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I didnt take it as a razzing, your the greatest!!!

I think your one smart cookie too!
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Hi there,

Out of the shadows to add my 2cents...

I talked to my doc (naturopath/nutritionist) about the blood type diet and she said that there weren't enough confirming evidence from other sources that this was true. Also, I purchased a little book about my blood type, then borrowed the book from the lib with all the stuff, and they conflicted! I thought it made sense to me after reading the little book, but the big book said nearly the opposite of what was writen in the other book. Same authors, etc. hmm. I decided, for myself, as well, that it just didn't have enough stuff that rang true for me. And there's so much out there, it's good to let things fall by the way side that aren't contributing to the overall picture.

Also, about fat v carbs - I just wanted to say that the diets are more alike than they are not. The basics, whole foods and unrefined stuff is there in both of them. And the low carb stuff doesn't say not to have grains, just have whole grains, and avoid refined grains. Some people do have alergies to glycemic grains, which includes wheat. And another thing about the fat is - to acknowedge the difference between bad fats and quality fats. Bad fats are of course the fried ones, because they're denatured and sometimes toxic. Other bad fats are the man made ones - the trans-fats, which are listed in the ingredients as hydrolated fats, those "cheaper" fats that have hydrogen added to them. Quality fats are sometimes listed as "oils" to distinguish them - but they usually aren't the cooking oils; evening primrose, borage, fish oils (but only if you can get quality, untained fish body oils, very hard to find). A lot of the "light" cooking oils just aren't that healthy. I use almond oil, peanut oil (but some folks are alergic to peanut), olive and avocado. Expreller pressed so they don't overhead while processing and defeat the purpose of cooking at lower temps.

I love bread, too. And it's not forbiden, it's just that even whole wheat bread will tend to have refined flower, w/whole what or whole wheat flower added so that it's soft and tasty. Read your bread labels, they are notorius for harboring those bad food additives, sugars and bad fats.

Avoid margarine and aspartame (nutrasweet) especially. Here's a link to a discussion about coffee that I circumvented to discuss aspartame and it's evils: Coffee Question

Also, I don't think that fruits are bad. I don't think most low carb diets forbid them during the long term plan, just the two week induction. Depends on the diet. I just think that folks tend to consider them interchangable with veggies, and of course they're different, and fruits are also very suseptible to environmental toxins. And are high in sugar content and low in proteins and complex carbs that would combat the glucose reaction. So, moderation is key.

Been enjoying keeping up with everything. I'm doing ok. Had to drop dairy from my pg diet, it was making me feel awful. Glad I figured it out. It's only been 4 days but I feel great so far and I'm pretty convinced that must have been what's going on.

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Hey gang. I have read every diet plan out there and I know all the therorys. I've tried food combining etc... The only thing that has worked for me 'long term' is to watch my fat intake....

I do think we are all unique though, and need to to what is best for us, right?

Mystic~interesting about the blood type conflicts.?? I realize the no grain thingy is different then the whole grain thingy.

Dr. Mercola is one of those who suggests a 'grainless' diet. Yet one more option to consider...??? (link below)

Good day all!

The HORRORS of grains
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hi Ms Gully,

Yup, what works for you is the bottom line. Didn't intend to imply that you should change what works, just wanted to add some thoughts

Even if someone does choose to go low fat, sometimes you do end up getting some, and it's good to know the difference between what to allow and what to avoid, imho

thanks for the link. for every guru who promotes one thing, someone has the opposite idea inky No wonder we're all so confused!

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Hey Lori,
I know you were not trying to change my mind. You and garden and the other mamas here are a wealth of info. And, I appreciate any feedback.

Mystic, I just read your entire post, thanks again for all the info. You guys are so smart.

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Hey gang~I hope Im not coming across as 'testy'. I really appreciate your knowlege and education about getting enough protien (which I overlooked for some time). I didnt mean to imply that I know everything by any means. I honestly didn't get a chance to read gardens link or mystics entire post, so I couldn't respond 'personally' KWIM?

I am premenopausal can you tell! Dang, I need progesterone (which I also learned here) making an apt with my dr tomorrow as I cant afford a homeopath. AARGH

Love to all,
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oh, gully. maybe you just need a Holiday. trying to get rid of your ditty? must you erase the sign of my love? sigh. ok. just pm DDDDC. they'll take it away, i think. hey, have you tried taking evening primrose oil capsules? it really helps with hormonal stuff.

the whole blood type theory doesnt work for me. supposedly i'm a high carb, low protien type- but no way. i'm from the same 'school' as Mystic- tons and tons of good fats and lots of protien, with carbs as close to their original form as possible. less wheat overall is good for me. the real killer for me is sugar, classic sugar as well as white bread.
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Ms Gully, we love ya, even when you're hormonal

