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It's 4 a.m. and I'm starving.

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I can't believe I still have to get up in the night and eat in my THIRD TRIMESTER!

I have eaten everything in the kitchen, and I'm still too hungry to go back to bed. Our refrigerator looks like no one lives here, even though we're spending hundreds on groceries!

If one more person tells me I'm too small, I'm going to sock them! I can't eat any more! I'm so incredibly sick of eating, it's the only thing that makes me a little sad I'm going to breastfeed. Of course I wouldn't consider not breastfeeding, but geez louise, if this hunger keeps up at this pace, I'm going to go insane! I even ate Subway last night. : Before I got pregnant, I would have bet you a bunch o money I would not touch fast food with a ten foot pole.

I know some people say don't eat peanut butter, but since it's the only thing in the kitchen I haven't devoured, I guess I'm off to have a peanut butter sandwich.
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Mmmm hungry all the time. comes with the pregnancy territory

People are constantly telling me i'm too small and "is the baby okay?" Some of them I want to yell at. Now that it's my fourth pregnancy I just say "i never get much bigger than this" (true. i'm actually showing more this pregnancy than with the boys) and then I get the "how big were your boys at birth?" question and i tell them making sure to point out they were all almost a month early. My babies are FINE thank you very much. I remember in my 2nd pregnancy we stopped for gas one night and the cashier told me I was too small and i better stop eating junk & my baby was going to be to small and etc. (I had a craving for chocolate donuts, so I bought them. I satisfy my cravings!) I left the store and cried. She was so mean. None of her buisness either if I looked too small for 6 months. Ugh.

You know. I'm hungry.
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People need to mind their own business unless they have something nice to say!

Anyhow, I understand the always being hungry. I haven't woken up to eat at 4am though, I guess my tiredness overshadows the hunger during those early hours. But as soon as I'm awake I just want to eat eat eat all day. And although I normally don't eat junky food, I've been eating it on a much more regular basis in the past few weeks. My husbands likes chips and soda and I helped him finish the supply of it off kind of quick. Today I had Taco Bell...that cheesy crunchy gordita thing meal deal with a taco and pepsi. That was about 3 hours ago. Now I need more food. Hmm, what will it be. At least I do have a healthy chicken salad in the fridge. I will mostly likely eat that and then on the way to my mom's house I'll grab a Tazo Chai Tea Frappucino and maybe a muffin. I have been craving coffees/teas lately.

Oh, and I always want icre cream. I'm always DH to get some for me. Luckily I don't give in to that one every time, otherwise I'd be eating Ben & Jerries every night.

Oh, and I can't get enough fruit. That's not such a bad craving though. I ate loads of strawberries and grapes over the past week. Yummy yummy. It's great to snack on fruit all day.
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Sometimes 4 AM is the only time I WANT to eat! Basically anything before noon, except Raisin Bran (I love Erewhon's organic Raisin Bran!!), makes me wanna heave. And usually I'm a big farm-style breakfast person. Sometimes I wake up at 4 or so and want a bowl of cereal and some OJ. Then I don't want to see food again until the afternoon! I'm tired of morning sickness, and just plain tired for that matter. Excited though!!!
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I eat lots of peanut butter...it totally fills you up. If you're concerned about allergies in your baby, you can try almond butter. I absolutely devour almond butter and honey on whole wheat. I ate TONS of it while nursing DS the first year or so. If I was truly famished, I'd sprinkle wheat germ on top for even more calories.
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In the middle of the night I woke up and couldn't stop thinking about watermelon. After about an hour I realized I could not fall back asleep without eating some. Dh was kind of awake, so I told him. He was so sweet and offered to get up and cut the watermelon up for me. Ahh, how sweet. When I went into the kitchen he had cut it up, and he was eating ice cream!! It was like 4am! Which one of us is pregnant??

The first trimester I at ALL the time, but now it's not bad
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i wake at 4 am to pee and then I'm up for most of the day. grrr. This morning (saturday) I decided I should come up to my graduate student office and actually get something done. I felt better about being up when I saw that the light was on 2 doors down, they have a 4 wk old baby (formula feed so they are likely makin bottles and such). Anyhow...it was reassuring to know that around the world there are other mothers out there who are doing the same things we are!

ok maybe no other mother who is in the third trimester was headed in to her graduate student office to work on her phd at 4 am because she got up to pee and couldn't get back to sleep!
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