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I have to agree with you all being able to come to this thread for support has helped me tremendously!

Sorry didn't post yesterday we went 80 mi out of town for the whole day and I was beat last night but you know I kept all my goals except I didn't exercise within one hr of breakfast. I did exercise later in the day though.

Thankyou for the tea ideas, we'll see. I have been sitting down with a glass of water at the computer and actually feel ok with that.

spryte we have had some money crunching troubles this week to and I was depressed about it, but it has helped me feel better knowing I can do this formyself no matter what my money problems are.

That is one of the cool things about this diet plan I think it is working and it doesn't cost any more to eat. Maybe even less.

Sometimes I visualize the many people who don't have enough money for food to sustain their bodies, and are thin not out of choice. It makes it easier to say no to a snack I really don't need.

Hope all are still in the game. I am except I couldn't resist and steped on the scales this morning. I have already lost a couple pounds.
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Hi gang~yes its still going good, and its largely due to you guys.

I feel good about having you here to encourage me.

I also think that I/we should focus on our accomplishments each day instead of our short comings when we have them. No matter what we can be proud of what we do right KWIM?

Also, sunbaby I am going to visualize my 'trigger' situations and try to have a plan of what to do instead of turning to food...

any ideas? I think this will be key for me also.

Yesterday I did exercise with my daughter (per her suggestion) it was cute and fun. She put on her tennies and we took out the aerobic step and turned on....yes....Madonna!! And we boogied for about 30 mns, and chased eachother around the couch a couple times. Nothing major but 'movement' none the less right??

Spryte~so sorry to hear that you are in a financial bind. We've been there and are still hand to mouth kinda people. I hope things turn around for you and I am especially proud of you in this situation.

Smeta~Im gonna have to try some of that tea before bed. I also love the celestial seasonings chai tea, mmmmm. I sometimes put a little fat free vanilla creamer for a 'latte' effect. YUMMY Stuff!

I dont know that i'll get any 'official' exercise today, but I am working with L at 10:30am in a wild nursery for a couple hours, and later we are supposed to go to the a winter parade. So, I should get some active time in.


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I did it again today! Oh my how exciting. It is really nice to have everyone's support and to be able to help everyone else accomplish their goals.

Gully- the one thing I really try to do when I am in a situation where I normally would stuff my feelings down with food is to drink a big glass of water. I have also heard it is a good idea to brush your teeth.
Oh and I bet we are going to the same parade! It is just too warm- ideal for going with a babe.

Thanks for the understanding about money stuff you guys. It stinks but we are doing what we can. I have a lead on a pt job and now that the babe is older I can even consider training or a job out of the house.

Gardenrn- I saw the link to your website and popped over to it- your articles are very interesting. thanks!

Sunbaby- how did you do it yesterday when you had the bday parties etc? I know we have a few of those coming up and maybe we can all learn from you?
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woohoo! You ladies are doing great! Keep up the good work!

mmm chai tea is so yummy!

Cora and I got out for a quick walk today. I still would like to be doing yoga more often, but I've got all these holiday gift projects I'm working on so I'm putting it off.

I gotta do some dancing one of these days too, sounds great. Cora would love it too! I think I could probably find some Madonna somewhere - Like a Virgin was my first cd!
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today was good again! i cant believe it! four fabulous days- the fab four, ha! i didnt officially exersize today, but cleaned the house so hard, i counted it.

spryte, the way i stuck to it on tuesday despite two parties is by keeping in mind my goals (and NOT feelings of deprivation).one very simple goal is to be able to come here each night and give myself a gold star (and not be deluding myself too badly). also, ive been carrying around a list of reminders w/ me everywhere i go, and reviewing them many, many times a day. they include:

i parent better when i eat well.

i deserve to feel good.

halei deserves a mom who feels good.

be with the feelings.

also on this same paper are the goals we are all working on, plus more personal weekly goals (which i would not be able to achieve were i eating poorly). at the bottom i have listed things i look forward to that will be more fun if i feel healthy, such as the new year's party we are throwing. and, everyday i dance in the a.m., regardless of wether i get other exersize or not. i think dancing feeds the same parts of me that sex and food do. even if you feel stiff at first, force yourself, you might loosen up after a song or two and feel fulfilled like never before....or maybe that's just me.
i'm with gully on that hugs and kisses and wow to you for tackling this even when things are challenging, but then again, maybe getting healthy will help you cope, huh?

gully? smeta? are you kidding me? you rocked out to madonna, too? i wish we could get together and dance. that is so rad. which song really makes you move? my favorite is 'get into the groove'. i like a bit of humor in my exersize kwim?

gardenrn- have you read 'the zen of eating'? that is what comes to mind when you speak of visualizing the people who are thin because of poverty.

keep at it ladies! this is exciting.
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Wow! I am soooo proud of everyone.

