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I don't expect birth to be presented any other way though. Quite frankly, there is zero dramatic tension inherent in a birth that goes normally (though of course every birth you're at is quite dramatic!), so you're not going to see it. It has less to do with attitudes towards birth--at least, in works of fiction--than attitudes towards plot. Some books are quite obviously written with a set quota of emergencies/problems/plot twists planned in advance, and since things sometimes do go wrong during birth, they're a handy dramatic device.
I agree that they're a handy dramatic device, and provide an opportunity for a plot twist (eg. mom dies, baby dies, baby is twins, etc.). But, I don't agree that there's zero dramatic tension inherent in the birth. Since things do go wrong, and everybody knows that the possibility exists, I think births can provide dramatic tension in a story without anything going wrong. Even the classic "mom gives birth in a taxi" kind of story can be tense and dramatic without the "it's a miracle nobody died" subtext.