(warning, Lori's opinion!) I'm reading the grain thing. I can't say I agree. I think there's a disconnect between his statement about the amount of grains everyone eats and those that are recommended - for one, I think that the food pyramid is a giant load of hooey. I think it's simply a strategy to promote the food that is primarily grown in the US and promote using that resource - I could go on about why, but I'll leave it for another time. I think the majority of the grains in the std amer diet is not from whole, unprocessed or a natural state. for example, pastas are almost always refined because whole grain pastas just don't cook that well or taste that great (ymmv), and as stated, pasta is a major contributor to the grain/cereal/carb area of thought. IF the majority of us truly were eating whole grains, it would be a whole different kind of scene - the choices wouldn't be 90% refined. And, this is where I might diverge from the pack - to say we aren't intended to eat grains is imho, naieve. The argument had to do with speculation about evolution. I don't believe that we haven't evolved to the point where we can eat grains. Some theorists would think that we haven't evolved past eating only raw foods (and I surely don't intend at this point to argue against the value of raw food) my point is that we don't tolerate raw grains very well. But, we do tolerate cooked grains quite well, as evidenced by the gut flora and it's ability to thrive on bran from grain, but raw grains are not well tolerated. There's a whole lot more to the theories, and of course, counter arguments But for now this is the course of thought I'm undertaking and when I get to a point where it either doesn't work or I hit a fork on the thinking, I'll revise. So far, progress is bright.

so, again, your milage may vary, we all come to where we are from different directions. if you haven't been down my path and seen the markers I've seen, it's a little more difficult to get an idea what I'm talking about. Everyone has their own journey

I really dig discussing these things, tho, everyone has so much different informaton. Making decisions in a vacuum is not condusive to learning.

thanks again for starting this thread, Gully.

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Gully, Sunbaby, MysticHealerMom, and all the other that are posting here, I think you all are the smart ones. I have learned soooo much from this thread!!

Sorry Gully~that you are having hormone troubles. I am a believer that they are very real, and cause your body physical as well as emotional upset. Be patient with your body.

Mystic~ I still need to go check out your link.

We, my family, we still eat a lot of refined flours, potatoes and sugar but I am learning. And what I am learning is that it all seems to come back to the basics, that eating foods the way God made them is the best for our body. We have a lot of things to change in our lives to get back to that.

One of the things about fat that makes me a little nervous about eating it is, it is the place in an animal's body where many toxins are stored, environmental, synthetic hormones that kind of thing. So, if your eating animal fat it is important to know where your meat is coming from.

If you are eating farm fresh meat, you know how the animals are handled, I think it is OK to eat that fat. But... and animal raised on grass and able to move around (instead of penned up eating grain) has a lot less fat. That means that even our meats are not as healthy as they used to be.
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Ok I dived into my Suzanne Somers book last night and I am very impressed. It might be the happy medium that many of us here could agree about.

Her basic premisis seems to be based on keeping your digestion happy. That your digestion excretes acid to digest protein/fat foods and excretes the oposite to digest fruit/carb foods. Vegtables are nutral foods and can be digested with either protein/fat foods or fruit/carb foods.

She says eat Fruit on an empty stomach by it's self. When you eat carbs eat them without fat or protein. When you eat Protein/fat foods eat them whithout carbs but with vegetables.

Wait 3 hours between meals if you are going to change food groups.

She says when you mix those basic food groups it causes gas production in the stomach, slowed digestion and turns more of your food to fat.

She also talks about keeping insulin production in check.

Anyways, very interesing
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You mamas are the best!

oh, gully. maybe you just need a Holiday. trying to get rid of your ditty? must you erase the sign of my love? sigh. ok
Sunbaby, I would never erase the sign of your love. Instead, I will use the words of you and Madonna to inspire yet another heatlhy/happy day! Thanks kiddo!!

Mystic~As far as the grain thing goes it seems were all on the same page. Whole grains are best, close to nature!

Garden~I already do the fruit alone thing, and dont combine sugar with fats... So again, were on the same page!

Heres what I've been doing in a nutshell..

Breakfast=whole grain cereal with skim milk

Snack= Fruit

Lunch=protien vegies whole grains

Dinner=same as lunch basically only 2 servings of vegies

Snack=(3 hours before bed) fruit!

Exercise (everyday if possible)

Work out with in 3 hours of a meal when metabolism is sped up from eating.

Lotsa water!

No calorie counting only fat grams

Journaling feelings about food/body image ...

Not focusing on weight but health baby!!!

Love you all,
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i keep forgetting to come here and post about this...

I read that whole grain link, and the article by the palentologist (?).

ANd I have to say, that imho, those articles aren't very effective or believable.

1stly, prly jsut me, but they talk about 'cereal' grains, like we all know which ones those are, i can guess, but they both should have been specific. and then they lump rice in with them, which i jst dont believe is correct.

