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good morning!

it's crazy here cuz we have sooo much to do for our big bbq tomorrow - it looks like we may have as many as 50 people, so we had to go buy even more food! We've got to borrow a bbq, get propane or charcoal, mow and rake the lawn, clean the house, buy ground beef.... yikes!
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Hi guys!

Just thought I'd check in to say hello.

I'm off to teach my Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth class. The last time I did this class was three weeks before Peeves was born. Almost 8 months ago! Holy Cows!

I saw the blogring at the end of the last post. I don't think I can join 'cuz my blog is on Blogger, not Xanga. Hmmm. Sucks! I write almost everyday, but I'm NOT starting a new blog. Damn.

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PAK for work today - its 04:30am......
Hey Mar!
Lisa - how's the packing going??
Andy - in response to your question re: dog, there is a great humane society here but they won't take her because she has had more than 2 bites/nips. In fact, she has had 8 and some of them towards children and many of them unprovoked. she leans towards people and threatens to bite them. Anyway....... I'm conflicted about it all and very upset but I don't know what else to do! Back to bed..... this is getting to much for me to think about and I have to work another long shift tomorrow!
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Hi Mar! Nice to hear from you! Just experimenting with the blog ring...

cool about the fish, Karen, even if they weren't huge fillets

My baby barely sits...I feel lucky!!!

caio mamas! andy
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Morning Mama's -

Laura - I got the pants yesterday. They are beautiful. Thank you so much! DH loves them and was trying to analyze the pattern. He now wants to knit, so we might have some of our own, some day.

Joyce and Pam - I didn't get a chance to get to the fabric store this week, I will try to do it today. Then I will try to get them done next week. I have to work next weekend so if I don't get them done during the week, they will be done next week.

Okay, so I am in total pain here. I picked up some papers and felt this horrible twing in my shoulder where it meets my next. Musta pinched a nerve or something. Hurts like a (insert choice expletive here :LOL) I have already taken Tylenol for it, but it is still hurting.

DH and I got to go on a date last night. We went to dinner and the bookstore, and then went out to my folks to get the kids. Will did wonderfully, but has really stopped eating a whole lot. We used to be able to get him to take a jar of food at each meal and still want to nurse. This week, he has eaten maybe a jar the whole week. Hope it is just a result of the antibiotics and cold and stuff.

Mar - Good to hear from you. How's the selling the practice and move to Atlanta going?

Lisa - How's the packing?

Annie and Karen - Good morning!
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I always forget how slow weekends here are. sigh. just back from the gym and all yuck, so I'm going to go shower while I can (little fella still sleeping...)

Nicole - sounds like he's right off his feed, poor fella. still nursing well? Glad you guys got to go out, and very sorry about your shoulder. That sucks! Hope it heals quickly. Have a great day! Andy
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Annie I was thinking of you and your grandmother when I was knitting last night. Did you ever get the clapotis finished for her? I almost feel like I shouldn't ask but I am anyway : I'm sorry your mum is acting like that. Grief is a hard thing to deal with.

Andy too bad the blue canoe didn't fit you right. I totally love mine and I was surprised, pleasantly, the the Lg pants fit. I'm a 16 but the style of pants I wanted didn't come in an xl and I wanted them so I just got the Lg figured that they fit me when I lost some weight (yeah right :LOL ) When does Beca go back to school? Mr Christopher goes back on 30 Aug. Poor kids didn't get much of a summer vacation

Lisa what is up with your dh : I wish we had extra room and weren't moving or I'd invite you to visit us too. I don't want you to feel like I'm snubbing you

Emma is at the groomers. Last time she went she was all matted and had to get shaved almost down to the skin : so today she didn't even want to go in the shop :LOL she was like "no mummy don't let them shave me bald again" I feel bad normally she likes going. She's such a foo-foo dog. When she comes home from the groomers she prances all around, its the funniest thing. She's really like at 13yo girl. Poor Louie is missing her though. When we got home he was looking all around the house for her and now he's laying on the rug looking at the door.

Mary thats a tough thing about your dog. This is prob a long shot since your in AK but if he's a purebred, or close to, there may be a ____ rescue that will take him. My mum's friend had a pug that bit quite a few people unprovoked and was pretty sketchy around kids. My mum was going to have the dog put down (long story as to how the dog ended up with mum) adn I found a pug rescue, we told the lady of the dog's biting problems and she said fine she'd take her and drove over 100miles to pick the dog up. So that may be something you mgiht want to look into. Even if the dog isn't a breed, a local breed rescue might have a resouce for you
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Morning or should I say afternoon

Good luck w/the bbq Pam!

