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post your positive vbac success stories here!!

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Hey everyone, these women planning their vbacs need to read some positive vbac success stories. I know firsthand how you get bogged down by all the negativity surrounding vbac these days, and how important it was to me to read positive natural birth stories, vbac stories in particular. I truly believe that it was my determination and positive thinking that directly led to my ideal vbac becoming a reality.

Yeah, sure, it's been done before, and I could just search this forum or the birth stories forum, but let's try to get it all together in this one thread, so it's easier for someone to find!

Here's mine
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Thank you for starting this thread! Can't wait to hear the stuff that will be uplifting!
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Yes, bring them on. I am 4o weeks 2 days here waiting for my little one! I could use some positive energy and great VBAC stories!

- Kerri
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Great thread idea Stacy!

I won't repost the whole story, but here is the link to the story of my 2nd VBAC and 1st home waterbirth: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=211315
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If you click Niamh's name in my sig line and go to my journal (first entry) you can read my entirely too long birth story

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Here's mine as it was written 3 days after my VBAC baby was born (he turned 2 yesterday : )

Noah M has made his arrival!

He was born on Monday, August 18 at 4:45 AM by an unmedicated, doula-assisted, hospital VBAC after only 7 hours of labor, much of which was spent at home. I did it!! He weighed 7lbs, 9 oz. He had some breathing problems when he was born due to what we now know is a congenital heart defect. He was stabilized here and had to be taken to Anchorage by plane and is still in the NICU, but doing well and was quickly weaned off the oxygen tent to room air. I was able to fly up with him and stayed the night Monday night in Anchorage and came home Tuesday afternoon.

The VBAC birth was more important than I ever even thought it would be, here’s the whole story:

Sunday I had been having irregular contractions on and off all day, really, I thought they were more like gas pains, totally different from any contractions I had felt when I was in labor with Daniel. We had been pretty busy Sunday getting stuff finalized for the baby (and actually Dan was really the one pushing to get stuff done, so I guess he has the better “nesting” instinct than I do) so I didn’t notice a lot of the early contractions. Finally, about 10:00 that night I had finally gotten Daniel down for bed and started noticing that the pains I was having were coming at regular intervals and getting kinda uncomfy, so I started timing them and sure enough, they were 5-6 minutes apart lasting about 60 sec. I decided to call one of my doulas and give her the heads up, just in case, but told her I had been pretty busy all day so I was going to lay down and see what they did. Well, I ended up calling her back pretty quick because laying down didn’t help at all and they were getting more intense so I finally figured it was the real thing.

So the Doulas arrived and I was using the birth ball when they got there, but that was starting to not help anymore and the contractions were getting really uncomfy at that point, but weren’t really getting any closer together or longer so they suggested I get in the tub and that’s what I did and it was wonderful, it helped soo much! We spent quite a while in there and chatted in between the contractions and they helped me to breathe through them. Finally the contractions started coming really close and even the tub wasn’t helping anymore and I felt nauseated, so they suggested that I was nearing transition and I agreed and decided it was time to get to the hospital. I didn’t rush getting dressed, I had to vomit some and then we were on our way. One of the Doulas stayed with Daniel, because My mom was originally supposed to be here to watch him, but could not come and I hadn’t had a chance to arrange for another babysitter (I was only 38 weeks, I thought I had a little more time) so I was eternally grateful that she was willing to stay, I feel really bad that she didn’t get to be there for the birth and her partner did.

