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good afternoon! Torin and I babysat today for an adorable 1-year old. It was fun! He is really sweet. Torin enjoyed it too!
He slept terribly last night and SO DID I, of course! Oh well.... at least he is napping now and has been for almost 2 hours! I should've napped with him but I was hungry! The choc-zuchini bread just sounds yummy!!!! I'm trying to do South Beach currently. I lost lots of weight post-partum but lately, I've been making poor choices and I feel like my stomach is getting a tire around it! So, I'm going to do something about it!
Lisa - that story was unbelievable! How did you remain so upbeat???? Glad you spent the night though - sounded unsafe to be on the road!
Karen-did you get a nap in??????
going to go lay down..... my neck and back are strained and I need to rest a bit before the boy wakes up!
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DINNER! Oh, Annie, I can listen too, but I'm not too sure about investing right now. If there was a particular item that you recommended, I could try it, but not a whole ton. Jerry'd be on my case for SURE!

'kay, HP is on...caio!
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OMG Annie!!! You rock! Just got a wonderful package from Hawaiim and have been oohing and ahhing, I have to share: http://www.dandelioncircle.org/fishy.jpg I love this dress!!! I love the soaker and all the rest, Thank you thank you thankyou

And another photo: http://www.dandelioncircle.org/swing.jpg

Lisa: you so deserve a medal!
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Yay Michelle!!! I always thought of Kaia when we had that dress - Kai means ocean, of course, and Nai'a is dolphin....I dunno. I just always thought about her, lol. I'm glad you like it I hope the soaker fits too - I made it before she had the huge weight gain. Also, the ribbing is supposed to be baby cables, but that yarn (a handspun) was not happy in this humidity. Totally frizzed. I hope it calmed a bit in your dry air. Anyway, if you don't like it, or whatever, lmk and I'll redo it, ok....

There are more soakers on their way, mamas. I've been slowly sending them out here and there.

Also, if you want to hear about the Melaleuca stuff, PM me your phone # and I'll have her call ya. I don't think you are obligated to buy....but I'm not sure.
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No, it fits fine. And I love it. Thank you again. I think you already have my phone number, so go ahead and have them call.
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oh michelle- Kaia is just so beautiful. Looking at those pictures reminded me of how bright and sunny she is irl. I do have that 1 pic of us from when we met. I'll have to put that stuff on the puter. I'm so lagging.....

we did errands and visited a friend who has a nb. there she was, swaddling, shhushing, etc.... I don't miss that at all. I love when babies get bigger like Luka and all the gang are. they are so much FUN!
anyhow, Luka loved it at her house. She has a 3 yo and he just loved to play with all of his toys and just be somewhere different. we'll have to visit soon again.

I think I'm too fried to write more. Luka is asleep and i think I need to be there too- at least a little nap.
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What's grosser than gross?


Welcome back Jeni!

The walk-y game sounds cute Jessi. Evelyn is such a big girl! Saying mama, too, how awesome!

Hugs to you Jess, hope the girls settle down and feel better.

Kaia looks cut ein the pics. I found a ocean dress like that at goodwill, but it's a 18 month old so we are saving it for later!

Did I say how cute Violet is in the latest blog pics? Love all the hair, and her wacky-faces -making mommy! The groups sound fun! If it helps you I'll hear about the meleuca Annie, but I am not up for doing anything more. I am not much of a sales person. But I will send the catalogs out to those that asked!

Carmen sure is a cute & chattyilicious one.

Mary, ha ha about the juneua marathin runners. A friend and a cousin are training fora marathon now, it seems like such a big deal and outta my realm now. A yoga video is progress over here!

Is the zestra oral or topical? it says its evening primrose and borage? Anything else in it?

LIsa I had to read your travials to dh out loud. Thats freggin' ridiculous! It would be funny if it wasn't your life!

I came home to a story nearly as gross, or worse than the cockroach story.

