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Andy I don't know if you have me down but I'd like to be part of the b-day exchange

We did the trash bag move last time and just like everyother time I've done a trash bag move, some of my stuff got chucked out : so everthing woill go into a box.

Miss E was just gnawing on a pear chunk for breakfast. Jesii, the gaging on bits is pretty much non-existant now so give the chunky girl some chunks, she'll surprise you.

Pam ds was like that when he was 3. 3yos don't like to share, its not just A. As far as speech and potty go ds was pee trained at 3 and poo I'd say was closer to 4. For the speech, our biggest problem was that we'd answer ds's grunts for things, what the speech therapist who did his evual said to do is when he wants something, say an apple, and he let us know by his usualy non-verbal means instead of just givign it to him say "oh you want an apple", and say "apple" as we gave it to him. That helped lots, a few months of doing that and he was talking so much more, he was still very hard to understand, clairty has only been in the last couple of years.

Well I've taken way more time than I should have
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Crazy weekend story:

Ok, so I posted when I was packing for dh. Got him out the door, on his way to the volunteer weekend, and I went back to sleep. L and I slept for a bit, then got up and packed some things (mega giant zucchini, rice milk, extra dipes) and headed to mom's to use the kitchen. We made Mary's soup and Kathy's bread and had extra left to freeze. On the way to mom's in the car, dh calls me and asks if I'm still home, and I say no, but if he needs somethign urgent, I can go back, or I will be home around 4 and can do it then. He says not to worry, so I go on my way.

Had a nice lunch with mom, dad, L, my nona, brother's gf, and my niece. MMM good foods. Mom's godmother came to visit and meet L. And she got 2 short naps in. We also still had my friend's furniture from IKEA in the car, we were going to drop it off to her at 5 and head out to the end of the event to have dinner with dh and friends. Usually I also volunteer - it's the big fundraiser for the local MS society, it's a 150 mile bike tour from Cleveland to Cedar Point, sleep, bike back, 75 miles each day.

SO dh calls just as the first storm comes in, would I pretty please when I go home pick up a computer to bring to him. I'm thinking no biggie, it's just the laptop. NO, he wants the DESKTOP. I say "are you f-ing kidding me?" and he's serious. Apparently all the technical crap he did (there are GPS tracking devices in each of the medical team vehicles) aren't reporting back to the medical officer so they are unable to track them, unable to give 911 an accurate location ("I'm on SR 113 in the middle of a cornfield" doesn't work for EMS). And the laptop he has isn't able to do the technical changes to the trackers, they've tried.

So ok, I understand, and I agree. There are like 2300 people out there that need medical support. But he also wants a monitor. WTF???!!!?! a monitor?!?! Ok, so he has a new flat panel one that weighs only 20# that I'll bring. No, don't bring that he says, it'll get broken and it was $$$$. Well I told him his choices were risking the flat panel or no computer at all, and he relented. We leave mom's (I take niece with me, figuring she's bored and would enjoy the getaway and that I really need help with Lauren since she's cranky and I'm going to need to load software and put a computer in the car while keeping her safe).

So like I said, it had started to rain. Just a regular heavy summer storm. We get on the freeway and it's serious downpour. Like everyone is stopping because it's not safe to drive. And I keep going. Niece is saying "wow, this is really hard to see, how do you know you are still on the road?" and such. And I should have stopped. But I only had 2 more exits. So we get off freeway, drive through neighborhood. There is 6" of standing water on my street. There is 6" water on my walkway to my house. And it's coming down even harder now. So I climb in the back of the van to get L, and we all exit through niece's door and run for the house, leaving our shoes in the car.

Soaking wet, get in house, remember we have a leaking problem in the basement, the waterproofing guys won't be out until next month to fix it. Niece goes downstairs to see, comes back "wow, we could swim down there" - ok, not as bad as she made it out to be, but much worse than we've had before. 3" in the low spots, water backed up into the utility sink waterfalling over the sides, sump pump can not keep up with the volume. I find the old drain that was apparently disconnected, open the cap, and water goes down. So something is still connected. For all I know, it might just be feeding back into the water that is pouring in, but I feel better watching it wash down the drain.