Sunbaby~I love your list. I may use some of the same. I also love "into the groove" that song is 'groovy'. But I danced to "holiday" and "lucky star" b/c my dd likes those ones too. I dont own into the groove But, I may look for it so I can think of you guys when I boogie...

I didn't formally exercise yesterday, but walked all over downtown MPLS to get to and from the parade. Also, I ordered a cup of brothy/bland low fat soup at the pub we stopped at after the festivities. I made sure to eat a healthy meal before going so we were not to hungry while we were there.

Garden~I like your philosophy thinking about those who don't have enough food to have our 'problems'. Interesting way to look at things.

Thanks for being here for me gang.

Today will be crazy for me I am running in the am and in the evening and cleaning the house in between. Doing laundry and running up and down stairs several times per day may be my exercise today. But tomorrow I am off to the gym again!!!

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day#5. phew. i made it. today was hard. i craved sugar and was exhausted and having caffein withdrawls, too. but i hung in there.

gully, those are good ones, too.
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I did okay today. My exercise was pretty lacking tho. Everything else I did A+.

Odd? I didn't eat after dinner and I am not and was not thinking about food all night as I have done most of the nights so far.

Good for you Sunbaby- You hung in there even on a rough day!! YEA!
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Hey gang,
Glad all is well. I worked out for 30 mns with L again to Madonna and did sit-ups (that sh** is hard after 35 yikes!) Also, did well on eating, a little out of bounds but not bad.

Spryte~tried the water trick as I was about to turn to food out of hopeless frustration, and it worked!

See you tomorrow
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I felt so guilty last evening about falling off the wagon yesterday afternoon. I did breakfast good and exercised but about 1PM both kids were asleep (a first in weeks) and I got the major munchies. I couldn't find any thing that sounded good to me so ate Captain Crunch Cerial That certainly isn't food in their natural state! I felt so bad about it but did not eat after supper even though I felt I blew it.
Today I went shopping and bought myself some healthy stuff: carrots, celery, and put out a big bowl of nuts with the nut crackers. It looks nice for the holidays besides.
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Thank you spryte for your compliment on my articles. I really enjoy writing them but have been to busy since going back to work part time. I have an editor who would take all the stuff I would care to write. Doing this thread together has given me lots of new ideas so maybe I'll get inspired to finish a couple article I have had started for a long time. I just wish I could figure out how to get paid for it:

Gully, I love to hear about you getting down and dancing with the kids. I think this all could be such a positive thing for the whole family when you think about how much kids enjoy Mom being energetic.

Edit to add
No sunbaby, I never have read the Zen book you mentioned but it sounds interesting. It just really gets to my heart strings to see children that are starving. To think that in some countries if a child does not breast feed until 2yrs there chance of living are very slim. I think it is so sad, that familyies can not even afford food much less cloths and all the other things we have.
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Ok gang~after my weekend off the wagon, Im crawling back on today!!

I went to a birthday party Saturday and had a sloppy joe and a couple chips and a little cake and icecream. But, I made much better choices then I normally would have.

Sunday I went to brunch with some friends and ate some great food and had a wonderful drink. It was totally enjoyable and guilt free as I keep reminding myself I am making 'life' changes. Progress not perfection...

Sunday evening was hardest, I had some frozen custard and then the guilt came. I only had one small scoop on a cone but I started thinking about brunch and had lots of nibbles (no real meals after brunch) and thats when I can get into trouble. I almost went into a full blown binge. But, I thought of facing you all today and I did not. THANKS!

Love to you all,
Off to visualize, clean, exercise.

Also, I have been trying a more balanced approach to meals instead of heavy carb or heavy protien. Eating toast with breakfast etc... hope thats not cheating. I was feeling kind of ill from not enough carbs I think. I am going to finish Dr Sears article on 'anti-cancer' eating too and may incorporate some changes as well. I am trying to find a way that will work for me long term and won't be overly complicated KWIM?

Love to you all,

Some Tips taken from freetrainers.com:

This is one of the General Exercise Plans which FreeTrainers.com makes available to all of the members of the community - free of charge. Our premier online mission is to meet the needs of every member in reaching all of their health & fitness goals ...

In combination with your individual body type, specific goals, as well as any prior specifications you made in your Exercise Program Profile, we at FreeTrainers.com have provided for you a specific exercise program to match all of those needs. Here is a brief glance at our General Exercise Plan of Tone & Weight Loss:

The key to weight or fat loss along with a toned body is the careful combination of exercise as well as nutrition. In terms of exercise, you will perform a wide variation of exercises for all of your major muscle groups. It is advised that you keep all of your repetitions high - around 10 to 15 per set and higher. A key aspect to remember is the addition of cardiovascular activity into your training program. Cardio or Aerobic fitness training should be performed starting at 3 times per week moving up to 4 to 5 times per week. Cardiovascular-based activities should be performed at the end of your workout or first thing in the morning for aprox. 30 to 45 minutes at you target heart rate. In terms of diet, you will lower your caloric intake, however at the same time keeping your protein intake slightly higher. And of course, it is essential that you reduce your fat down to a minimum level, consuming fat that are mainly sources from protein and carbohydrates. The key is to consume 4 to 6 healthy small sized meals throughout the day - this will work to speed up your metabolism safely and in turn shed that unwanted fat. Do not be fooled into thinking that you can lose fat by starving yourself, doing so will shock your body into shutting down and storing the fat instead.