I left Martin at home with the baby tonight, was going to a 5:30 thing, was to be gone an hour. It turned into something that lasted till 8:30. I ddin't expect her to miss me sinc I thought I would be an hour, so had not left any milk, and I haven't been pumping lately so there is no stash.

SO I come home about 8:45. I walk in, Iris is crying, and I say "oh, did you miss me?" Martin looked very guilty, and said either that, or her tummy hurts cause i gave her a bottle of rotten milk.

MILK? I didn't leave any milk! Of course except for the bottles from a long time a go I am saving casue I have an unnatural attachment to my pumped milk, and I just can't dump it so I am saving to plant a tree over or something....

SO he says he opened the fridge and thought, oh she's so good she left me all this milk! And made a bottle. She took a bottle, ate "about an inch of it" then he smelled it and noticed it was totally gross (which he didn't notice when he heated it). Then he looked a the date- I pumped it MAY 22nd!

The milk is half as old as she is! Her breath smelled awful!

Yech, yech...

Martin and I had tuimmy aches all evening just empathizing with her, but she was FINE. She saw me and giggled and played and stayed up past her bed time. Daddy was meanwhile feeling awful and guilty, looking up "rancid+breastmilk+ reaction" on search engines to comfort himself, saying feed her some fresh milk to dilute it....

She'll live. My aren't they resilent. I think I'll go dump all the old milk (it is all clearly labeled, but..) on any old tree. No more storing it past it's date here!

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:LOL Heidi. Gross, but funny.
oh, and that Zestra is topical, it comes in little packets- about the size of a condom packet and have maybe 1/2 tsp in them. It just makes you have some warmth and extra sensation down there. not excellent, but since I wasn';t feeling much of anything, somthing is better than nothing! and yeah, the ingredients looked completely benign to me.
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Kaia looks SO cute!! She is a little bundle o sunshine

Heidi, ewwwww, gross about the milk. At least M was apologetic. I think its uber sweet how he was all concerned.

I just made zee yummiest wheat free/egg free oatmeal cookies. And I made up the recipe myself, so I'm pretty darn proud

1 1/2 cups spelt flour
3 cups quick cooking oatmeal (think Quaker oats or something)
2 sticks butter, softened
1 ripe banana, smooshed
1 cup sugar :
1 cup brown sugar : :
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 tsp baking soda
chocolate chips

Mix everything together, and place the little dough balls on a non stick cooking sheet, smushing the tops down with a fork so that they are somewhat flat. Bake for 10 minutes at 350. Take them out before the tops are golden, but the bottom is a bit golden. Allow to cool on sheet for a couple minutes before eating.

Oh, and I got my Blue Canoe (finally) Its awesome. I missed this last coop. I'm hoping there will be another one soon. I definitely want to get more stuff. AND my teas from the tea coop came too . Three words - Belgium Chocolate Rooibos
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Quiet night, eh?

We went to go slide down this great big grass hill on cardboard boxes (think sledding for the snow deprived) and then walked down to the grocery store. It was a big outing, but good excercise. I'm pooped.

Goodnight and good morning...
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we did signs with abby when she was younger, and I don't think it helped. She can communicate very well, the problem is that others can't understand her because she uses her own language.

Lisa, wow! What a crazy time!

Glad you had fun at pennsic, jeni! Welcome back!

Jessi, congrats on the word!

Beautiful soakers, Annie! I wish I could knit. I figure, when the kids are older I would be able to take the time and really get good at it, but by then they're out of diapers!

Yuck! on the milk story!

I'm having my mdc friend come over today, but I still have to so the dishes from our bbq...

Oh, and dh starts at the new office (3 days a week) next monday!
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Hedi-oh my thats gross, ack

Michelle- oh Kaia is such the doll!!!!!!!!