Stand in 2" puddle and program computer. Get software update. Oops wait, the power goes out while I'm doing this. Wait for it to come back, restart home network, reconfigure part of network to get computer back on, then do software update again. All the while screaming at dh on the phone for making me do this. Lauren gets really fussy, stop to feed her. Back to basement. Carry computer and monitor and bag full of keyboard and cables out in the rain to the car. Old lady upstairs comes home and parks very close to the van, so I can't open the door to get the stuff in there. And she rolls down her window and wants to chat. UH HELLO OLD LADY, move your f-ing car! I'm literally dripping and standing with a 30# computer in my arms and she wants to CHAT!!!

Ok, so I got her to move, and came back inside. Find dress from SIL for niece to change into once we get going. Pack up baby and niece, it's time to go to friend's house and drop off really big boxes from IKEA. Drive through 8" of standing water on my street (yep, flooded over the curbs and onto lawns) and toward mall where freeway ramp is. Get stuck in slow traffic, I figured there was an accident near the freeway and that's why. NOPE, the entire road is under water. People sitting on top of their cars in the intersections, etc. So I turn into the mall - thinking there are 2 ways out - either around the flood and to the freeway exit I was aiming for, or to the back of the mall, up the street and to the next exit. Well option 1 was also under water, as was the Sears parking lot. More cars with water above the doors. Slowly get to far side of mall, other side of mall also flooded. Again, cars under water (the lot here is lower, the cars are UNDER water) and apparently there is 3' of water in the basement of Kaufmanns as well. Yikes. So we go back to the middle of the mall and exit back to the street and try to go up to the next freeway exit. Nope, traffic stopped.

I call friend and tell them that everything is flooded and I'll have to bring the furniture Sunday, and they are ok with that. So now I have to get over to the OTHER freeway that is closer to the lake. Down first street, nope, it's flooded. Back in traffic. Back to main road. Down 2nd street with a freeway exit. Nope we get 1/2 way there and have to detour. All the way back to my house, and one exit the wrong way from my house we find a road to the freeway. Get on, still pouring rain. Drive in crazy rain for 30 min. until it starts to get better. Drive 30 min. more to get to exit where dh is staying. Have dinner w/dh and buddies, take dh and computer back to hotel to reprogram the trackers. It's like 8:30 and something isn't programming right. Niece is begging to get in the pool.

So we go to play in the pool, dh and 6 buddies are all frantically working on the trackers. Niece discovers dance floor near pool, creates own personal dance studio and amuses self and others. 9:30, still working. 10:00 still working. So niece and L both have 9:00 bedtimes. Back to hotel room, L and I curl up on the bed and she nurses to sleep. Niece discovers wireless internet on dh's laptop.

11:00. Still working. But he says it's almost done. 11:30, they are done, everything works right. I told dh I wasn't driving home. No way I could get us all safely there I was too tired. He offers choices of trying to find me a room or driving me home and then driving back. I look at his roommate for the weekend and say "can we just stay here" and he's ok with that. So L, dh and I sleep on a double bed, with L's nipple in my mouth the entire night. Luckily she doesn't make a lot of noise at night. Poor kid had to sleep in a sposie though, because I didn't have enough cloth to get her home the next day. Got a cot for niece, and roommate takes his own bed.

5am, both alarms are going off. Dh and his roommate are up, showering, packing, out the door around 6. I go back to sleep until 9. Check out and hit the road. Get niece some McD's for breakfast. Drive along, try to find dh at the lunch stop (41 miles of biking) because I know where that is. Turns out I forget where it is. I get lost. Dh has laptop and map software and won't help me get found. Finally after stopping to feed L, we get someone to help us. Get to lunch stop, but dh has moved on in his medical vehicle. I'm starving, I can't eat McD's for breakfast. L is cranky and needs a nap. Luckily lunch stop is only about 10 min. from friend who needs IKEA furniture. But they won't be home until after 12:30. So we hang out with bikers, talk to a guy on a hand bike (had polio, can't pedal), check out the goldwings, the recumbants, and find a few kids who are riding along. Niece decides she wants to ride next year on the back of dh's bike (he's talking about riding instead of volunteering).

I find grapes, bananas, and water. Niece gets oranges and a ham sandwich. And the head of the medical teams stops for lunch and is profusely thankful that I brought the computer out. Made their lives 1000x easier he tells me. At least he was kind, dh didn't thank me much.

So we finally reach friend, go to her house and drop off IKEA boxes, and head to my mom's. Eat some real food, L and I settle in for a nap, leaving cell phone far away so we can't be bothered. L wakes me after 2 hrs. Dh calls, wants us to join him for dinner with buddies again. Ok so we go. Dh uses last cloth dipe as a burp cloth, I can't change L again, no spare sposies either. See lots of friends I haven't seen in a while, but am also cranky and tired.

