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If you're looking at the shipping on the press, it *is* a really heavy piece!!!

I think I've made two purchases so far and was surprised at the choices in shipping and how little handling is in the shipping charges compared to other online retailers.

I think I usually choose the FedEx shipping rate because it's the lowest for me.
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Believe me, I've looked all over (via computer)...this was the first place that I've heard there are 2 options!
I wanted to buy in Canada but the only place that *had* them is always out of stock.
I haven't bought yet but I'm guessing it's a heavy package!
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I've been researching snap presses as well, and am about 95% sure I'm going to buy through Serena's coop:


She sells dies for resin and metal snaps, as well as a few other notions. Pics of what she currently has in stock is here:


I was also interested in setting pearl snaps, and you can get a die for that from the Snap Store. I also found another mom who is doing a preorder on her site for grommet dies:


The thing with the KAM snap press Serena sells is that the dies are a screw in type. The press and dies that the Snap Store sells are the drop in type. They are not interchangeable, so as far as I've found, you're limited to the dies that Serena carries, or the occasional special orders / coop that pops up. But you can't beat Serena's prices! And I don't think there's anything else I'd want to do besides resin, metal, pearl and grommets, so this will probably work well for me.

Hope this info helps. And I'm not affiliated with any of the above sellers, yada yada, yada,... just passing on info that I've found over the past few days.
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Thanks for the info! I've just submitted my request to join the group!
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You're welcome! I submitted my order a few days ago so now am waiting patiently. And don't be discouraged if you don't get into the group immediately. I had to wait about two weeks for my membership to activate -- good luck finding what you need!!
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I've been using mine for several years and it works really well. I got it from http://thediapershop.com
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I like this one:

Snap Source

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Originally Posted by spmamma View Post
I like this one:

Snap Source

That looks like a really inexpensive solution! So does this one only work with metal snaps?
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I like the idea of the snap source...any opinions or reviews on it anywhere?
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Originally Posted by KBinSATX View Post
That looks like a really inexpensive solution! So does this one only work with metal snaps?
So I used the SnapSetter for a little while. It works. It just takes awhile.
Once my business picked up (I make Bamboo Velour Mama Pads) I went ahead and ordered the professional press from Notionsupply.

The whole package was a great deal and it took only 10 days to get here from China. Serena accidently shipped 700 ivory snaps instead of the white ones and so she send another package right after. I got to keep both.
She's super nice and offers great service at an unbeatable price.

Unlike the Snapstore you can order quantities as small as 50 snaps (good if you are ordering an odd color).

The resin snaps are a much better fit for my lightweight Windpro/OBV pads. Now that I am making them in much larger quantities it also would take me forever to assemble the SnapSetter and hammer them in one by one.

But the SnapSetter was great to just try out and putter around with.
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Hi… I’m new here and also a new mama. Really interested about cloth diapering. Have ordered some cloth from greenbean.com and now to since most of mommies suggested to use snap rather than hook&loop. I plan to buy snap press from Snap Source and see how it works.
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I LOVE the SnapSource. It's easy to use. The only thing is you should make sure to use the SnapSource snaps too. I was running low on snaps so I bought some Dritz snaps to make some bibs as a shower gift for a friend, and the Dritz ones are not as nice. The SnapSource ones have longer prongs and are really good.
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