We arrived at the hospital and I had my admission papers filled out but hadn’t given them back so I just had brought them with me and the stupid admissions clerk was asking me the questions instead of just looking at the paper and my husband and doula both had to tell her to just read the paper, it had all the info. So she sent me off to OB with the doula and Dan stayed and made sure I was properly admitted. I got to the room and the nurses decided I could skip triage, lol, and go straight to a room. So she said I needed a monitor strip at that point and wanted to check me. I had decided I would let the nurse check the initial check, but then after that it had to be the OB or Midwife (whichever one I ended up with). I was 5-6 cm, very stretchy (thanks to the EPO) and the baby was having decals with the contractions but was coming right back up, and she was kinda freaked about that, no one else was, not even Dan, we all knew that was perfectly normal. I guess what freaked her was that she couldn’t get the contraction monitor to work and so she didn’t know for “sure” when my contractions were starting and ending (I guess my grunting and moaning and breathing through them was not enough of an indication) so she started asking me questions about my medical history and the inevitable questions about my last labor came up and when she found out I was a VBAC, she went from freaked to all out panicking (had I not been in pain, I probably would have been laughing at her, I knew It would happen) so she decides to call my OB right away (I think that’s how I ended up with him instead of the CNM, she was supposed to be the one to deliver the baby, but I guess it worked out for the best to have him there anyway). Dan said he overheard her and one of the other nurses out in the hall discussing whether they should also call the on-call surgeon “just in case.”

Well, the OB got there pretty quickly and she was whining to him about the contraction monitor and he just told her “well, it’s pretty obvious when she’s having contractions” and that shut her up by the time I was trying to stay comfortable, tried the ball again, and that wasn’t helping anymore and they couldn’t get a good reading on the external monitor with that position, so he checked me I was at a 7-8 and he wanted to break my water and put an internal monitor on the baby, at first I was hesitant, but he said that I was past the point of no return anyway and I really liked the idea of being able to move around a little better without the straps so I agreed. He tried to break it, but apparently I had SROM’ed sometime while I was in the bathtub because there was nothing to break. So the monitor went in, baby’s heart was still consistent and he just told me to do whatever was comfortable. Contractions were coming pretty much on top of each other at this point, I had been on my left side I was checked again and had only a lip on the right so I tried laying on my right, but it was too painful and I decided I’d get gravity to help me out so I asked if the bed had a squat bar. And the one nurse didn’t even know if they had one, but the other one seemed to remember they had one in a closet somewhere and that it did attach to the bed, so they got it out and set it up and I was already feeling pushy after a couple contractions on the squat bar. The doula could tell I was pushy and so I stayed on the squat bar for a while until the pressure was too much anymore and I knew the baby’s head was right there. The doc just told me to push however I was comfortable and so I was pretty much sitting up more on my left side with my right leg up in the air and pushed that way. The told me to touch my baby’s head when he was crowning and with the next push his head was out and the doc started suctioning him and with the next urge to push, he was out. I was still sitting up and could see he was distressed, they tried to suction him at the end of the bed because the doc knew I wanted to try to wait to cut the cord, but I could see they needed to take him to the warmer so they cut his cord and took him over. He didn’t cry for the longest time but somehow I knew he’d be ok. Dan was really nervous though.

They finally got him stabilized and moved him to the nursery so I delivered the placenta and got stitched up (had a 2nd degree tear) and waited for news on the baby. As soon as I was stitched up, I asked for a wheelchair so I could go to the nursery to see him.

The FP I had picked out was there now and decided that, even though he was stabilized, his breathing was really labored, his lungs had been very wet (and I can only imagine how the situation might have been worse, had I had a scheduled section or drugs during labor) that he needed to be transferred to the hospital in Anchorage with the NICU. The FP also saw that he had several physical traits of Down’s Syndrome, so that was a probability, but really not the immediate concern.

So the medivac team was called and they told us that one parent was usually allowed to go with the baby. My OB allowed me to be discharged from the hospital so I could go and Dan was going to go back home with Daniel.

So the medivac team came and got Noah further stabilized and into the portable isolette and we were taken by ambulance to the airport, flew to Anchorage and got on to another ambulance there to go to the hospital.

They got Noah off to the NICU immediately and wheeled me to sign his admission papers but I got back to the NICU to be with him pretty soon and stayed there with him till I was just exhausted and was taken to check myself in.