That was the weekend. Last night dh and L went to bed, and when I got there at 9:30 she woke, and woke 3x before midnight. Nursed every hour or more, and I'm still tired.

Basement is still wet, although only small puddles, no thick water, and it was all clean, no sewage. Must go do laundry though, as the piles of dirty clothing will mildew if I don't. And must do dipes and clean out van. Whee!!

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Good lord - well, at least you didn't have to go up on the roof :LOL What an adventure. As said, however, you are FAR more tolerant of that kind of behaviour than I ever would be. though I would've ten yrs ago...

Karen - glad things are back to rocking! Be careful, sista!

Pam - do you sign with Abby? Maybe that would help the tantrum-y behaviour. Or the peeing behaviour. Or both? But really soon you'll see her verbals bloom. Some kids are just late bloomers, Pam, nothing wrong with that!

Off to do more of our own laundry and diapes. No more MEOS left GOT to do laundry when there's no more meos left ...

Have a great morning mamas!!! Andy
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Just subscribing...
hope everybody had a good weekend.

Annie so sorry you couldn't go to your grandma's funeral.

Boob is better but not 100%...

Isabelle has a tooth poking through.

Ruby is a disaster.

Day care sucks. Interviweing Nannies Sucks...

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Jess - So sorry that things are a mess. We get messy here, too. Saturday was messy. Sunday was VERY messy.

I hope the clog is healing and on the mend, mama. I had what, like 4 of them and they were the WORST! Made me seriously think about weaning the babe at like 2 months. UG UG UG!

Mary - enjoy the doggie.

Got to go make lunch! Caio!
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Lisa- your story exhausted me. I think I need a nap now.
You need some serious recovery time. Sans baby it would have been no big deal, but throw in that random factor and it's insanity.

we had a HORRIBLE night last night. I don't think tHEre wAS ONE LONG streTCH (L HELPING ME TYPE> *)
later... had to shut the puter as Luka pulled up the tab key :
something was bothering him last night- teeth? poop issues? dunno. I had to get up and bounce/ rock him at least 3 times, and the rest of the time he just squirmed and kvetched. argh.... calgon.....

Mary- . I'm so sorry about the pup. But I think you've made the right decision, as hard as it is.
re:zestra. of course it says don't use while bf, but there's nothing bad in there. nada. everything says not to use while bf.

I'm brain dead.....

we have a cleaning lady coming today : whilch is obviously great, EXCEPT for the fact that we have to get out of the house. she's coming at 8:30. not a big deal, but after last night's "sleep", i'm not too keen on getting out. We're supposed to go play with friends who have a 3 week old and 3 yo. i guess that's not too rigorous of a visit. since we were up so early maybe I can get Luka in a nap before we go. otherwise he's gonna be a bear all day.
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Mmmmmm Mary I tossed a bit of potato and asparagus into your soup, and it's just like a super heavy cream soup my mom makes, minus all the dairy and fat mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love asparagus.
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where are y'all? :LOL
I'm eating breakfast- ALONE. woo hoo
made myself some coffee so that i can MAYBE deal with the day.
Luka is sleeping, thank goodness. I think it's tooth stuff. He was screaming while I changed his diaper (obviously something's wrong) and it looked on the bottom like one side is very swollen. dear me, I hope this is short lived. I don't have it in me for too many nights like last one. sigh....
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Karen! We've had a couple of those (esp. while traveling, loads of fun, eh!) but with no tooth in sight. I hope it comes through soon!!!
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I'm here Karen! I was wondering the same thing.. but then I got distracted by the rest of the chocolate zuch bread... it's nearly gone. One slice left.

Dh is off getting his hair cut, Lauren is climbing out of the bouncy seat, and then pulling up on it trying to get back in.

I think I need more soup to counteract the sugar in the bread

Hopefully you'll have a tooth soon, instead of a sleepless babe. I think Lauren's afternoon nap will also be mine. Another 30 min. or so and it'll be time to sleep.
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I am hoping it's a tooth that will appear soon! I am too old for this! :LOL
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dang Lisa, just plain old dang. First word to come to mind :LOL

Hiya Jess- sorry aobut the daycare/nannies interviewing

Karen- bummer about the bad night but dang you get a cleaning lady!

