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welcome back, I hope

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Hello. It's been a while. I took a sabatical.

I started writing my book today. About everything that's happened in the last 2 1/2 years. Since Joe was born, had a "nasty" bout of PPD, had to go off and hide and sort things out. I think I can say I've emerged from my cave. Ooo, daylight.

I can't say how long I've been on leave from MCD. Over a year, at least. I probably won't recognize anyone, nor will they me.

I went back to school. So I'm not a ft-sahm, but I took the summer off. Working on my BS, currently I'm thinking sociology as my major, pre-naturopathic med as my pre-professional track, on to National College of Naturopathic med after, then perhaps back for an MSW (social work), or psychology and perhaps top it off with a doc in theology. Thinking of research into holistic health care. Or something. Assuming I even finish my BS. But, I can dream about it in the mean time.

When I'm in school I go 3 days a week, where Joe attends daycare/school, then 2 with me, and if I've got lots of homework, he hangs with his grandma.

Joe is a fabulous kid. And I'm not just saying that, I've taken surveys. www.frogtown.com/baby/ there used to be pictures, dh says it's forthcoming.

We have 2 cats, 9 year old Milo and Binkley, they're brothers and they're both orange. One long hair, one short.

My mother-in-law lives with us and my mom lives 3 miles away.

I'm thinking a subtitle for my book should be Post Partum Ecstasy - the spiritual kind, not the 'just happy' kind.


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Welcome back! I remember you. I remember reading about Joe's birth and the aftermath before you took a break from MDC. I'm glad you're back!
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I remember you!
I'm glad you are feeling better!
Welcome back.
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MysticHealerMom! Good to see you back! Sounds like a lot of cool things going on in your life.

Linda (formerly blueviolet)
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Welcome back!
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Welcome home!
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WOW I was just thinking of you. I was doing a search for something..( will PM you about that) and you showed up. I read what you wrote, and it really resonated with me. I thought...where has she been anyways?? So I take a peek at your profile and Voila!! Here you are!! I actually could not beleive my eyes.

Glad to see you back ! And Joe IS wonderful!!! He is an Indigo for sure!!!
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Hi lori!!

welcome back and I hope you are better!!

Hello to Joe too!
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I have been thinking abut you alot!

: too!
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Welcome back! I've wondered how you were doing...
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now where did you go???
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still here. just lurking around.


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Hi Lori!!! I remember you! Welcome back!
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i remember you too, nice to see you again
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Welcome back
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Hello mama
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