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anybody ever get really intense contractions...just one or two that are painful but that's it...then it stops.

I get BH but this is different

I had this with Sophia but I was a bit further along...maybe 35 weeks.

I just had 2 very intense contractions.

I am sitting here drinking water and waiting for it to go away
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I've been having that happen, too. Lots of water, maybe a hot bath, and lying still all help. Also, taking RRL and magnesium has made a big difference for me. Hang in there!
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Not necessarily, but every now and then I get very strong BHs that are painful. When that happens, I try to change positions or do the opposite of what I'm doing [if I'm laying down, I get up. If I'm up and active, I rest.]
I hope it goes away for you soon!
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Yes, I have been having them. Just one or two together here and there. Its always my reminder to drink about 5 glasses of water. Mine seem to come when I have overdone it with the nesting, and the one or two contractions are about 60-90 seconds long, I have to breathe through them, and then I have about 8 BH contractions in a row. Then everything settles back down.

Just want to let you know Im having them too. havent had them this early before.
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I get them all the time. Though not as bad as with my last. my labor only lasted 3 hours with my last and I think it was all those pre-contractions I had. lol
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