I was taken to OB triage and they really weren’t sure where to put me at first, but finally figured that I should go to the postpartum unit (the NICU is right down the hall, so that was good) so I finally got settled in, had lunch, and slept for a while. When I went back to the NICU, Noah was already off the oxygen tent.

So, The birth part was absolutely wonderful! My doulas were awesome and had I not had them, I probably would have caved and gotten meds, which potentially could have caused more problems for Noah. The OB pretty much sat back and let me do my thing, which I was grateful. But I really see that God’s hand was on this whole thing. If I had ended up with another section, I would have never been able to go up to Anchorage with my baby and still probably wouldn’t have held him. I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be having a homebirth this time, but with his problems, it was better that I was at a hospital. And I think if the doctors had known about any of his problems before birth, I would have been pushed into a repeat section and I know that wouldn’t have changed his outcome (except maybe for the worse) It certainly wouldn’t have changed anything for me though.

..... and just to add now: He does have Down Syndrome and had to have his first heart operation to increase blood flow to his lungs at 3 months old and will probably be having his final repair sometime in the next couple of years
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At 40 weeks and 5 days I was starting to get nervous because my mom was
supposed to go out of town the next week and I needed her to be around
to help out after the birth. So at the midwife appointment, later that day, I asked her to check me and to stimulate things while she was there. I dont know how much she did because I didnt feel much. She said the baby was right there on my cervix with no forebag and I was 2 cm but stretched to 4 easily. I told her my concerns and she said I could try blue cohosh starting on Saturday morning if I wanted. She also gave me a few homeopathic remedies and I read up on them and picked one I thought fit me. I had just been feeling awful and the rememdy raised my spirits. I was having contractions by the time I got home but nothing regular so I thought I might try a couple of doses of the blue cohosh. I took it for a couple hours. I had some regular contractions but they stopped after I quit taking the tincture so I went to bed. The next morning I took just a little and decided that I wasnt going to do it. I was only a week late and my mom said she had decided not to go out of town anyway. We decided to go walk at the mall and have lunch. Later that day I had some good contractions but I didnt think anything of it because i had been having contractions for weeks now.

That night we let our son spend the night with my parents and we
went home and I had a drink to relax and I wanted to get a good nights
sleep. But I had to get up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. At 9
we decided to get ready to go see our son and take some clothes to him
so he could go to church with my parents. We left our home at 10 am
and I had my first labor contraction. It felt like the ones the night
before so once again I didnt think anything of it. On the way there I
mentioned to my husband, Logan, that I thought my labor would hit
intensly since her head was resting against my cervix. I kept having
contractions but wasnt checking to see how far apart they were. I finally realized this was true labor when I was fixing myself a sandwich and had to stop 3 times and lean over the counter to deal with contractions. We decided to time a few and they were 3 mins apart and 30-45 seconds long. It was 10:45 at this point. By 11:30 we were on our way home and I called the midwife,Beth, to give her a heads up.She said that it would be time for her to come when they were longer and stronger or when I felt like I needed her. She also told me the contractions might space out as they got more intense.

At home I picked up a little and we started to set up the kiddie
birth pool. I sent Logan off to the store to pick up a few things before it got so intense that I needed him there. I did a few loads of laundry and continued to move around stopping every little bit to deal with a contraction. They had spaced out just a little but I am not sure how far. When logan got back we started filling the tub. At about 1:30 Beth called to see how things were going. and to see if we needed her yet. I said it was going fine I didnt
need her to leave yet. She asked if I had checked my cervix since I had been doing that all along. I said I started to but didn't because I had a contraction. We had talked about how encouraging that had been to me these last few weeks so if I felt like it to go ahead and check. I checked myself and I elt a small bulge of water and then the overlapping bones of the baby's head. I decided it felt like 5-6 cms to me so I called and told her. She said she would head out in about an hour. I got in the tub to check the depth and temp but decided I wasnt ready to sit yet. So i wandered around and called my mom to let her know she might want to get here soon. About 20 minutes later I got in the tub to stay. During the contractions I had to be leaned forward. So I would lay my head on the side and be on hands and knees during and then sit back after that. My mom got there at about 3 and I
got out of the tub for a few minutes to go to the bathroom and see what all she had brought with her. She stopped by the store and got snacks and food in case anyone was hungry. I got back in the pool and we chatted for a while
until I felt sick and the contractions suddenly got closer together and very intense. Beth arrived at 4:30. She quietly got a few things together and told me how well I was handling things. She asked me if I wanted her to check me,
but she thought things were progressing fine. I said I wanted to know. So she checked at 5 and i was 7 cm. Things really picked up from there and I felt the need to moan loud. It was the only way I could deal with the intensity of the contractions. This was when I needed Logan to push on my back alot.

