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My dh takes a 2 hour lunch break so that he can pick up our child at preschool (M - TH) and come home for lunch. We try to make lunch the main meal of the day, sort of like they do in some other countries. This school year will be a challenge though! DD was in the preschool last year, but this year it will be ds, and dd will be homeschooling. Our schedule is such that 3 of the 4 days ds is in preschool will be taken up with homeschool stuff, making meal-prep very tight. (Lunch has to be just about on the table by the time dh gets home with ds in order for us to have time for a leisurely meal.)

SO... I need to think of as many ways as possible to prepare ahead!

*I can do some freezer meals, but I won't have time every weekend to make 3 or 4 freezer meals for the following week. Still, ideas for favorite freezer meals are welcome, as I will certainly do some of this.

*I can do some food prep the night before sometimes -- need ideas for good meals that can be pre-preped then thrown together quickly.

*Little or no prep meals that feel subtantial for those days I'm just not on the ball?

Guidelines: We *do* eat meat, but not daily. I'd say about 2 times per week. No significant allergies. I'm not crazy about tofu or fish. The less expensive, the better, although I will welcome any ideas! I love cooking with whole grains, but of course this sometimes means longer cooking time (eg. brown rice). I have a pressure cooker and a crock pot. Recipes for the crock pot would probably have to be cooked on "high" since we would be eating it around noon.

I know you ladies will help me come up with some good solutions! Honestly, getting meals on the table is just about my only apprehension about starting homeschool! :LOL