Following these guidelines provided by FreeTrainers.com will demand personal dedication as well as hard work - follow our plan and earn your much deserved rewards ...

However, lets love ourselves no matter what any scale says and inspite of our human qualities of imperfection. Loving ourselves is going to be key in accomplishing any of our goals. K, enough mush and restating the obvious.

Love, prayers, positive energy coming your way!!!

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Hello all, are all still in?

Ok Gully~ it is not a question of cheeting to eat a carb in the morning.

The concept that I was trying to get to and experiment with was this:

That when you are fasting like not eating after supper and all night then you eat a protein for breakfast it keeps you in the Glucagon dominant state for a little longer when you eat a pure protien/fat meal. Then exercise during that time will cause you to burn a little fat. Later in the day like 2 to 3 hours after breakfast go to eating normal meals of carbs and protien mix.

If you eat any carbohydrates during that time (bedtime or breakfast) it puts you in the insulin dominant state thus telling your body "Hey I've been fasting I better store some fat because my host is starvingme".

I am a big believer in everything in moderation so I agree it is important to do what feels comfortable with your body. If you feel what we did last week was pushing it too hard you need to make it work for you.

I did notice myself last week that if I had to go anywhere or do very much after breakfast I got incredibly hungry. So these limit ideas may not work but I think I'll try it again for another week.

Anyone else have any input? Plans to change or continue the plan?
edit for Glucagon spelling
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Gardenrn~I think I get it now. I'll give it a whirl again this week. Lets recap...

1. Eat protien for breakfast
2. Workout before having carbs (after breakfast)
3. No eating after dinner...

Is that right gardenrn?

I was trying a low carb thing, and that is where I think I was going wrong. I intend to eat balanced meals after breakfast next week. Eating more protien (in general) has helped me too because if I 'carb out' I feel really nasty...

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Yes, Gully~ that is it except that it is ok to exercise before breakfast too since after fasting all night your body is already in the Glucagon dominant state.
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Hello Everybodee!

Just checking in here. Things have been crazy around our house planning and doing holiday stuff.

I am really excited by last week and was/am charged to continue. I lost weight?!! The last time I dieted- changed my eating at all, I didn't lose for 3 weeks and then only 3 lbs over another whole month. I think the diet was too low cal (under 1300 to get the weightloss to start). No matter how many times I told my doc that I thought 1300 was too low he said it was fine. Guess what happened when I added in calories slowly? sure enough- added what I lost times two.

Anyway- this time I am not cutting calories just redistributing when they are eaten and it seems to be working.

Even if it doesn't work anymore I am feeling better and it is starting to slowly become a habit. I get up and pop on the exercise machine- eat some eggs and no food before bed, drinking water all the way. Kind of cool.

Thanks to all of you who have made it so much easier to keep going for me. I am really glad to have you all there when I am having rough times.
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Gardenrn- hmm getting paid would be great wouldn't it. Have you thought about sending in any of your articles for publication? My sil did that (parenting articles) and soem were accepted here and there and eventually mags started calling her to write for money.
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You gals are doing awesome! I think it's so great that you are getting healthy by eating better and not just starving yourselves. Developing healthy eating habits is what is most important in the long run!

What about having a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast? I really love oatmeal with raisins and nuts (almonds, walnuts and flax seeds). Then you get some protien and whole grains, which are important too. And it is so hearty you sometimes don't even need a morning snack. I make mine with 1/2 soymilk and 1/2 water so it is sort of sweet and full of more nutrients, then I don't have to add any sugar either.

I finally did some yoga today! I always make excuses why not to do it but am so glad I did when I finally do. It had been ages, so I'm glad I finally made the effort and want make it more routine.

Keep up the good work ladies.
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The Bluezzz

Anyone else got the blues? its my wonderful PMS time and life is truely grand. I am hungry constantly and bloated to beat the band. Ah, the joys of womanhood....................

I hope to get back on track soon.

Love to all,
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well, I am still doing okay.

I really hope you are all doing well too.

Seriously- getting up to exercise before I even go potty in the am has been a great trick for me. That way I am done before I have a chance to put it off.

Gully- really sorry to hear you are feeling blue. Is there anything we (I) can do to perk you up?
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