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Progesterone cream??

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Has anyone here used progesterone cream to aid in ovulation? Did it work?

I am starting the cream to overcome high estrogen and was wondering if anyone here had any success with it? :
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I've never used it myself but I'm wondering where you got it and what brand you got.
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well, here's the deal...

I have been seeing a Naturopathic Dr. for the out of whack hormones I have. She said I was in need of a strong cream and that there was only one she knew of that would be strong enough for me to use. It's called Progestone 900 marketed by Dixie Health, Inc. I haven't used it yet so I have no idea if it works for me specifically. I was just curious if anyone had ever tried it.

Bought it at the health food store, btw.
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progesterone is used to lengthen your luteal phase, after ovulation. If you use it before ovulation, it will work like birth control pills and you won't ovulate. Try doing a web search for Dr. Lee and progesterone cream to find more info. Do lots of research before starting anything like that! You might also want to get a second opinion from a regular ob/gyn before messing with your hormones - just my 2c.
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Hmmmm....that was my understanding too, is that progesterone was used to support and lengthen your luteal phase. In fact, I was on progesterone suppositories once I got pg with dd. I, too, would look more into it. What your dr is saying sounds wrong to me.
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My one time experience using progesterone cream gave me a 22 day luteal phase and I felt like I was going to go out of my skull with the PMS symptoms for that long, thinking I *had* to be pregnant, and then finally crashing and burning with AF arriving on CD40.

Since then, I haven't used the cream.

Good to know that it will suppress ovulation if used prior to ovulation. Very good to know indeed!
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I am wondering what it will do in someone who had NO progesterone on my own? Do you suppose it will still supress ovulation?

I have actually had to take progesterone pills to jumpstart my cycle because without it, I have no cycle at all. I used the progesterone when I began Clomid several years ago so I am assuming it would work the same way, I guess we'll find out eh?
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If you do have periods, use it only in the second half of your period, the last 14 days. If you find yourself pregnant, I would continue using it for the first trimester. The sudden drop in progesterone when you stop using it could possibly cause a miscarriage, if you stop it when getting a pos pg test. Instead, phase it out slowly at the end of the first trimester, when the placenta starts taking over progesterone production.

If you do not have periods, or very very long in between, try using the cream for 2 weeks, stop for the next 2 weeks and repeat that a few times to see whether that gets your body back on track.

I would recommend you to get the book 'What your dr may not tell you about premenopause' by dr Lee. It has tons of info on progesterone cream and about the whole female hormone balance thing. I wish I had known about that book sooner.

I think that progesterone cream helped me to balance my hormones and got me pregnant with a keeper this time. Of course, I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't used the cream, but it is quite a coincidence that this happened a few months after starting the cream.

Good luck!

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Thanks for responding!

I appreciate the time you took to write back and I think I will search and find that book. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Hopefully, we will all join you soon

We'll see if it works...stay tuned! LOL
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Here's the link to Dr. Lee's website
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I think in women who have PCOS who have a lack of progestrone it is used to bring on your cycle and help you to ovulate. The cream will tell you when to start using it.

I had a friend who also had PCOS who had started to use this cream and I think some kind of herbs, and the very next month she got pregnant. I have heard that from some other women too.

My doctor said that the reason he did not suggest it is that you can't really measure how much is getting in your system. But I don'see how it could hurt. When I used iy I did have a more regular cycle.

Good luck!

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