2nd they both assume that we haven't evolved over 10,000-20,000 years - they use both figures as if they're inclusive. and that based on this we should be eating what our ancestors ate at that time. personally, i see no reason to believe that we haven't evolved. i belive we have to a great extent, and i don't believe that we can't digest grains, otherwise some indigenous peopls would have been whiped out a long time ago b/c that was their main staple.

so, i couldn't go to a palentologist or whaever he was cuz i can't remember right now, b/c i don't think that he could possibly have info that is truly applicable today.

i think that's the gist of my complaint with those articles.

pardon the excessive typos...

and - Hi everyone!! how's it going??

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Hello All, Sorry I havn't posted in a while. I have been working on Taxes Yuck!!

I have mostly done good. Sticking to mostly the Summerizing Diet. I think it is starting to work. One thing I have noticed since I have been eating healthy when I don't eat healthy like on the week-ends I feel sooo Yucky! Tummy troubles until I get back on track on Mon. morning.

I'll be glad when the weather gets nicer and I can get out side for some exercise.
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Mystic~its going good. Thanks for asking.
I agree with you on the grain thing.

Ive been great about walking. And, am starting to 'not eat after dinner' again.

Garden~glad all is well. Want to do my taxes?

Stay in touch ladies! Spring is 'almost' here YAHOO! Althought the windchill is -30 today BRRRR. And the dh says "lets not move to 'Canada'-because its too cold"?
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not so good here. but , hey, better than last year at this time, so at least i know that while my progress is not linear, it is progress all the same. i have been exersizing very little, feeling lethargic, eating junk and bingeing now and then. oh, well, it happens. went to my doctor re/ my inability to lift my a$$ out of the couch and she was like, 'how are you handling the death of your friend?' and i told her i got tired of dwelling on it so i try not to think about it. she was like, um, two weeks isnt very long to grieve a loss- maybe you are stuffing this all down and thats why you feel so ick. yeah, well then i cryed and cryed and she did this awsome acupuncture treatment that helped, and i'm gonna go on a sort of nutritional antidepressant.

balancing life and parenting with this grieving thing is darn hard.

i've gained weight. one part of me really doesnt care. i'm like "so what. bill is dead. who cares if i get fat and ugly?" but OTOH, of course, i dont want to waste a single nother day feeling unhealthy and reclusive. i'm woking on it.

BTW, gully, unless you state other wise, i definately blame you for the DDDDC stunt. is that a quote? a lucky guess or very insightful quote for me. sometimes, now, as things happen in my day, i think about it and laugh, kinda sad, kinda ironic. i dont know so many people who struggle like i do- and i'm really mostly struggling w/ my own brain.
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((((Sunbaby)))) I am so sorry you are hurting. I hope things are looking up for you. My heart goes out to you really....

Your right about the quote, it is from a Madonna tune called "Over and Over" of Like a Virgin. Its actually uplifting to listen to. And, I thought of what you are experiencing now.

I struggle too. It is hard to stay afloat in the world 'these' days. I can soooo relate. I lose myself in Mothering, and disconnect from my enviroment-all in the name of being a better Mother?

Which is why...I have decided to take a sabbatical of sorts. I will miss you all, and hope you will continue to post and PM me if you like. I will check back every so often and see how you all are. And as I said please feel free to PM.

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i sure will miss you. i hope your break brings many good things and much healing to you. thanks for the excuse to buy another CD. now i can tell dh i NEED that maddona album.
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Looks like someone's name changed around here. I wish I could do that. I wish I had used a little less conspicous name for myself.


How are all? I actually have been doing fairly well during the week but usually fall off the wagon on the week-end. Some weeks I exercise better than others.

I have lost 2 lbs but can't seem to get any more to move. It is so frustrating .

I am excited about spring coming and will be glad to get outside more.
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spring is good - I forget about springtime in Oregon, there's this explosion of flowers that bloom in order around the whole city! We're still on Daffodils, I really like those little yellow flowers, right now, and we get to Iris - I don't even know all the flowers But, it's so cool sorta dies off around summer, then we've just got the regular flowering plants that do ok w/the heat (for what it's worth up here).

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Hello Ladies
Gully here. Been trying to change the ol user name for some time and finally had my wish granted.

Devi is a hindu goddess meaning mother. I know its not an eloguent explanation but...

I am in the process of weaning from the boards, but I found "activism" and there is much going on in the world huh?

Seriously though, I am sure the reason I have been unable to lose weight, is from sitting in front of my pc either working or online or both? Also, just being so 'glued' to the internet. I find this stuff amazing, especially with my high speed connection!!!

So, I will be checking back, and trying to get my backside out of 'activism' as well.

Tis cold and snowy in Minnesota today.
But, warming with temps in the 40's YAHOO!!!

Garden I love your user name!

Sunbaby~how goes it!

Mystic, nice seeing you (so to speak) again...

Love to all!
Devi, or Gully or Denise whichever?!
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