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Stealt Health - nutrition

Here's a book my naturopath recommended, she reviewed it and liked it a lot, and it sounds kinda cool.

Thought ya'll might appriciate it.

Stealth Health by Evelyn Tribole


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okay- long time no post

I have been SO out of it and ashamed to admit I actually haven't been following the plan- I was hitting at least two of the four until today. Today nothing zip zero zilch.

Hopefully coming here and fessing up will make it easier to start back up tomorrow.

How is everyone else doing?
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Hey Spryte - don't dispair. Checking in with your priorities is a great idea! You can get back on track.

Best wishes,

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Hi spryte, Just keep trying. Gully has finally gotten through to me So I can say I have stayed on the plan pretty good this week.

I got one of the elastic resistance exercise bands and have been using it on my legs for exercise. I think it is going to help. I feel more determined than ever to make it work this time. I am sooo tired of not feeling good about myself image.

I also finished an article on wait loss tips and tricks I can't wait to share with you all. My editor said she will not publish it until the end of this month. I'll let you know when it is up
T I keep having trouble with my e-mail links working. Anyone else having that trouble?
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I don't normally publish links because I haven't ever figured out that darn renaming the link so it isn't 100 characters long thing. Sorry.

Gardenrn and mhm- thanks for the boost.

Spent some of our Target gift card moolah on the windsor pilates tapes. Maybe they will help with the exercise portion?

I too am tired of not liking my body image. I think being here and knowing you all will help.
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I don't know if this is inspiring or not - I mean, it's not inspiring in the spiritual sense, but in the shock of reality sense.

This helps me to be reminded because I keep forgetting that there is an epidemic...

The Obesity Gap

I'd really like to appologize in advance if this isn't helpful...


btw, Spryte - to publish a link, you click on the http button, then type in somethingthat indicates the name of the link, like "Obesity Gap", then hit return, then put in the link. It has the http part hilited, but if your link includes the http part, you can take that out. Hope that makes sense...
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Spryte~hang in there. We will all have our days/weeks, right? Glad to see you back.

Mystic~thanks for the article, makes ya think.

Garden~looking forward to your article. Im not having link trouble??? Hope your 'link' issue gets solved. Do you have AOL? sometimes that can be problematic to my understanding.

Things are rockin here, still walking each day and starting to count fat next week as per 'make the connection' I wont count calories though...

Crying bean, gotta run!
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Hello!!! Guess what? I'm still doing great! Monday will be one whole month free from bulimia and that's my longest in years and years...And the more time that passes without it, the easier it seems, like the possibilty of doing that to myself is just floating further away into the past. One thing that really helped was to take that suggestion in one of Gully's link (Jane Latimer's, I think) where whenever you feel like binging you instead find some "obscenely selfish" thing to do for yourself--several times I've gone into my room (locked the door, dh with dd...) and lounged with herbal tea and a novel instead of running to the kitchen. It felt great!! Also the no night eating thing is helping because that's when I used to binge a lot...

I wanted to see if anyone else is dealing with a couple of issues:

1) Sometimes my stomache feels empty at bedtime and I have a much harder time falling asleep that way! I've heard this is because its so sedating to overeat that it puts you to sleep, and its better for you to sleep without having to digest food while you're resting, but...Sometimes I feel so wide awake! Any suggestions?

2) I have this thing about not wasting food. So I'm feeling great because bulimia is the ultimate waste of food!!! But its really hard for me to stop eating when I'm full sometimes, because I hate the idea of that food having to be thrown away. I've started cooking smaller amounts, and freezing leftovers...But I was just wondering if anyone else struggles with this. We were kinda poor when I was little, and I obsess over being thifty (when I'm not guiltily overspending...). Somehow I think my issues with scarity vs. overconsumption are related to my struggles with bulimia and food, and I feel like I want to work on healing what feels like this neurosis about not wasting resources/worrying about money while going on consumption "binges" in any form. Does anyone else who struggles with food have other issues with "consumption" or "restriction" in terms of money/resources, too? It feels deeply related to me. And I'm not sure what to do with those feelings. Like it's obvious to me that its time to learn to not throw up, but how do I grow and mature in terms of my money issues?

One idea that's floating in my head is that its time for me to both trust in abundance and not obsess about having enough/wasting, and also that's it s time to become the kind of person who gives more to others in need....

Your thoughts, pretty please?

In other news, I got a trampoline, and dd loves it (me too!).

