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There is a huge amount of information here:

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gbs +

I tested positive at around 25 weeks, which I understand is a pointless time to test, but anyway, my plan (homebirth) was to wait and see if my water broke and/or watch for fever, and then decide. My water didn't break until just before the birth, so it wasn't an issue. I didn't have any antibiotics and to date, we are both just fine. Also, my midwife had me eating a lot of onion and garlic for the antibacterial properties. Good luck to you.
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One of the arguments against the mother receiving IV antibiotics is that the baby gets a dose which kills beneficial bacteria on the baby's skin and in the baby's system making them less resistant to some other infections after birth. A study summary stating this can be found on the gentle birth resource that sweetwater posted.

My midwife and her colleagues think I needn't worry and that antibiotics during labor may create more problems than they solve. My doctor is adamantly pro antibiotic during labor, but a friend who is an RN and has worked labor and delivery agrees with the midwives. My first cousin's ob/gyn routinely administers antibiotics to her patients who test positive to be on the safe side but says not to worry because it's rarely a risk in full term infants.

It's a tough decision, but right now, I'm planning to homebirth without antibiotics. I wish you all the best of luck in your decisions.

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I've been looking into the antibiotics used during labor and have found that Penicillin G is much better then Ampicillin. Most people use ampicillin because it is cheaper and easier to get. But if you need antibiotics, I would ask your midwife or doctor if she can find some Penicillin G instead. They are both in the CDC's gbs protocall. It's target bacteria range is much narrower than Amp. and so it won't kill as much of the benificial bacteria. I'm not sure if insurance will cover this, but it's definetly something I'm going to look into if my test comes back positive.
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The Center for Disease Control recommends treating Strep B with IV antibiotics for babies before 37 weeks, for rupture of membarnes more than 18 hours before birth and for fever during labor.

Otherwise statistical risk of adverse reaction to antibiotics outweighs benefits.

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