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Aw spryte~yer so sweet. Thanks for asking, that in and of itself has helped

I agree about exercising early. I keep telling myself I'll do it and then put if off until its too late. I think the fact that I didn't lose last week put me in a bad tailspin... sigh......... I'll get there again.

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Gully- I realized too late that I probably shouldn't have posted that. (the weight loss thing). Might have even jinxed it.

Anyway, I really should have said (and it is very very true) last week and this week I have GAINED. TONS. I have gained a start on an exercise habit that I hope will be life-long. Gained a start to better eating habits for my body type. Gained support from all of you. I can go on but the babe needs me!
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Spryte~thanks again. It has nothing to do with you. I am so glad that things are going well. I really think its my PMS and the gloomy weather. The sun does wonders for me KWIM? Also, I tend to obcess about my weight to the point where it it unhealthy. Totally my hangups!

I have "get with the program" the old oprah book, and the accompanying diary that I bought on ebay some time ago. I have been saving it for the new year so....... Its kind of cool because you track your water, fruits and vegie servings as well as exercise.

But, I have really found that eating protien has been helpful to me. When I do, I dont binge as much.

Also, my 'self talk' (not to get 12 step on you all) has been really bad. Im a bad mom, Im fat, Im ???????? All sorts of yuky stuff I say to my self. And, I am trying to be concious of it this time..

So, today I post a new article to inspire myself and others...

**Please don't feel bad about expressing your achievements** We are here to support one another, right?

I would feel awful if you all could not share because you are fearful of upsetting my crazy a**

Yesterday went much better!! Im back on track kids, and perhaps even lost a pound myself (hard to tell with my time of month).

K here goes.................click on the link............

Its not about food
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7 more lbs to go

i want to get off 5 more post-preg pounds. I am doing well, but not eating enough calories for bf-ing--BAD! I am also eating poorly because DH and I have so little money now, and so i eat crap. Brown rice and beans are cheap too!!:

Exercising at home now--couldn't get to the gym with a five month old!! Doing step aerobics -- I LOVE IT! and ab work and also yoga with baby 1 x a week.

Eating bad--that's my thing--I don't eat enough but what I do eat isn't good. Yesterday for exanple, I ate a doughnut and coffee for bfast, lunch was a veggie salami sandwich on ww bread with mustard, dinner was a veggi cutlet on a bun with mustard and 2 clementines. CRAP!

looking forward to support!
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Hi All, Sorry I havn't posted. For some reason I stopped getting links e-mailed for 2 days so thought there was not activity on the thread.

MamaKoala Thankyou for joining us. Have any question just bring them on.

Gully~ sorry your having a tough time this week. Go check out my PMS Article There may be some info to help you. I have been having a tough time this week because we have been making Christmas cookies, and I have sampled far too many!

smeta I love your cerial idea. I am having a tough time with breakfast because I like to eat a granola cerial and add ground flax seed. I need the Flax for a health problem I have and have been trying to figure out how to get it without eating anything but protien for breakfast. I have decided to eat my cerial for lunch. That might work for you too.

I have started this habbit, I put my water on to boil and start exercising. When the water boils I put my egg in for 4&1/2. Min and finish my exercise routine. I get my exercise routine and breakfast all done at once.

Keep up the good work girls! Now I'll go check out Gully's article link.
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Great article garden!

I have all of the symptoms except the last group, although I do get nausia?? I will look into the cream. Do you know if these hormones are as bad as the ones for menopause? I wondered how sparingly I should use them?

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

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Hello Gully, I have learned since I wrote that article that you can use Wild Yam cream. It stimulates your body to produce it's own progesterone so it is completely safe. It will still cause increased fertility though.

It is interesting to find out also that if Dr's would perscribe their patients progesterone cream rather than estrogen that their patients would feel much better. It is the feel good hormone for women's bodies. It actually can reverse bone loss and help with the many discomforts of menopause, without near as many of the nasty side effects that estrogen causes.