Thanks for being there, mamas!
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way to go, softheart. i never thought about my food issues as they might relate to other types of consumption- i def do know i am constantly trying to resist being seduced by our consumerist culture, which is often a big task. i def do feel guilty when i forget to keep myself in check. i think maybe the excesses of the pervasive culture force us all to work with these issues, unless we want to just go with the flow and become a part of it. interesting that you brought it up. i'll think on it some more.

i have really been enjoying the gym. never worked w/ weights before- i think they're really good for me, as i tend to be strong at cardio, but weak muscularly. i figure it's good to start warding off that old osteoperosis. i'm high risk. plus, i find the weight work very grounding, and i tend to be, well, um, lost in space.

food wise, i'm not very motivated. i have been craving all the wrong stuff. i feel very bored and depressed, and that contributes to wanting to eat *fun* foods, to make up for what i'm not getting elsewhere. same tasks, day in, day out. sigh. i'm not bingeing though, i mean i feel normal, and with my history, that is a comforting fact.
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Wow Softheart~I was touched to read your post. I know where you are coming from with the waste thing!!! For me it was others in my life who were obsessed about wasting food. My grandmother always made sure we belonged to the 'clean plate club' before we could have dessert. I sat for hours on end in front of food that was repulsive to me. I was taught from a very early age not to listen to my body about anything. I think we are poisoned from a very young age by a society that has conflicting values. i.e. the beer/bikini clad babe commerical followed by the pizza hut extra cheese, 2 for 1 deal, commercial. Kind of what sunbaby was saying.

*I have decided that eating more then our bodies need to maintain a healthy weight, is also a waste, (duh right?) but it is an unhealthy waste at that. By overeating we are putting on fat that can lead to cancer, diabetes, etc.. or I suppose some can 'purge' and be at risk for other cancers and health problems (waste, waste, waste) either way. Therefore, give it over gladly to the compost, or garbage disposal or 'dogs' if you are like me..

I do relate to you on the money front. I cant do anything with out guilt, but thats the scandinavian way right? I am gonna have to mull that one over for a while....

Softheart said~
We were kinda poor when I was little, and I obsess over being thifty (when I'm not guiltily overspending...). Somehow I think my issues with scarity vs. overconsumption are related to my struggles with bulimia and food, and I feel like I want to work on healing what feels like this neurosis about not wasting resources/worrying about money while going on consumption "binges" in any form.
Wow, what an interesting coorelation. I will have to give that some thought. We also grew up very poor, so I can recall not really having much of anything to eat at times....??? Im gonna have to mull that over a bit.

Spryte, Garden, other mamas lurking or otherwise....
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Softheart, your note struck a cord w/me, too

I read it shortly after you posted, and I sat back a little stunned. You could have writen it from my thoughts...

I hadn't really correlated the consumption issue, either - but I have tons of them. So, I just figured I was OCD all over the place relating to consumption - I even whine about consumption and consumerism on the boards a lot :LOL One thing for me is waste and recycling. I am a freak about recycling. We've lived several places with good or bad recycling, and I get so upset, I used to take my recycling, even if I woldn't get paid for it, to the centers, anyway. I think of just about everything I throw away and how it's going to be sitting in landfill forever. And when it comes to food, that's a whole other thing: it really sends that OCD-esque thing into a tail spin. We have food that's unopened that is expired - it's food and we have to throw it away... I'm gonna stop there because I could go on for days, but you've already said it so well.

And about the empty stomach before you go to bed thing: Have a protein. A hardboiled egg or some bean spread on low carb carckers, just to pad your stomach. The idea is to be low carb before bed, not to starve yourself or make it harder to sleep. Also, if you've got a hypoglycemic condition, it's a good idea to have a protein, too, so you aren't "crashing" when you wake up.

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Softheart posted:
1) Sometimes my stomache feels empty at bedtime and I have a much harder time falling asleep that way! I've heard this is because its so sedating to overeat that it puts you to sleep, and its better for you to sleep without having to digest food while you're resting, but...Sometimes I feel so wide awake! Any suggestions?
I was having the same problem too. Actually I stumbled onto something last week that has really helped. I have been doing my little exercise routine in the morning but lately dh has had some health issues so I have started exercising with him the past 4 nights after we get the kids to bed. We do some stretches and some exercises. Contrary to what I would have thought the stretches relax my muscles and I have been sleeping like a baby.

If you really still feel the need for a snack eat a protein. I leave a basket of nuts out. Because you have to crack each one it is hard to eat enough fast enough to feel like a binge. sunbaby~this idea might work for you too.

I feel like I am thrifty but I don't feel overpowered by the waste issues like some of you have expressed. One of the things I find myself doing is no matter what it is or how small the amount of a left-over I put it in the refrigerator. If it is something that was really worth saving I find I'll warm it up and eat it. If it wasn't after it has been in the frig a day or two I have no problem throwing it away. We have chickens that enjoy our left-overs too so that helps me feel OK about letting it go to them instead of to my waiste.