At about 6:15 I felt like pushing at the peak of the contractions and it came across in my moans. The midwife asked if I felt like pushing and I said a little. At 6:30 something changed and I was really pushing for the whole contraction. She asked to check things and I said that was fine. She said you're 10 keep doing what feels good. So I started really putting some effort behind it. And tried all different kinds of positions in the water but ended up on my knees holding my husbands hands while the midwife rubbed this awesome smelling oil on my back. At 7:25 I broke my water to see if that would help the baby decend. Sometime near 7:40 she suggested moving to the toilet to see if it would help. I was fine with that so we went in the
bathroom and did that for a few contractions and then the birth stool
for a few. Then I said I wanted to lay down. I did that for 20 mins and dozed between contractions and had some juice and about 8:10 I was ready to try and have this baby. I kneeled on the floor next to the bed and tried to squat but that didnt work for me and so I got back on the birth stool. I pushed hard and long and all the sudden I felt the baby move down and I felt myself tear on the inside. I asked if I was tearing and she said the head isnt down
all the way yet. You may have torn on the inside. She said try not to push because the head had come down now and I could feel burning in the front and the next thing I know they are saying the head is out. And telling me how much she looked like her brother. I felt her turn and slide all the way out. I heard a few little cries and the midwife wrapped her up and put her up between my legs. My mom asked "what is it?" Logan said that he wanted me to look. It was a girl just like we thought. Our little Claire. Just what we wanted. About that time the midwife said that I needed to move to the bed because I was bleeding quite a bit. So I moved to the bed and Logan said I should try to get Claire to nurse. She wasn't interested. Once the placenta came out the bleeding slowed alot. Beth and my mom picked up the chux pads and left the room to let us bond a little. And they ran a celebration bath for Claire and I with herbs and flowers in it. Then we went back to bed and we both ate.

Claire was 7 lbs 15oz and 20.5 inches long. She was born at 9:04 pm. I had a tear on my labia on the inside and it was folded down weird so I wanted it stitched. I think there are three stitches there. Being at home and birthing my baby, my way was such an awesome experience. I feel so much better physically and emotionally than after my c/s. It was such a powerful experience for me.
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What fabulous stories!!! Keep 'em coming!
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deleted post.
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Thank you for starting this thread! Reading these beautiful stories is exactly what I need as we plan for our VBAC, once I'm pregnant, that is!
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I LOVE reading these stories! I'm not pregnant with #2 yet, but your stories are so beautiful and inspiring.

elvispuppy: My niece (4 years old) has Down Syndrome. She also had to go to the NICU b/c of breathing trouble and was later discovered to have heart problems (VSD). Luckily, she didn't have to go to a different hospital. She will eventually need surgery to repair her heart, but for now she's doing great and is the most incredible, funny little girl. I'm glad to hear Noah is doing well.
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This is not a proper "birth story", but I just wanted to share that my second baby was born by completely unnecessary C-Section in June 2000. I worked through alot of anger and sadness and guilt, and we sought a homebirth midwife for baby #3!

