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Yeast infections

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I have a yeast infection for about the 6th time in 5 months. What the heck? There is acidophilus in my multi-vitamin, I eat fairly well, wear cotton underwear, don't walk around in wet bathing suits, and so on. I don't know what to do here! I treat them with garlic in the vagina which always works well for me, the itchiness is usually gone in 2-3 days, but I want to find a more permanent solution. I seem to always get one the day of or after having sex so I've been doing so very rarely- perhaps condoms would help, but we haven't tried that.
I have never gotten an official diagnosis of yeast infection, but I've been getting these since I was pregnant with my son and have the classic symptoms- thick, odorless discharge, itchiness, etc. And garlic always works to treat it. SO I assume I'm correct with my self-diagnosis, but if anyone thinks it could be something else, you could be right. I don't have a family doctor or OB/GYN so I can't just pop in somewhere to get it looked at.
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Have you tried taking a probiotic supplement in addition to your multi? Also, there is a good homeopathic called AZO that is available at Target next to the Monistat. I use both and they help a LOT.
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Nope, haven't tried taking anything yet. I can't really swallow pills, so I just take my 1 chewable multi-vitamin a day. Is there anything that comes in a chewable or other form? I hate every kind of yogurt, btw.
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The fact that you usually get them after sex makes me wonder if your partner is the one with the bigger yeast problem?? It's easy to pass them to one another that way, so I bet you're doing all the right things... but he keeps giving it back to ya! Maybe he should be the one taking garlic and probiotics? Would he be willing to do that? Yeast can show up in many different ways, such as ear infections, dandruff, excema, athlete's foot, jock itch, poor digestion, etc. When someone has one or more of these problems, it's often a sign that they have an overabundance of yeast present in their system.
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Go to this website, click on products and then candida http://www.inno-vite.com/ there is a questionnaire you can fill out and your dh too, which will give you a good idea if you have a yeast infection.

Innovite makes a good probiotic which comes in powder form and doesn't taste like much, you mix it with water. Or you could try the Garden of Life products.

You'd have to take out refined sugar, refined carbs from your diet.

From what I was reading the hormones in pregnancy make yeast proliferate. You could also take something to kill the yeast in your intestines, I'm not sure if any of these are safe during preg but you could check,
Grapefruit seed extract
Olive leaf extract
Oregano oil I've read is safe after the first trimester.
Those are all good at killing yeast.
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I had major yeast problems during the first 4mo. of my pg. What *finally* worked for me was:

Bio K+ vaginally for a few days, as well as eating one whole container.
Cleansing my nether regions first with baking soda, then rinse, then about 1/4 apple cider vinegar in 1 or 2 cups water, poured/splashed on the area, then rinse again. I did this daily, for a couple of weeks, and then only after sex for about a month, and then whenever I felt like it might be coming back.

I also made my partner rinse w/ the ACV solution and take acidophilus orally.

I also continued to take acidophilus orally for the rest of the PG.

I didnt have any more after all that.

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You know why yeast proliferates in the body? Is if the body is unbalanced and has many heavy metals in the tissues. My naturopath told me that. He suggested chlorella (which is a blue-green algae) for my yeastys. I also took lots of good bacteria. The chlorrella helps the body to detoxify. You could also just use spirulina, but chlorrella works better.

Good luck!
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I used diluted grapefruit seed extract as a rinse everytime I went to the bathroom. If it is your partner perhaps he could dothat as well. I also used probiotic capsules as a vaginal suppository and that is what really helps me.
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