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How big does your baby feel? (aka oh,smeg)

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OK- I'm starting to fret now, because baby is lying transverse (this is, I know, not a bad thing at 27 weeks, especially for me.) I can feel a head, all the way over under my left rib, a bottom that is literally a handspan and a half (about 12.5") away across the surface of my abdomen- about 3" in from my waist? If that? And a pair of feet sticking straight out my side, under my right ribs- so, a further 3" on that.
Please, please, reassure me. Tell me that your babies are taking up every inch of space available to them. Tell me to stop whinging, because at least baby's posture means I'm not getting the heartburn. Lie to me to make me feel better- I just have this sinking feeling that I'm heading for another record-beating baby.
Oh- and just to make me feel worse, I talked to Steve's dad last night. Yes, he was only 6.5lbs- but he was delivered by c-section at 34 weeks because of his mothers pre-eclampsia. . What have I DONE???????
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Well, I dont think they have as much room when they are transverse, so that's probaby why he feels so big and tight. Mine still feels pretty small to me, but that's probaly because I have so much fluff on top that I cannot feel body parts. Try to do some pelvic rocks and other techniques to get him to turn head down...then you might both be more comfortable.
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Turkey seems small to me. I mostly get kicks on either side low in my belly, sometimes up under my ribs. I know it's only probably 2lbs or so by now, so that all kind of makes sense to me.

Of course, if I am to trust the scale at the gym, then I have gained 35 lbs, which i just don't believe (a month ago I had only gained about 17), so maybe I just don't feel what is happening.
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Hmmm... My baby is kind of transverse, kind of head down and to the left. I can feel head-wiggles against my hip bones and (hard!) kicks against my ribs.
I'm 27 weeks along. If I measure that distance it's probably about 12 inches but I doubt she's lying all straight-out and stiff. I've put on 15 lbs and it's all belly.

Also, I'm only 5 feet tall, so there's a limit to how much room she's got.

Here's the thing though: I was a small baby (6 lbs 12 oz) induced at 42 weeks. My husband was a god-awful huge baby (close to 10 lbs) and delivered a full month late (MIL had a good OB who was not fond of inductions). Also, he has (and had, as a newborn) a huge head. Like, 99th percentile huge. BUT I am not terribly worried. Because MIL, bless her soul, gave birth - vaginally - to 3 of them like that. And she is not any bigger than me. Also, she had incredibly long, dry labours (forget the term for not enough amniotic fluid) AND all 3 of her kids were posterior births. Sure, she was drugged up to her eyeballs and all, but she did it with no lasting problems.

I don't buy this "baby too big" thing a whole lot actually. Asian women tend to be very small and punt out pretty big kids, and my family (which is not Asian) has a history of teensy women having either whopping huge kids (or just lots of them). My grandma was built just like me only a touch shorter and gave birth to 6 children from 1910-1925ish (my dad was on the oldish side if you're wondering). Nobody weighed kids back then but it wasn't exactly a family of weasely little kids - my small genes are only sporadic!

So you know what? Who cares if your kid is huge. You can still do it. And it makes for a better story afterwards
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital
Mine is head down and I totally have run out of room. I have a butt wedged up under my ribcage and if I slouch at all my ribs feel like they're being pried apart. Ouch.

yeah that's me too. Except I think with me it's knees/feet ... I think his butt is in the middle but lower down (his head is WAY down there), then he has his legs bent and his feet are coming back up and sticking me right in my left lung. He hasn't changed positions in like a week; I'm really scared thinking this might be how he's gonna sit for the rest of the trip!

My belly is SO STINKIN' rock hard too, he is taking up every available inch it seems. I know by u/s he's already ~2 1/2 lbs, that sounds so small, but I guess my uterus isn't growing as fast as he is. :LOL

Boy those feet get to me at night though when I want to get comfortable... gah. I never had that with my DD, she was feet down until a week before she was born (she flipped so she could come out with a bang, obviously :LOL).

Also now he is taking up SO much space that I can't eat anything... I get so full feeling it's awful. I can hardly breathe anyway but after a meal I'm like gasping for air...
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Yep, I know. Alex was 14 lb 2, (we think he's the biggest homebirthed baby in the UK last century, but obviously this is hard to confirm) and there is a part of me who would really like to NOT have people look at me like I'm a freak when I tell them about my birth. I'd like to be able to just assume that normal newborn size clothes would fit, and all the rest of it.
FWIW, I'm only 5 ft 3, but I'm very sturdy, iykwim??? Oh, and baby turned head down- I want him back! It was so much more comfortable before.
Thanks for the reassurance. I was having visions of the tabloid headlines:
"Mother births 6 ft baby!!" and all the rest of it.
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THose of you who know head is down, how do you know?
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Originally Posted by samsmamma
THose of you who know head is down, how do you know?
Actually, I don't. I am just assuming that the whacking I feel from the opposite end of the feet that I can definitely feel as feet, is the head. Also, it's not sharp and pointy like little heels.