My water broke on the baby's due date, but no labor-- so after 2 days of off and on leaking, we all decided (me DH and MW) to do a little herbal induction with some Cohoshes. My labor started the next morning around 4 am with some strong crampy back pains, and progressed pretty straighforwardly from there........by 9 am I was in the shower....10 am in the kiddie pool........hated it......took more showers and crawled around on hands and knees with DH following me around rubbing my back really hard, which is all I wanted.....got back in the kiddie pool ..... MW heard that I was pushing during the peak of contractions..........ended up on the front room floor on hands and knees, SLOWLY the giant baby came out, she had to help a little since he had 2x cord, one arm up, one behind his back, but out he came, all ELEVEN pounds of him!!! I had a small tear that healed fine with some herb baths and rested for a week (DH had to go back to wrk after a week and my family sucks so no one came to help )

BUT, yes, I had a homebirth VBAC of a large baby, and am pregnant again with #4! Hoping the baby is a tad smaller : but I know I can do it and feel very excited and peaceful. I hardly ever think about myself in terms of the c-section anymore, it was lame and sucked and propelled me into a new phase of my life i.e. taking responsibilty for things and raising my family according to my heart and not "expets", natural living, etc etc.......I dont know if I am "grateful" that I had it, but I have turned it into something positive for me, for sure. Someday when i am not buried under a pile of little children, i plan to do some advocacy stuff/website/writing/helping other women in some manner!

Thanks for reading, good luck to the VBAC Mamas, and one little word of "advice": you are a pregnant woman, a mother, a human not a "VBAC Candidate". The doctors arent going to "let you try", you are going to give birth to your baby!
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This thread is a gem. I am going to sticky it
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Originally Posted by Raven
This thread is a gem. I am going to sticky it
and now it's invisible :LOL

come on, I know there are other positive vbac stories here at MDC!! Where are you all???
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Hey stafl - quit complainin' and use up some of that empty space in yer sig
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My Christmas Eve VBAC!

Very long...but I am long-winded and detailed! It's my greatest day!

This is the birth story of my second daughter, Eliza Noelle ****. Eliza was born, via VBAC, on her due date of Christmas Eve (that’s 12/24) 2003. Her birth proves to be the greatest and most empowering day of my life.

Having suffered depression/shock over my first daughter’s birth (via cesarean) I was determined not to have a repeat c/section this time. After becoming pregnant in April of 2003, I was excited to know I would soon not only have another child to love, but would also get to try a vaginal delivery again.

I had a great pregnancy. Everything went extremely well. I felt fantastic. I had done my research on VBAC and knew it was the right decision for me. I had found a wonderful, caring midwife who supported and encouraged my VBAC decision. I had read a lot about childbirth and did everything I could to increase my chances for VBAC success! Now, to just wait for baby…