My mom wanted me to try out her new soaker. I'm not big on soakers/fitteds but I said sure. Dang it makes her look huge :LOL Megan was happy to model it off
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Hey guys. I'm a little behind on the posts, a page and a half or so.

We had a big weekend at the Tan-Tar-A resort in Lake of the Ozarks. Evelyn had a great time swimming and at parties and walking around the hotel. I'm exhausted. Last night she was so happy to come home that she stayed up until midnight, greeting all her toys with a smile and "goo." This morning I remembered while nursing her at 8 a.m. that I had an important 8:30 meeting. Eep. Skip shower, dump breakfast in tupperware, rush here to dial in. The rest of the day is similar and wah I'm tired. Even with the late start to the night, she woke up twice. The first time I don't even remember, but she was on the other side with a different diaper, so I must have pottied and fed her.

Eric reports that she said her first word yesterday. I was packing stuff into the car and he took the baby back to the room to walk around. She walked into the room a little way and looked around and said "Ma Ma." He said it was a distinct word, not the middle of a babbling phrase bababagamamamama like normal. She was looking for me! :
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Laura, is that a crochet soaker? its cute, Miss E has the same book thats next to Megans foot.

Lisa, your dh is something else.

Karen I hope the tooth pops through soon. Teething is the worst.

Jessi, sorry about your day. I hate it when that happens, but it sounds like you had a nice weekend (unlike Lisa)

I'm just poping in real quick. I should be cleaning, packing, cooking, baby tending you name it. But I've escaped momentary :LOL
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Ok really, where is everyone hiding today?

I'm going to shower, and then clean something. All my school stuff is wet from the storm. I have to go through it all and decide what not to keep and what to just junk.
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how sweet Jessi!

yup it is crochet Sheri. It held up so far. I'm thinking I might use that for my nightime diap.

Megan is doing so much better today than yesterday, amazing what a little nap will do for your attitude
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Catching up with the world today. Hope everyone's well. Wow Lisa, what a weekend!

The soaker was here when we got home, so she's wearing it today. It's so cute! Thanks. On the downside, also here was a late notice from the cable (oops) and 4 postcards that were supposed to have gone out before I left. (more oops). But they're all out now, so the last of you should get them soon.

Pennsic was fun, but at the same time, I missed a lot of the things I usually like to do. She was very clingy to me and it wasn't until the last few days that she'd happily go to other people in the camp long enough for me to potty or shower, so I'd have to go haul Mike back from whatever fun thing he was doing or let her cry at someone if I was really desperate to pee.

I hung around camp a lot. It was cooler there and I just didn't feel like getting ready to go out, even though that consists of putting diapers in a bag, putting hats and sunblock on, and walking about the length of a city block.

She didn't take well to the heat so we couldn't stay up where all the action is very long, anyway. I did get to watch the opening charge of one battle with her. She was very fascinated. And we visited some people in other camps, did a little shopping, took two classes (one was celtic embroidery and the other was about AP'ing in the SCA - couldn't miss that!) and tried to watch Royal Court but every time they give an award, the crowd cheers and it was scaring her. She got a lot of attention everywhere we went because she was the cutest baby in all of Pennsic.

And Thursday of course we got to meet Lisa and Lauren, who is a big solid girl and very snuggly. And for some odd reason was very fascinated by Mike. We had a good time, and the brewpub was awesome. And all the staff had to come see all our cute babies.

I also got to meet tboroson from mdc, who was also at Pennsic. Her girlies are cute but I'm convinced that Anika sleeps all the time. I only saw them twice and she was sleeping both times.

Most of the nasty weather missed us. We got a few short rainshowers Saturday. I guess Lisa got the rest. It was pretty hot and dry all week, but I've seen worse.

I think next year will be better. I can pull her around in a wagon instead of wearing her all the time. And I should be able to get hours at a time away from her. Next year it'll be Mike's turn with her.
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Haven't caught up yet, but real quick...

Sorry to spam you all, but would anyone be willing to take a call from the Melaleuca rep? If I refer 10 people this month, I get 50$ per each person, and lordy knows I could use the extra $$$. Seriously, they are really great products, all natural based. And its a great way to be a WAHM (Laura, Heidi, Az?) So far I've only referred 3 :
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WOuld the person actually need to sign up, or just listen to the pitch? I have no $$ for start up costs, but I am collecting info on WAHM stuff right now, so would be happy to listen if it would help.
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Where is everyone???
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