't provide us with the OPTIMAL amount of vitamins/minerals for our bodies. I mean, geeze, it takes 30 POUNDS of spinach to even reach the RDA (which I don't feel is high enough) of vitamin E!
So while I wouldn't go anywhere near a bottle labeled "prenatal vitamins" I would not avoid nutritional supplements completely. I'd go for the highest quality out there, such as products from either USANA Health Sciences or Douglass Laboratories. Even Source Naturals is pretty good. It is well worth the investment. (I believe its the best healthcare plan, as I'll be saving thousands in the future when I DONT have to go to the hospital for cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc....all PREVENTABLE diseases). JMO
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I started to take prenatals when TTC and later they made me so sick I couldn't continue with them. The label say that they contain 156% of the RDA for iron for pg and BFing women. Why would somebody need that much? I looked around for some different ones and they all had 156% iron. I gave them up.
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The vitamins I take (are not prenatals) do not have iron in them. As far as iron goes, I just try to get it from food sources (I also cook in cast iron). All that iron they throw in those prenatals....UGH! I say only take "extra" iron if you feel symptoms of anemia and such... And if you do take iron, be sure to have more folic acid than they say you should, along wiht LOTS of liquids, cleansing foods...etc.
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Folic Acid--important

If you don't take anything else, please take folic acid supplements. You can find them on their own or in children's vitamins or women's vitamins.

They are extremly important before you get pregnant and for the first three months. This can reduce your risk of neural tube defects by at least 70%.

As the expectant mother of a child with spina bifida, I wish someone had told me this when I quit taking my prenatals since they made me throw up every time I took them.

I hadn't even heard about folic acid. Lots of cereals, breads are fortified with folic acid, but your body doesn't digest folic acid in food as well as it does the supplements.
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