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I have NO idea where he got Pedro :LOL He's very adamant thats what we call him though. I think, in his mind, its like some sort or super cool, superhero name.

Lisa, forgot to say - you can sub the butter with 1 cup vegetable shortening, or even fake butter (make sure to use the stick kind though - not the tub)
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I like Pedro for him - very cute. if it's a superhero name in his mind, then so be it!
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So, having a rooster may teach abby a valuable lesson... today "Mr. Bojangles" was having his way with one of the girls from our original flock, and abby saw this and said "do? Aht?" Which in her words, is basically asking why are they doing that. I looked over and saw the roo on top of the hen and she said something that would be translated into 'the rooster is on top of the other bird'... I desrcibed them as playing together, cuz we haven't even mentioned sex, and they won't be having babies, so I didn't want to go that route...

Laura, you know, NS isn't too far from NY... (well, half a day's drive...) :-)

You know what I found in my yard today? Huge ripe blackberries! Yumm!! We all munched on them, it was a first taste for us all, and we all had juice dripping down our chin. A big hit! I love my yard!

Joyce, s on the mil...

I get a lot of + comments on my maya... of course people still remark like I'm doing something really strange and unique, which I am, but luckily it's usually in the frame of a smiling "Oh isn't that a neat way to carry your baby" "She looks really happy/cozy in there"

I've been thinking about mayawrap distributorship, but I'm not sure I can make the plugne. I've had several moms ask me where to buy one, I wish I could answer "me", but it might be too much $ for this area..

Not much of a routine here, if there is it's loose and variable, which isn't much of a routine by definition...

Yuck Jess on the worms! That could so be us with the creatures my cat eats. In fact, last week he brought into my *kitchen*, a half dead/half alive baby mouse. It was breathing, I could see its chest move, but whenever it tried to run, instead it rolled from back to front repeatedly. It may have just been thrown off kilter by bilbo (cat). Dh rescued it and put it in the woods.

Neck funk
G gets cracking skin/bleeding/dry skin in cycles in the fold under her chin and one side of her neck. Might be eczema, might go away when it cools down here.

Annie s thinking of you thinking of your Gram :-(
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Annie. I hope your day is going well & you've been able to reflect on happy times with your Gram

I have to go to the laundromat in a bit. Blech.

Yeah, I thought the holding hands thing was great, too. Beatrice really likes other babies.

I could probably do either Bucks Co. or NJ, depending on where in NJ. We need to make another trip to the New Brunswick area to see relatives soon anyway. Assuming I get the cooling fan on the transmission by then. I'm not driving the car while it's this complicated. I'd be going in first the whole way.

I'm still all discombobulated from Pennsic. I can't get back into regular life. I wanna go back!
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The only times I have ever been happy to come home from an SCA event have been when it is terribly hot or the one time it snowed. Then I look about and marvel at the miracles of indoor plumbing and climate control.

DH:"Oh look, pretty privvy go flush, flush!"
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I have a headache. R;s been unwell the last few days and i think I caught part of it. I took an advil : and gave the baby to him for 45 minutes. my time is up.... it's quiet out there.... but I don't wanna go retrieve him. the headache is maybe gone..... I guess I'll get him. Thank goodness for R. when he was a baby I dind't have help lkike this!
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Oh, KAren, I hope your head feels better, and a belated hug to Annie. I hope that the day has been easier than it would have been on the mainland.
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Karen - feeling better? when R. was a baby you were young and naive :LOL

Jessi - on the tape worm. My dog had them when I got her off the streets (oh so long ago... I was 19, living in a shack in SF...ahhhh). Hope you can find some peaceful time this busy week - maybe a run or something.

Ttc - :

Heidi - I'll try to remember to pm you about the catalog...but if I don't and you read all this, send me one too!

Jess - I hope nannyhunting goes better. It's horrible to do, but maybe you'll find a real 'find'!!! At least your girls are healthy???

Annie - cookies are on the menu for tomorrow.