Ok i'm on a tangent here and way off the subject of our thread so I'll quit now. Good luck all!
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Hi all!

Welp, I've had another no-exercise week since my one-time yoga practice. It has been so crazy I feel like I don't have the time. But I really just need to stop making excuses cuz I know my body would feel better if I exercised. I tried the dancing thing one day (found a Deelite cd!! so groovey!), but Cora wasn't really into it at the time.

Gully - try to eliminate those bad thoughts! One thing I've read about doing is repeating a positive statement in your head as you exercise. Like when I'm walking sometimes I think "I am strong...I am confident, I am nuturing", etc. Or you could just use one thing you want to focus on for that day.

Welcome MamaKoala! It sounds to me like you just ate whatever you could think of at that moment - and that's when we eat the worst. It is really helpful to plan out a few healthy meals for the week and buy what you need for them - then you'll have to make it!

Ok, time to get my butt off the chair.

Good luck everyone!
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YES~Welcome MamaK!

Also, thanks for the great tip(s) smeta/garden. Will try them! Off to shop with L, hey does that count for a walk??

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welcome mama k!- I know what you mean about not eating enough calories or even vitamins for the babe and yet not making the best choices. When I read that comment I raised my hand with a resounding me too!

Gardenrn- I have used the wild yam root cream to help with pms and when I did it worked wonders. (I have been having hormonal issues- spotting etc- so I was thinking of using it again. But holy crap! MORE fertile- the babe is just too young )

Gully- I think shopping can be considered exercise- better than the sitting around I often do!

Smeta- one day is better than no days. Try first thing in the am.

Having said that I have not exercised in two days!! So frustrated- I had beend oing so well. Back to it tomorrow. Especially now that I had to report my slacking off to my getting healthy buds.
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Gully I read the article link you posted and at first I was like this is not the way I feel about weight gain for me. I never had a weight problem until after having children (or is it being over 35?) anyways.... I continued to read the article and the middle part

If you were to ask me, what is the most prominent cause of weight-gain or anorexia? I’d have to say, caretaking others at the expense of oneself!

Really hit home! I have put so much of myself "on the back burner" so to say, since I have had children. But then again I think if we raised our children any other way I would feel even more guilty. It is kind of a catch 22 in my opinion. I just continue to try to find ways to be happy with my life as it is right now because so many people say that if you don't stop and enjoy your children now they will be grown up before you know it.

Then again I lived on my own for 10 years and always dreamed of getting married and having children I just never immagined I would feel this tied down. Must be the "grass is greener on the other side of the fence" syndrome.

It is frustrating though my husband quit drinking coolaid in the evening when I was telling him about the HGH thing and eating carbs before bedtime, and in just one week I could tell by his cloths he had lost weight.

For me I notice I eat less and feel better all the way around when I get busy and stay busy all day. Instead of to many sitdown jobs. I sleep better too.

I too havn't done as well as I would have liked this week but will keep trying. Hang in there girls
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Can I Join?

Hello! I'm a new memeber, long-time lurker, but I've been starting to follow all of the advice in this thread and wanted to join. I'm Noelle, 25, with one 16 month old daughter, and since high school I've struggled with compulsive eating, poor body image, and bulimia. It's still going on...sigh...but I just had a birthday and have decided that this is the year I get it all together. I'm going to start therapy in about a month, and I haven't purged in 6 days. Wow--I hope this isn't too intense for anybody. I got conseling for the bulimia in college--but i guess I just wasn't ready to let it go then. Overeating and purging, sick as this may sound, is some kind of old friend to me, a way to nurture myself (but in the wrong way) and then flush all my stress and difficult feelings away with the food. But I feel like its time to grow up and learn to just be with those feelings instead--the damage to my self-esteem and the mood swings of the bulimia aren't worth it anymore.