On Tuesday I have a MW appt. and she is going to do some poking and prodding to see how Blobby is actually oriented - I will let you know if I was right.
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I really wonder about my babe. The only kicks I feel are low, right in the middle, just under my navel. I try and try to envision how the babe is situated for that to happen. When I asked my MW at my last appt how the baby was laying, she said "all over" since he/she seemed to be swimming away from the fetoscope each time she tried to listen. I do seem to have a larger bulge on the left side of my uterus - butt? head? But so far, besides the heartburn right under my sternum, I don't seem to be having any dicomfort up high, under my ribs, etc.

I guess I have a lot more room. I am long-torsoed.
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Mine keeps moving all around, I think he/she is about 2.5 lbs now at 27 1/2 weeks. It feels long, and like it has long legs. (Which would make sense since both DH and I have pretty long legs.) Baby can still go transverse, diagonal, or longitudinal, but today I'm pretty sure that he/she is posterior. Feeling little pokes or kicks down lower on the sides, and also up higher towards the middle. Also I have had to pee about every 15 minutes all day--could be a face on my bladder!!
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HUGE! maybe I'll be birthing a beachball instead of a baby.
This little peapod is transverse and even though I'm really feeling stretched I'm kinda glad he's still transverse. Gosh I hate that feeling of feet under your ribcage. So I hope he stays put for a little longer but I'm so "All out in front" with his position. Stretch stretch stretched!!!!
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Originally Posted by flapjack
Yep, I know. Alex was 14 lb 2
Hail Helen, the birthing goddess

I bet you would consider this baby "small" even if it was 10 or 11 lbs...
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Originally Posted by samsmamma
THose of you who know head is down, how do you know?

I have a u/s every other week due to history of polyhydraminos, preterm labor and delivery.
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I carry all of my bodyfat in my stomach area - so I cannot feel body parts.

My strongest kicks are underneath my right ribcage... left side of my tummy seems the fullest and most solid... but I feel movement all over. Other than than I have no idea where baby is, because she seems to move around a lot.
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For me, I know the head is down when
a) It feels like the baby's going to fall out if I sneeze too hard.
b) Kicks at the top, little kicks at the bottom
c) There's a solid curve around one side of my belly, and movement doesn't dramatically increase when I tickle the top of it.

TBH, I'm not too paranoid about a breech baby because our hospital has a consultant who is VERY big on breech vaginal deliveries. It's another transverse one that freaks me out (because of everything we went through with Alex) and generally ,veriosn is considered too risky.
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I really can't tell how big this baby feels, but I know that *I'm* big! Still measuring about 5 weeks ahead at each visit and when I measured myself this past week (I measure around my stomach, too, just for fun) I'd grown an inch to an inch and a half each on both my upper and lower stomach! So this baby must have had a growth spurt. I have pretty big babies, too - from 8 1/2 to 10 lbs.

When I went into the midwife last week I told her I'd been feeling movements both up high and down low by my cervix, and when she was feeling around to figure out what position the baby was in, she was like - hmm, that feels like a bottom down there, and that feels like a bottom up there! She finally decided that the baby was just in breech position, but I'm curious to see at my visit next week if she feels multiple body parts again!
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My dd was 8lbs 11oz and came right on time. With our second being a boy I am really starting to get concerned about him being 10lbs or more. I am most concerned because of how badly I tore with dd. I am doing everything I can to avoid that this time around though, seeing midwives, planning a water birth and lots of relaxation stuff instead of the high stress I was in with dd. I do plan to talk with the midwife next Thursday and see what her opinion is on the little guy's size. Hopefully she will be reassuring as I know stressing about this is not at all helpful and could hurt me in labor.
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whoa, kel, 5 weeks ahead and she's feeling butts all over the place? i smell twins! :LOL
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I think mine's still moving around, because I get lots of what feels like rolling over.

I've only once felt like I knew what part of babe I was touching, and I thought it was a foot. It might have been a forearm.

I've gained thirty five pounds as of 2 weeks ago. I don't know where I put it but I can feel that I'm carrying that much weight around. I though whoever else had gained that much, might want to know they are not alone.

I'm also not sure I'll ever get the hang of telling the babe's position.
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