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Hey K. you are so right - it is sleek and wonderful...but doesn't download audiobooks from the NYS library...and that, my dear friend, is FREE Can someone come over here and just put me out of my misery? We have had a record # of awful nights. Last night, his longest stretch was 2 hrs. He didn't make it to 3, he was nursing by 2:15. And again at 3, and again at 4:30, and again at 5:45. And then just up. I let him roll over me until 6:30, nursed him again and then made jerry take him for 15 min. so I could sleep. And here we are. yawn.

Laura - what were YOU doing up? You open for business or something? :LOL

Pam - good morning! How far are you from NY? I sort of thought it was far...like 6 - 8 hrs.
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I am seriuosly brain fried... :LOL
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Andy - Here's hoping you got to bed girl. On the MP3 thing. If you decide to get an ipod, locate yourself and apple store. They will likely have a refurbished one. I just got DH one last weekend, because his battery in his original one was dying. It was 270 and is a 30G one.

Little rant ahead - DH got up last night with Slim because he was crying. He came in a couple of minutes later and told me there was nothing he could do and that Slim was hungry. So I believe him and haul myself out of bed. I pick the boy up to nurse him and low and behold, he is soaking. I did wake DH back up and lecture him about that one. How lazy and rude to not even check that. Slime nursed then, but I think it was just because by thhat point he was so upset and awake that he was hungry. :

Laura - I hope you got some sleep too.
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Jeez, long time no chat. We have no desktop still, and DH still has to order the replacement harddrive from sony (under warranty)... gah, this is craziness. Laptop is home again for now, but it just ain't the same! Oh, and SIL is visiting. Much fun and busy-ness here!

We spent two days basking in the Florida sun, Sunday and Monday, and I came back sporting a doozy of a sunburn on my back. Um, a reminder to me NOT to forget to put sunscreen on my back before sitting on the beach for 10 hours, maybe???

(the "t" on the laptop is broken and driving my crazy.... when it rains it pours with computer problems, no?)

The beach was amazing though. We saw dolphins leaping just offshore (twice!!!) and never did I think I would see this. Oh, and the area was known for bull sharks and we saw some babies within meters of shore. A woman at the store that DH bought drinks at was a lifeguard most of her life and said that you'd never swim in the water if you could see the water from above. Apparently it is FULL of bull sharks and they come really close to shore. It was kind of weird, looking down the beach I'd noticed that no one was really going in past their knees, except for two girls on air mattresses and even they were probably only in chest deep water.

Brynn LOVED the beach. LOVED it. This girl, we're quite certain, was a captain on a fishing boat or something in a former life. She hollers at the sea like she has a score to settle, then furiously beats the water with her hands. Fierce determination, our girl has... fierce.

Tess was also in her element and bravely jumping right in. She got right knocked over by a few waves, but after a brief recovery, in she went again! Oh, and she loved learning to "swim" with me in the hotel pool. Such fun!

bah. Brynn is SUPER cranky right now so I guess this is it for me. I'm not sure if it's teeth or just developmental frustration (the girl is ambitious!), but she's been a bit of a fuss pot the last couple of days. Very strange for her, but we'll go with it (what choice do we have, huh?)

ok, must jet!

hello and hugs to all!
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Kathy - Good to hear from you! Glad to hear that the beach was fun and the kiddos enjoyed themselves. Make sure to put on sunscreen nextime.
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I think we might be seeing top teeth in the next couple of weeks.

Andy she's hopong to close on 31 Aug

I've got a diaper to change to breakfast to cook and eat
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sleep nope not last night. Don't know I was was up most of the night, finally fell asleep around 5:30 then Megan woke at 6!

Kathy- good to hear from you, we miss you!!
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Hey Pam, I was just reading our local town paper and they had an article about a possible Boston-NS ferry!! starting next year. How exciting is that.

Larry is off for a few days. So I'm getting a break sort of. Both the girls are outside, whilst I'm indoors doing stuff.
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So, are you coming for a visit then?

When I asked A what she wanted for her birthday, she said she wanted "oh-goo", which means either chocolate or cookies. And she wants nothing else. But I really want to buy her a few things. One thing I really wanted was the nice tea set from chinaberry, but there's a set I have that I sometimes let her play with that she enjoys, but it's not meant for kids, it's more of a miniature decoration type thing. Plus there's a couple things I want to get her from threesisterstoys.com. Oh, and the waldorf doll, of course

Here's my list:
Waldorf doll (well, a kit, I'm making the doll)
tea set http://www.chinaberry.com/showbook.c...serid=56967294
"Wild Child" book http://www.threesisterstoys.com/stor...?item=10000365
natural tambourine http://www.threesisterstoys.com/stor...?item=10000427 (I want to get one for G too, so maybe this is something I could save for yule.)
Lacing cards http://www.threesisterstoys.com/stor...?item=10000026

Is this too much? (dh would say yes)

Last year all we could afford was a sippy cup and a cake and the year before it was one wooden frame puzzle. Because of my upbringing, I'd like to be able to get her a few things...
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Ok, I asked her again. I said, "So is there anything you'd like for your birthday?"
A: "Amiam" (means M&M's)
Me: "Nothing else?"
A: "No." (in a very serious tone)
Me: "No new toys?"
A: "No." (very serious)
Me: "Not even a new doll?"
A: "No."