So--I really need a plan, a straegy of eating, and the protein in the morning thing so far is really working!!! Becuase its so staesfying I don't think about food all day like when I skip breakfast. A question: What are some more foods/recipes of protein breakfasts? I'm ideally going for no carbs then, right? So I've thought of omelets (with veggies--is that ok?), hamburger pattyies, meatballs in spagettit sauce, turky patties/dogs, cottege cheese, lentil or split pea soups, tempeh....Bsically any meat, dairy item, nut, or bean dish, right? And anything sweet is going to have the simple sugars so that's out, right (I'm wondering how to eat my yogurt....).

One more question--I do yoga (that's what I just did after my bowl of meatballs this morning), but want something more aerobic and am thinking of getting some excercise equipment. Any recommendations for something that's not more than a couple hundred bucks, gives a good sweat while I read/watch the news, and wouldn't be too dangerous to have around a toddler? All I can think of is one of those mini-trampolines....

I'm really hoping to use this thread for support. Is that ok?

So often in the past week I've felt tired and overwhelmed and lonely and headed for the kitchen but then stopped because I knew I'd overdo it and then not be able to keep myself from purging it. Maybe I'll post in those moments. Other things that have worked are reaching for my just-for -pleasure novel, doing a few yoga poses, concentrating on how much I want to meet the goal of not purging for a year....

Its hard for me to talk about bulimia and overeating--there's a lot of shame in it for me. Anyone else who's dealt with it and want to talk, that would be great.

I love how the title of this thread is Love Thyself. Totally sums up what my lesson is now...Thanks mamas and I'll go read more of those links....Noelle
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Welcome Softheart~Please join in!!!

I agree gardenrn~Our kids need us when they do, no ifs ands or buts, wait...one but......... I just thought of this. We can take better care of them if we take better care of us right? I know you have said that before.

I didn't read the entire article before posting but I related to some of it.

I realize my tendency to binge late in the day is because I am out of gas. If I don't fill up my tank, I have nothing left to give, I am spent KWIM?

So, finding new ways to fill the tank is important for me. The person who wrote that article frankly was 'selling' something, so I always read with caution... I guess when I post articles, I am not always endorsing them, cause I don't even read them first ...

I should stick with motivational stuff huh?

Hows this for you all.

*PS yesterday I went to Arbys after shopping and ordered roast beef sandwiches (no fries) then came home and had baby carrots and apples on the side.......... I make good choices much of the time, but don't 'dwell' on those things KWIM? It is time I do, right!

Garden, here is a place you could submit your articles if you choose, it is not for pay, but perhaps there would be other gains?
Submit Articles

*Would everyone like to join me in an experiment this week? How about a week of no negative self talk. If negative feelings about 'us' or crop up, lets say STOP IT and try to counter with positive things. Kind of what smeta was saying she does when she works out, I love that idea!

You in???

Love to you all!

Thanks for being here.

By the way, I recently read bulimics/anorexics aren't supposed to weigh themselves?? How can we can come up with some 'safe' ideas for us to get/give support without discussing the scale? Any suggestions from my healthy mamas??? I want to continue to celebrate for our new skinny mamas while not isolating others??
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My positive self talk for today.....

I am a good and nurturing mama. I nursed my dd to bed and again upon waking (although she is preferring cuddles at times) YIPPEE!

I am introspective/motivated/articulate/giving/humerous and kind.

Anyone else.......................?
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Oh Gully, I didn't mean to sound like I was critcizing you posting the article link I more meant, at first I thought I wasn't going to get anything out of it but then did happen to come away with a very strong point. We need to nurture and take care of ourselves, It will make us better Mom's

Softheart~ Welcome to our thread. Wow you have so much courage putting your stuff out on the table. That is a big first step in healing and sometimes it is easier to tell strangers. So welcome

I guess I'm a tightwad but I havn't felt a need for an exercise machine. I do a set of exercises that I found in a book as "post-partum" exercises. I have added to them some stretches and then when I'm done I do jumping-jacks until I feel my heart rate go up. I try to keep it simple like a 10 min. routine so that I'm more likely to do it. On energetic days I'll do it twice a day.

I feel way out of my leage here helping people with eating disorders but at the same time it would be so exciting to see this shift of eating habbits work for people.