I like the links you have been posting. will try to get to the above soon. Better get supper going.
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Oh Softheart I forgot to add: I am very proud of you for your progress and it sounds like you are dealing with your issues Head-On!Way to go!!!
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MysticHealerMom I finally got a chance to read the Obesity Gap article you posted a link to.

I was floored, I have never thought of obesity as having anything to do with socio/eccenomic clas!
I still find it hard to believe. If there is any truth to it, it may be that poor people are more aware of not getting the next meal, and maybe buy something that would feed their whole family like a box of Mac-N-Cheese instead of some fruit.

I wonder some though if government programs may foster poor eating habbits among the poor. Do you know when you go get WIC stuff they give you free vouchers to your kids for Fries at McDonalds for being good:
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Thamks All!

For the replies and suggestions. I'm going to try some lean pre-bed protein...

And thank you for the encouragement. I'm *still* doing great--not purging, only bingeing in a normal American sort of way--but balanced with so much other healthiness that I might even be a bit lighter.

I had my first counseling session with a goddess-like "Body-Centered Psychotherapist" and she did this process called "EMDR" and "Holographic Reprogramming." It was kinda like hypnosis, we worked with some issues/memories that felt painfully "stuck" in my body...next week we're going to go deeper--I beleive the premise being that we can clear negative patterns out if our system like reprogrammimg a computer. Heck I don't really understand but ut felt very liberating, and I had a wonderful week. If anyone has experience with alternative therapy modalities such as this I'd be interested. I'll keep you posted.

Wishing you all the very best!
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Sounds like a lovely therapy program. I had not heard of it before but if you felt better after the session that is what matters.

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Been forever since I posted... Sad to report I have only added one of the goals back into my repitoire. Hope to add another in this week though.

About high protein snacks -don't know how you feel about tofu but my dd and I have been snacking on it as our before bed snack (dh doesn't go for it) when I have to have one and it really fills me up and is a nice boost of protein for all of ds's late night nursing sessions.

About obesity and socioeconomic class- I realized this about a year ago. When we went to the thrifty bread store and I realized we could either buy one loaf of healthy bread or 4 giant loaves of white. then I started looking into things and was floored.

We went on wic about 4 mo ago when ds was laid off. We are still trying to get hormone free cheese let alone organic. I know I should be more grateful. Don't get me wrong- I am very grateful. There have been many weeks in the past few months where the wic food was all we had but I feel like I am letting my kids down to fill them full of hormones and pesticides.

Gotta run- babe needs to nurse.

Oh and about left overs. We save sometimes the tinest amounts that are left in the pans. I add them to the freezer and then when it is time to make spag sauce, chili or soup I add them as they fit. It helps me not take that second helping.
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Spryte~good going! Dont be hard on yourself, this is a 'life' process.

Softheart~thats so cool. I acutally had one session trying to recover a repressed memory and was sucessful in uncovering the 'feelings' but not the actual events perse. Its really interesting. She (my therapist) explained it like this: When a person makes soup the fat cooks to the top, and then you skim it off. I know thats a strange analogy but... She also was a home ec teacher LOL. She also said that 'walking' can produce the same theraputic effect'?? VELLY INTELESTING HUH??

Hope that made sense.

Things hear are rough as i've fargen gained weight, but I am not getting discouraged. I am doing this for 'health' purposes right?

Night all!
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Have any of you heard of Suzanne Somers diet? A friend was telling me about it and how good he felt while on it and could eat as much as he wanted and still lost weight.

I found an article about one of her books at:
Somers Diet Article .

From what I can see it comes back to the same concept of that you can eat fat and protein together and it goes right through you but when you add carbohydrates to the mix you turn your food into body fat.
She says you can eat carbs just don't eat fat with them. Like fruit on an empty stomach. That kind of thing. It sounds interesting. I have reserved the book from the library so can't wait to get it and learn more about how it all works.

Glad to hear from you guys. I was needing this boost this week. I did really bad this week and didn't exercise yesterday but am doing better today.
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um, i'm kind of dropping out for now. a person who i loved a lot killed himself over the weekend and i dont care about anything else. thought i ought to let you know in case i'm gone for a long time. i'll let you know when i'm able to give a sh*** again. right now i dont have much appetite but when i eat its mostly junk. i'm smoking cigarettes, too. didnt ever smoke as a teen, but suddenly i need something, smoking feels good, and cigs seem more benign than some other stuff i might do to feel better.
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