We were supposed to have a playdate tomorrow with this girl my age with a dd beca's age, only child, and I tell you, she has cancelled EVERY playdate for the past 18 months. RESCHEDULE, she says. whatever. I don't even tell beca anymore. Almost always it's trying to schedule a playdate AFTER she's taken beca on an impromptu date, which is fine, but beca has on more than one occasion said 'how come alyssa never wants to play at my house?'. And I gotta say, my kid has a ton of crapola toys downstairs (we didn't have ANY until we moved here. NOW we've got a basement full of ponies and pollys and barbies... she also has GREAT toys (imo), good dress-up stuff (mostly from goodwill, but the girlies just LOOOOVE to dress up!), a tramp, a good swingset with monkey bars, a backyard noone complains about if there are treasure holes dug, etc. All this because this friend's girl has two playrooms (one up, one down), and just about every possible toy on the market. Why am I trying so hard to get them together??? and she says she 'coule' drop her off on her way out of town, but can't promise a pick-up time. sorry, just venting.

Pam - glad you bbq went over well! what is UP with mil's!!! Ice Cream??? She worried G. won't get to the good stuff fast enough??? I'da been po'd, I tell ya. then again, with my dairy issues, it's different... sorry. I hope she's over the worst of it now. I have to go check your coop site later...

Joyce - were your twins a natural phenomenon? not to pry, just wondering...yk, if you COULD have twins twice by 'accident'. I know of one mama who did, and one mama who had a singleton and then twins and then TRIPLETS!!! 6 kids under 6. Pretty amazin. And a girl scout leader and an art teacher. and insane, obviously :LOL

Lisa - what movie did you see? I want to go see the march of the penguin's but it's amazing beautiful weather and I just can't bear to spend the time indoors.

We've spent a TON of time outside the past few days (thus less of me). Also, my computer time has been spent primarily trying to find the world's most perfect mp3 player (for our needs, of course), which is impossible and extremely frustrating. I get to where I find one,and then it's only $50 more for like 20 mor GB of memory, which is sort of rediculous considering it cost like 200 for the first 2 gb, and off I spiral. I just obsess over this stuff these days. :

Az - pack, mama. At least pack YOUR stuff and Miss. E's stuff and direct Mr. C. to pack his stuff (give him boxes taped and stuff, he can toss it in). Does he own much that is really breakable? Do you have move in dates yet? I'd leave out at least 1 or 2 weeks worth of clothes, though

We totally got Christopher's letter! Beca was thrilled to get the mail. Getting her to mail off something in return, though, is hard. She insists it's not rude, because it's not a thank you note.

Joyce - what I interpret of David's stuff (SO SO SO similar to what Orin does, it's actually kinda scary :LOL )

legs - this is developing tummy muscles, feels good, uses up energy, makes him feel strong, and is fun

verbals - he OBVIOUSLY was trying to dictate the novel that we all have in our brains. He'll keep working on it though :

The rest of it - he's NORMAL!!! Babies are like the weirdest funniest little creatures EVER! As you know, each one unique and special and fantastically weird in it's own right. Carmen is JUST as normal, even though she's at different places in her life. It's going to make you for about the next 30 years :LOL

Ok, back to finding that mp3 player I dream of...I've narrowed it down, but... this is HARD! Geesh, you'd think this is some kind of MAJOR investment, like a house or somthing!!! But I just need to know I did the best I could finding the right 'thing' what ever it is. 4 more weeks until Hot Tub!!!

Ok, caio mamas!

Oh, but wanted to offer special to Annie about Gran, Geoff's services were w/out us, and it was hard...but kind of ok, because we did our own little service. I'll bet your kiddo's would LOVE to do something special - flowers in the ocean?

and sympathies to Nicole about the TOTALLY WEIRD NEIGHBORS?! We live in republicanville, in a seriously bad way (not about the republicans, but about the conservative mind-set that stares and oogles a mama wearing her babe, who walks instead of drives, etc. It's not pleasant, but here noone can tell us what to do on our own property (other than the town by-laws). whew!

And to everyone else who needs a little squeeze

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Karen! And anyone else with a Zolo! http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=332713
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Thanks all for the comments about my obnoxious neighbors. There are pluses and minuses to living here. I mean our house value has doubled in 2 years, but we have to live next to irritating people. I would consider moving, but I my house. It is so comfy and cozy. :Love.

: Tivo is broken. We connect through the network, and we are having serious problems getting to actually do the connecting thing. Stupid error messages everytime and different ones each time. :

Sheri - How's the packing going?

Off to catch the Battlestar Galactica from the other day. We are so behind.

