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Hi all--turns out I'm helping throw a solstice party for a crowd of toddlers and kids, and I have this cool new cake ban where you can bake mini, star-shaped bundt cakes! Perfect for solstice--especially because I'm going to bake a little charm tied to a ribbon into each one for the kids to pull out and find, like a little magic totem! But I've never made a bundt cake, and if at all possible I'd love them to be healthy i.e no white sugar, partially whole flour? , although eggs are ok if need be.

I was thinking that either sunny yellow cakes, to symbolize the returning sun; or chocolate cakes, to symbolize the longest night; or a mix of yellow and chocolate (maybe I could fill the pans half with one color batter and half with the other?).

Anyone with a fool-proof recipe for me? HHHhhmmm...And perhaps some of that Imagine rice milk pudding in the middle--but then I don't want to get carried away and go crazy.

Ah yes, and what do you all think about making them a week ahead to freeze (my mom insists that all wedding cakes get frozen and freezing is just fine for cake, and I was thinking the make ahead would save some sanity for later).

Thanks Dear Ones!