I started having contractions at 1:45am on December 23rd. My husband and I waited until 5:00am to start calling people announcing this would be “the day” we would welcome our new son/daughter to this world! My midwife (Dana) had told me not to call her or consider going to the hospital until I had 3 “killer” contractions in 10 minutes. To this, my contractions started at 15 minutes, then 10, then 8, then 6….then they would go back up to 15! At noon that day, I coincidentally had a routine appt w/ Dana, so I called her to tell her she may want to cancel her other appts b/c I was going to have a baby! She directed me to come on to my appt, when she would check me (I hadn’t been checked at all, this entire pgcy), and we would make a plan. Our bags were packed and in the van, my daughter was delivered to Grandma’s, so my husband and I went to our appt at noon. I got checked and the report was: 3cm! After 11 hrs, STILL a 3cm!? Dana sent me back home and said to wait until I had 3 contractions in 10 minutes. Day faded into night and my contractions continued to be all over the board. I would have 3 in 10 minutes, but then they would all back off again. At 9:00pm, I took a bath and contractions stopped altogether. (I know now that I should have rested!!) We sadly called people back to report there would be no baby today! At midnight (it’s now Christmas Eve, my official due date) contractions kicked back in again. This time seeming a little more intense, but still not regular. The contractions continued on throughout the wee hours of Christmas Eve, 5 min, 3min, 2min…then 15. Sometimes in thru there, I would get one on top of another, with no rest in between. They were hurting more, but I thought it was because many didn’t have a complete end, only got less intense, before another one kicked in. By the time the sun came up on another day of labor, I was tired, frustrated and discouraged. Dana, who had checked in throughout the evening, called again at 8am. By this time, I was an emotional disaster and Dana seemed frustrated with me. I told Dana I needed one of three things: 1) The pain to go away 2) Regular contractions or 3) A baby! None seemed to be happening too quickly! Dana said she would “think of a plan” and call me back. When she called back, around 9:30a, my husband talked to her and I was having more and harder contractions…tho some would still be 5-6 min apart. Dana said she would make a (rare) housecall. While waiting for her to arrive, I went into the bathroom and noticed my plug had (finally) passed. She arrived at my house around 10. I was having some big contractions by then. She checked me right on our couch…the verdict, much to everyone’s surprise, was 7-8cm!! She said it was time to go to the hospital. Dave (my husband) and I went upstairs to change clothes and make a few quick phone calls (one to my parents’ cell phone, who were en route. They live three hours away!) Dana came upstairs and said no more calling, it was time to go…NOW! She had called the hospital and told them I was in transition and arriving soon, but to get the tub going! (The tub was a request of mine.) Dana got Dave and I placed in the van (by this time I was in some MAJOR pain), told Dave to “disregard anything I said b/c it wasn’t going to be nice” and she would follow us to the hospital (about 15 min on a non-labor day!) I only remember a few things about the ride…the whole trip (I think Dave did it in 10 minutes) seemed like one big, strong, painful contraction. The weather was a beautiful , sunny, warmish winter day. Dave had the emergency flashers on and I thought it was our turning signal. Dave stopped just long enough for me to (literally) roll out in front of the birthing unit at the hospital, he then proceeded to park the van. Just as he was dumping me out, I had a KILLER contraction on the sidewalk and just keeled over on a parking barrier. Fortunately, a (non labor) nurse who was on her break came over, scooped me into a wheelchair and pushed me into the elevator lobby. I can remember her saying to BREATH and it was gonna be OK. (I think she may have asked what I was at – centimeter wise, but I really don’t remember…I don’t even remember what she looked like)! While we were waiting for the elevator, both Dave and Dana caught up with us. I can remember the elevator had to go down before it came up…how awful to see those doors open and close and know I couldn’t go UP!!! Ahh, it was 11am, and we were THERE! Instead of getting asked all the questions a laborious woman usually gets asked, I got the express plan of two questions: 1) Do you have any allergies and 2) Who’s the pediatrician?! Whooosh…into my room I went. The nurses were still trying to make the bed and clean the room, so they told us to wait. I yelled, “I DON’T CARE if the sheets were clean!!!” The nurses and Dana hooked me up to a few things…I am not sure what. My big concern was to NOT get an IV-drip or continuous fetal monitoring. (Because I wanted to be able to MOVE AROUND, which helps all labors.) However, by the time I reached the hospital, deep in the throws of transition, any sort of moving around was beyond question!! (However, I could smell that the tub was full!!) Dana checked me one more time, “Just a lip left, almost there!!” She broke my water and put in an internal monitor. (Neither of which I had wanted, but, again, it didn’t matter by now! Every time, I was on my left side, the baby’s heart rate dropped, but once we got the internal in, everything was fine.) I had a few more hard contractions (I can remember screaming…good thing the hospital was almost empty! Another check and I was deemed, “COMPLETE!” Dana told me to push when I felt the urge, which was almost right away. I started pushing at 12:15pm (75 min after I had arrived at the hospital!) Pushing gave me some trouble, after two nights of basically no sleep and 34+ hrs of labor, I was tired! I couldn’t seem to get the hang of pushing, was having a hard time telling contractions from just pain, and was just so tired. Dana also called her consulting physician to get some advice on what to do with me. Apparently she decided on scare tactics. Dana sent my husband to get a can of (leaded) Pepsi (for energy), which I can’t stand, but drank anyway. Dana had no sympathy for me being tired and said if I wanted to sign up for another c-section, to just lay there and be tired. That gave me strength, but nothing got easier! Somewhere in all of this, I threw up all over myself and Dana found it necessary the toast and jam in there that she had made me eat earlier. (Thanks, Dana.) We tried several pushing positions, squatting, bar, side, etc. Finally, the good old lithotomy (flat on back) position worked best, esp. when they held up a mirror and I could see where to aim those pushes!! At last, a small, grayish head (w/ dark hair and some curls) appeared – ever so slightly! More pushes…Dana said the head would take two jumps forward and then back one each push. Finally, the whole head was out…then the body and THEN the baby was born!!! (After one hour, 38 minutes of pushing, she was born at 1:53pm!!) I got a glimpse of “the goods” right when she was pulled out and I declared, “IT’S A GIRL!!!” (I had been expecting a girl, but no one else had!”) Ohhhh….what a wonderful feeling, having that teeny, tiny, pink and blood-covered little girl placed on my chest. She was crying, but it was a calm cry. It was OVER (except for the placenta) and I couldn’t believe it. I felt so awesome already…what a wonderful Christmas Eve gift!! I had my beautiful, healthy daughter and a VBAC. The placenta was delivered very easily, I just stood up (I can remember feeling my floppy belly here), squeezed a little, and out it came! I only needed one small shot of pitocin to get all the bleeding to stop. Prayers answered, God is so good.