(PS - Tivo just worked, no idea why, but it did. ugh
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Originally Posted by catnip
Karen! And anyone else with a Zolo! http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=332713
thanks Michelle. It doesn't include the boomalicious one I got.... thankfully!
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oh, I know this is way late, but when I was on the mainland, I know someone was asking me about my comment about dh trying to get someone else pregnant (why that popped into my head- maybe all the ttc talk)? was it pam? dh is a sperm donor for some lesbian friends. it all sounds good, except for the fact that they live in CA. so it's a bit complicated. thus, he's postponing his vasectomy for a year, for their benefit. if the don't get pg within that time then maybe they'll bank his sperm? i dunno. there's no plan yet.
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Hi, mamas!

Whew, look at the time. You know, I can't complain about the babies' bad sleeping habits when I don't sleep like I should, myself.

Let's see, responses, responses . . . I'm glad I'm not the only one with a neck-funk baby. I was feeling really really baaaaaad about it, one big "bad mommy" moment. Still feel a little that way, but not so much, now. Thanks for the advice, and will line up my arsenal of neck-funk fighters. Have been applying clotrimazole 1% twice a day, and have seen some improvement, but nothing super dramatic. Didn't do the vinegar because I knew it would have a scent, and didn't want to tip off the MIL to another reason to . :LOL Michelle, can I put in an order for your super salve?

Mmmm . . . Lisa, I hope you have recovered from your Very Crazy Weekend. So, you basement people, do all of you have to have sump pumps? I didn't realize those were necessary (or does Lisa have a water-table problem or something?). I've always wanted a basement. I'm afraid of tornadoes. : Here in Houston, though, a sump pump would be necessary, because the water table is very high.

Doubled in two years, Nicole? Holy cow!

Andy, I'm actually a lot less worried about Carmen lately, because she has gotten very strong very quickly. She is more and more demonstrating very good control of her body. I don't know why she had such floppiness for so long, but she's as good a squiggler and squirmer as her little bro.

And yes, my twins were natural. With age, incidence goes up, so . . . But even one more, ever, would be a super-big deal. A lot of things would change even more than they already have, and we kind of like things the way they are . . .

Somebody asked about the shirts. Sounds like we're kind of in a lull. Like whoever it was that asked about them, I had originally thought of something "sexy" just for giggles, but then I think the group concensus was to use a graphic, and Kaia's was sweet, and Lisa's was hilarious. So design on, mamas!

Lisa - Matt has mailed her twice about the BMT, but no response. He's given up on it and thinks he wants a regular MT or Mei Hip instead, because he wants something, oh, two months ago. I know she's busy; there was a three-week backup on them when we ordered, but still, it would probably be a good idea if she got back to people. DH is pretty laid back about stuff like that, but you know how a lot of people are not.

Mary - we try to have some sort of routine. My house sometimes feels like a daycare because we more or less try to do naps and feedings together, with the naps more or less the same times every day (give or take 30 minutes in the morning, 60 minutes in the afternoon). That said, we aren't rigid. If baby is sleepy before "naptime," then they sleep. If baby wakes up after just a half hour or so of nap, we tend to rock the baby back and see if s/he will go back down; that, and not getting into the nursing to sleep habit, have been the biggest lessons for us from NCSS. Longer naps, when we can get them, help us have better days. (NCSS also helped us understand what it is to sleep for a baby, and that helped us with our expectations a lot.) Routine helps me also have both kids on more or less the same diurnal rhythm, so we bed down and eat at roughly the same times, and that makes my life so much better. I know a lot of kids like structure, but don't want to be too rigid, because I just don't have the discipline or desire to do things same way every day, and some days you just have to roll with the punches, anyway, so why stress about it? So routine, yes, hard schedule, no. We are pretty rigid about bedtime at night, though. We haven't done anything in the evening in months.

Better submit before I press my luck.
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someone please send me to bed...I am on serious mp3 overload.
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Andy!!! OMG, woman. Its what, 2:00 AM there?!? Go to bed!!!
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Well, I may as well wait - in an hour he's going to want to nurse...again
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I'm up at 2 am in the morning and I'm on the pc, someone help me :LOL just laying in bed thinking of a bunch of stuff I need to get done

Hey Pam NS is even closer to Boston than New York I always wanted to visit there someday and so does Larry, so who knows maybe someday in the future!
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Andy- oh mp3 player searcher..... an ipod is the sexiest one you can get, for sure. and THAT, my dear friend, is very important
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Please come visit! That would be sooo nice!

Yeah, that was me asking about the sperm donor thing... the way it was worded sounded strange ('getting my friends pregnant'?)

Sheri, good luck packing.
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