I feel that is more what this eating sysyem is about, redistributing what we eat rather than limiting what we eat. But by redistributing when you eat certain types of food I think it does decrease the appetite too.
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*Would everyone like to join me in an experiment this week? How about a week of no negative self talk.
I'm in Gully,
I guess I am soooo bad about this I don't even realize the need. I think self confidence is deeply rooted in self esteem and I have a hard time with both. So I'm game. Can we share these little phrases with each other so we can barrow from each other?

I don't know about avoiding the scales thing unless we just keep this thread to dietary tips, facts and emotional support.
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Oh Gully, I didn't mean to sound like I was critcizing you posting the article link I more meant, at first I thought I wasn't going to get anything out of it but then did happen to come away with a very strong point. We need to nurture and take care of ourselves, It will make us better Mom's
Garden, I know you would never do that....

I don't know about avoiding the scales thing unless we just keep this thread to dietary tips, facts and emotional support.
The underlying theme is to love ourselves and get healthy, I guess for some of us that means losing weight. I want to share in all of our celebrations, so I say for those who want to weigh in, do so, and those who want to toss the scales should... Hows that? I think we should all be comfortable here no matter what our goals, and I am sure you all agree.

Can we share these little phrases with each other so we can barrow from each other?
Sound like a great idea to me!
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Hi MsGully,

Just catching up. I liked the meditation site you sent - that was like 2 pages ago

Reading GardenRn's web pages - lots of good info there.

Hope everyone is feeling well for the holidays. My MIL brought home a box of See's candies last night :

It's a whole other challenge for me. But I'd like to have some ammo after the babe comes so I can stop being so chunky. Gar, hate it. Not gaining too much weight, so far. But after loosing 10lbs the first month or so, and no gain, no point, plenty chunky, I gained 12 lbs since my last pre-natal. Gad! Not trying to limit my food, but no reason to pack it in, either. I tend to snack at night. Had that going well, got a little out of hand, think I've got it reigned in now. Maybe. It's a balancing act.

Best wishes!!


(bundled expected may 11, 03)
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Hi all, hope everyone is doing great!

Welcome Noelle! We are here to support you!! As far as areobic exercise - how about a jump rope?! Also, my mom picked up a treadmill at a garage sale for $40, that is pretty baby safe as long as they know not to get on when you are on it! Plus walking is the best exercise.

Still no exercise for me I'm so bad. My sil is in town and she brought all these new Pilates videos, so I think we're gonna try them out tomorrow. We were going to do it today, but got too busy making a b-day cake for my fil - how's that - eat cake and don't exercise

Gully - love your positive statement of the day idea!

I'm totally wiped, so off to bed!
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Mystic~nice to see you... Glad you reminded me of the meditation site, it seems when I don't meditate, I dont succeed at things as much.

Spryte~youve been doing great, keep it up! I may try that cream and see what happens???

Everyone~I have been doing one more new thing, no food is bad, but with every meal/snack I have some fruits and vegies with it. Thats right some chips/apple/baby carrots type of thing. That way, nothing is taboo, but every thing I eat (except the protien breakfast) I have fruits/vegies with it. I am getting much more healthy stuff that way.

**Yesterday I signed up for a pilates class at the Y and plan to take a beginning step aerobic class as well** Very excited. They both start after the new year.

Also, I didn't even realize how many negative things I say to myself in a given day. I chastize myself all the time! RIDICULOUS I TELL YOU! I read an article about negative voices and how we dont have to let them win an argument. The more we battle them, the quieter they become. Interesting huh?

Now, I tell me the same thing I tell my daughter (I am not a bad person just because I occassionally make a bad choice).

I also signed the dh up for a 'hatha yoga' class I took and loved. We' ll see how 'he' feels about it??? It should be good for him if he's receptive. Hes such a grouchy/macho type guy he-he (on the surface) but he crys at movies and........Little house on the prairie SHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Good day all!

I feel like that character on SNL who says:

"I am good enough, I am smart enough.........

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