I had wanted the name Eliza previously, however Dave wasn’t so sure. But apparently, there must be something about watching your wife squeeze a watermelon out a pea-sized hole because Dave looked at me and said, “Well, is her name Eliza??” And I said, “Yes, it is!!” He got the chance to choose between Renee’ and Noelle for a middle name. He said he didn’t care and after some discussion, we choose a Noelle. A baby who was due on Christmas Eve and came on Christmas Eve is meant to have a holiday name! Eliza Noelle weighed in at 8lb, .4 oz and was 20” long. Simply beautiful!
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Okay, my VABC births... I have 4 so I will do one post for each, they were 100% DIFFERENT each time.
Second child, first VBAC
Hospital birth, Induction at 41.5 day three drugs, 28 hour labor, 3 hours of pushing, episiotomy , vacuum! Birth was 8.5 yrs ago, before the banned inductions with VBACs.

Arrived at the hospital Monday morning around 8am. I was checked, no dialation, slightly soft. Given Servidil (sp). Went to the toilet hour later, the thing fell out : . Nurse called doc and they said to give me a suppository of something that was to soften and prepare my cervix.

Started ‘pit’ IV drip approximately noon. Contractions had started and were good. I was progressing and all was well. XH and my mother went to get some food about 4pm. I got out of the bed to use the toilet. Felt something come from my vagina, looked back and about died. Called the nurse, she came in and told me this was my ‘plug’. ____ (I had lost plug with first, but it was gradual, 4 days before birth.) This thing was the size of a damn baseball. I came out in one huge clump.