So, I guess I should respect her wishes and forget about all of it? Why is it so hard not to get her 'stuff'?
ok, thanks for listening!
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Pam- I'm glad I'm not the only one...:LOL R would only ask for chocolate too.

I did buy her a really great tea set last year and she still plays with it.

I think it would be really cool to make her the doll.

Oh and I don't usually buy holiday gifts because the girls get so much crap from family. I tend to sprinkle it through out the year. Actually I never buy dh holiday gifts either...it's too hard to wait for the holiday.
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Jess I can totally relate to the "can't wait to the holiday" thing. I do that all the time!
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Pam - I think you are entitled to get her at least one good gift to celebrate the day you brought her into the world. One gift from her mama is not too much by ANY means! And it doesn't have to be all wrapped and part of a 'traditional' ceremony. Chocolate cake with song is enough of that, eh?

Ferry from Boston! Cool!!!

Sorry 'bout no sleep Laura. Me too, though I did get 2 hrs. this morning while he napped. I just lamed out, set Beca in front of the tube and was out in a second :LOL

I CAN'T get an ipod, you ipodians!!! It isn't set up to take protected WAM's, which is how libraries send audiobooks (because they're copyright protected). I need a player that plays WAM DRM's. Ok??? But thanks for the support

Ok, he's being very patient with his sister, but it's time this mama got her butt out the door for some exercise. Caio mamas! hugs, andy
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Andy- as much as I think the ipod is THE way to go (it is sexy and, well, mine pink) My friend has an iRiver that she really likes. Has radio and all and I think it can do the library book thing...

Good luck on your search!
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Ori puked on Beca's shirt - minor meltdown... hi kathy! I so glad you had fun in fla! caio
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Luka slept in til 7 this am : never mind the fact that he was back and forth with a boob in his mouth for the last hour. it's later than since we got back from my parents.
BUT.... his diaper leaked : what's up with that. it wasn't a big leak- maybe he just overfilled the diaper (which wasn't anything super big or anything). it's a small leak, but annoying nevertheless. hasn't happened in forever. he was in bed for 11 hours tho.....same diap too.....

anyhow, we were supposed to go to the beach today but there is some annoying stomach bug going thru our house. Noam had the runs this am. I had that headache yesterday and also had a moment where I was going to seriously hurl. so no fun, I guess.
tomorrow we have a planned power outtage all day long, so I was thinking then would be a good time to be out. I mean if I won't be able to get online all day, what's the point of being home?? :LOL

Andy- i'll stop with the ipod "subliminal" messages.... good luck. I hope you find what you're looking for soon!-- and you are not a bad mom for occasionally using the video babysitter. heck. we all need a break sometimes!

Kathy- glad you had fun!sunburn=bad. sorry. that doesn't sound so fun to swim with bull sharks! i'm not a huge shark fan- though little ones seem ok. I have to knock woood and say that in 12 years of living here, i've never seen one when I was out swimming. Dh has seen some swimming and then some they've actively gone to look for while diving. ugh.

Pam- get her what you want. she's 3 and sometimes that whole idea of receiving gifts you want etc, is just above them. this is esp true if she doesn't watch commercial tv. they just have no clue.

i left Luka on the lr floor with the boys. I better go check on him.
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Originally Posted by mamabeca
Ori puked on Beca's shirt - minor meltdown...

for some reason Luka spits up only with Ra'am. He rarely spits up anymore at all, but with Ra'am? it's almost daily. and it's always predigested curdly stuff :LOL
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Pam- we might go but I dont' forsee it in the near future, depends on our finances are next year

Good for Luka

Larry's getting a taste of what I deal with everyday :LOL oh poor guy. I'm trying to pump enough milk for tonite, going to a parents homeschool meeting. For some reason when I pump, I don't get nearly the same amount like I used to? I don't know if my supply has dropped? maybe Megan wasn't getting enough and thats why she's been uber cranky lately? I dunno I may have to run out and get formula if I don't get enough pumped
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HEEEEEEEEAR ya! He seems to save it for his sister, and she's NOT happy about it. I think I'm leaning toward an RCA sport model only 1 gig but easy to use/interface and not too expensive (less tha 135 on sale).
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Laura - my boobs NEVER pump as much as they make for him when he nurses. They just stimulate way better from him than the pumps. She's not going to be hurt by a little bit of formula, but know that you are almost assuredly making sufficient milk for her. Sometimes it's more, sometiems it's less, but it is almost always enough (when it's not it's because of 1) breast surgery 2) birth control hormones 3) major illness, such as leukemia etc.). I love getting to go our for a few hrs.
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