Karen- i also so don't miss the nb phase, i like them older

Annie-thxs for recipe, gonna have to try it (once my oven gets fixed)

i was gonna say something but can't remeber what now
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Oh yes just came to me.
Megan sat up last night for a few seconds on her own it wasn't totally upright, she leaned forward a lot but it's progress.
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I've got pictures!

Aren't they adorable?!

So, my washing machine had the audacity to die last night. I am not amused. I am so dreading the hauling 500 lbs of wet laundry to the laundromat tonight. Yuck.

I think we have another tooth coming and it's really bothering her. It wakes her out of a dead sleep sometimes and she's just inconsolable.

Yuck on the rotten milk, but I still think that's preferable to the roach.

Kaia looks big! How big is she now? And I love the soaker.

I can't really do the call thing because I have the cell, but I wonder if my mom would. Does it have to be a mama of young kids?
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Jeni- nice pic

that sucks about the washer. i got a spare one in the garage, want me to send it to you
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all caught up but he's sad. so no typing for me
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Morning Ladies

It was a quiet night all around I guess. I would have posted last night, but we had an HOA meeting called at the last minute. There are a lot of bad feelings in this neighborhood, a lot of name calling, and a lot of adults acting like teenagers. So I went and said my piece, since I have been the target of recent attacks, along with 2 of my friends. Hopefully it will bet better now. For my part, I will do my best.

Will was pretty good during the meeting. I got asked whhy I brought him, and why I wouldn't pass him around to be held by everyone. I took him in the mei tai, so I wouldn't have to pass him around. People were shocked to learn that I am still nursing. I got comments about him being 7 months old and if I don't stop soon, he'll always want to nurse. : Some people can be so mis/un informed.

I have a dentist appointment today. So does Em. This is her first appointment. I am so excited, and a little worried that she won't do well. We have been trying to practice, but I am still worried that she is going to lose it while sitting in that chair.

Okay, better go. Gotta get lunches ready.
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morning mamas! Torin woke to nurse now I'm awake! But, I put him back in his co-sleeper next to my side of the bed. I find if he is in there, he wakes less often.
Love the pics! Is it Lisa and Jeni, who is the third? Forgive me if I missed it but where did you guys meet up?? The babes are beautiful! We are going to have to have a big reunion someday.
We are "possibly" headed to the East coast for 10 days or so in early October? Anyone going to be in Manhattan or New Jersey or Bucks County, PA? We usually go to Massachusetts and Maine but since its a short trip, I doubt we will.
Anyway, bummer on the washer, Jeni!
yay for Megan on the sitting! Torin is sitting well now but no crawlage! He is getting on all fours and rocking though. That was just in the past 3 days.
Jessi - so cute about the "mama"! Torin definitely cries when I walk out of the room especially when he is tired but no comprehensible words yet!
I agree with you Karen and Laura, this phase of babyhood is sooooooo much fun!!
Annie - the grass sledding sounds like fun!!!!!!!
Love the shots of Kaia! What a beauty! She looks adorable in the dress.
Going to try to get some zzzzzzzzzz's. See you later!
One more thing Poll: Do you mamas all have daily "routines" for your little ones or do you just go from day-to-day? I've been reading the No Cry Sleep Solution and she talks about having a schedule which we don't really have. If so, do you think it helps with the sleeping at night?
ooo Nicole, sounds like some pretty "narrow" people in your HOA! Did the meeting resolve anything? I hope so!
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ok, my mil DID, in fact feed g a taste of ice cream at the party, which likely explains why she was up every half hour till 4 am sundsy night. i am livid! i know you guys will sympathize with me!
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Mary - Eh, they said that everyone is going to try and start fresh. I will for my part, but who knows. I don't hold my breath. There is one real j---a-- that seems to have a lot of pull, and he is just one of those eternally unhappy people.

Pam - What do you suppose happened? The sugar, or the dairy. Just curious. Will has had ice cream, with no reaction, but Em gets all jittery too when she has too much sugar. My folks always give her candy, and that irritates the crap out of me. I so totally understand your irritation.
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