XH and mom come back. Contractions were getting really good at this point. Things were still progressing well. Approximately 2 am my contractions were every 2-3 minutes. I was so tired, needed to rest, was adamant about this being a drug free birth. I was checked, 8 cm... wooohooo not too much longer, right?
4am checked again. 8 cm. *crying* The MW spoke so softly to me, she told me it would be in my best interest to accept a epidural and she strongly suggested I did so. She told me I had not progressed in the past 4 hours and they needed to turn my ‘pit drip’ up. I was so dumb and uneducated!!!
4:30am, I received an epidural. The biggest mistake next to allowing Pitocin I had made. 8am, 24 hours after arriving at the hospital I was checked again. ( now granted, I did sleep that next 3.5 hours, and did need it) Upon checking me I was 10 cm.
The nurse told me to go ahead and start pushing. I looked at her as if she had 4 heads, said “PUSH WHAT, I CANNOT FEEL ANYTHING BELOW MY BOOBS!” (Mind you this is my first vaginal birth, never did push with first baby) She grabbed one leg, told my XH to do the same. My knees were pushed into my armpits and I again was told to push. Still not having a clue as to what I was doing, I pushed what I could.
The epidural was still in my back, I was still numb and had NO feeling what so ever.
I pushed for three (3) hours straight. The MW excused herself and told me she was calling the OB cause this was just taking too long. OB arrived a few moments later. She watched me push three more times. Kicked EVERYONE out of my room but XH. There she told me the worst dreaded words I feared the most. “You have two choices, we prep you now for a repeat C/S
or you allow me to cut you and use a vacuum. I was so upset. I agreed to be cut and have a vacuum used if that meant no C/S!! All the pushing I had done and his head had not yet descended into the birth canal. 4th degree cut and vacuum on and brought his head just to crowning, at this time I pushed as hard as I could, with everything I had I pushed. The entire time the words “ REPEAT C/S” giving me all the strength I needed to push! My son was born at 11:20am on Tuesday morning. A beautiful 8.1 lb baby boy. His color was wonderful, he was perfect! A fatty too. My first baby was only 6 even.
The OB sat at my vagina with needle and thread for what seemed to be a full hour. I remember the 25 stitches she gave me! The epidural was FINALLY turned off, it had not been the entire time, now lets see, NO DAMN WONDER I COULD NOT PUSH PROPERLY!

Even though this was my first VBAC I still have not completely healed from this birth. Of course it was much better then having a repeat C/S.
Only if I knew then..........
I said to myself this was going to be short.. Well sorry, but there ya go.
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Third child, second VBAC

Sunday, though I was leaking waters all day long, went to the hospital to be checked. They monitored me and I was contracting every 10 min. I was told my waters were not leaking ( I so knew better) and sent me home.
Arrived home at 2am. Exactly 3am my waters broke with the biggest gush ever. I left a stream of water from the bed to the bathroom. We packed up and headed to the L&D.
Arrived at hosp, gave them my soaked pad and said, “now tell me Im not leaking!”
I was hooked up to the monitor. Approximately 1 hour after arriving my sons HB dropped. Two nurses came running into my room. They dropped the back of the bed down, then hit some button that make the head of the bed go down and the foot go up. I was upside down. One was pushing and prodding on my belly while another was checking the monitors. A moment later my sons HB was back and fine.
The MW arrived and checked me, I was at 4 cm already. We called my mother and birth instructor to come be with us. My labor was easy so to speak :LOL It seemed to have gone so fast.
I was given an amniotic infusion, due to there being meconium. This was the only medical intervention I had. Why there ended up being 4 nurses, a OB standing by, Pedi and 2 nurses from the nursery watching my birth I have no idea. :LOL I say they were just there for the show, I gave birth butt @$$ naked

At 10am I was 10 cm and ready to go. My body began pushing and I had the worst feeling at my pubic bone. I was screaming to the top of my lungs that it hurt. I honestly though I was possibly rupturing. Finally I began to push with my body.

Watching my birth video you can see my entire body jerk as my sons shoulder dislodged itself from under my pubic bone. This was the pain I was feeling, and oh my Gods... never felt pain so horrific as this!

My beautiful son was born at 10:22am. I was so proud of myself. I had absolutely no drugs what so ever. Not by lack of the nurses trying their hardest to get me to take “something.”

I loved this birth, it was healing from the first two.!!! I was soooooooooooooooo proud of myself!

I will post the other two birth at a later date, they are more intense, but beautiful!
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