Glad you got the pants ok Nicole, and your dh wants to knit? wow thats impressive

just trying to shove down my lunch and thenn feed Megan
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Mary- I' know I've seen threads about what to do about dogs like yours here- maybe on TAO? I'm not a dog person at all, so I wouldn't have the advice you wanted to hear.

Pam- good luck on the bbq. can we come? :LOL

Lisa- what's up with your dh? he should be prepared! my dh is seriously allergic to being UNprepared. when he's got something like that to do, he's ready way in advance. he's always early/ on time too.

Hi Mar! Good luck teaching your class. I bet it's great. I've been reading your blog yk, you're a great writer- your posts are often quite enlightening and interesting. keep writing mama!

Nicole- ouch on the shoulder. take it easy today mama. I bet will's appetite (or lack thereof) is related to his being sick. I mean he had a really high fever, didn't he? that makes ME lose my appetite for sure. hang in there- he'll be back to normal soon, I'm sure

so I have a big wet spot on my top sheet. I was thinking that somehow the diaper leaked (though there was NO sign of leakage), but then I remembered that while nursing L on one side this early am, I was squirted by the other breast. There was nothing to grab to catch the milk (and it was too fountainy already to easily stop), so I grabbed the sheet. sigh.... 6 months and I'm still having leaking issues? I guess I gotta get back to putting prefolds all around the bed so I'm ready.

Luka seemed to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, but now that he's playing with R and N in the living room, he sounds happy. good.
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Quickly, I wanted to add that I spoke with Rottie rescue and they won't take a dog with a bite history. I'll write again tomorrow or Monday after my mini work week!!
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word of advice: if you're ever gonna have a bbq party, make sure you actually *have* a bbq.

oh, and they're calling for rain and thunder here tomorrow...

see, we have one of those tablestop ones, but we were gonna borrow my sister's, but her bf says we can't fit it in a car and it doesn't really work anyway. So then we were gonna borrow our neighbour's, but we went to ask and they;re away. finally we found one. dh's cousin is lending us one. and dh is outside tacking a 24' x 36'-something tarp for rain... and i was cleaning the bathroom (dh was fixing the ceiling this am abd the mice had been hanging out there so there's mice poop and debris all over)

mary, :-( about the doggy

sheri, hope your likes the new 'do!

Thanks so much Nicole! Don't worry about going super-fast for me, I can wait.
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Mary, can spca refer you to a doggie behaviourist?

So this morning, Violet was sitting on the playmat, and I noticed that she was really gagging, and throwing up --- I rush over and pull a small piece of what looks like a leaf out of her mouth. NO big deal, I think. She gags on leaves all the time. I turn around, and what to I see in the direct path she had just crawled on --- a giant dead chewed up cockroach, that my kitty had left on the floor. Somehow, I had missed that when I woke up this morning....I clean it up, trying not to barf, and put her over on the living room carpet. A couple minutes later she starts barfing again, this time I reached into her mouth, and found a cockroach head, with a long vein coming out of it, and a leg!!!!! I started crying. These are not your ordinary run of the mill roaches mamas...they are like 2-3 inches long. They're huge. we call them b-52s around these parts.

On a happier note...I got a double jogger stroller at a garage sale across the street from my house today 4o bucks, and it's in excellent condition I don't know how many years I've been looking for one, and I just walk out my front door and one is just sitting there - weird.
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Oh, Sheri, that's hilarious about the dog. My dad has an old Chow, and every summer they shave him, leaving a huge mane around his face. He looks like a skinny pitiful sad lion, but from a Dr. Suess book or something :LOL
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:Puke Annie. OMG. yuck
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Az - what are the pants called??? Maybe I just picked smallish-er ones. They tookk them back, no prob., but bummer.

Supposed to be trimming shrubs (what a thrill) but instead I'm hiding in the AC and here with you, listenin gto Ori talk to the sheepskin :LOL Did I mention lately how much I love this guy?!

Lisa - dh is TOTALLY on his own on last minute stuff. NO WAY would I do what you did. So make sure you tell R. that. He's a lucky man! I'll help dh get ready and ask ahead of time if there's stuff he needs washed or bought or whatever, but he really likes to pack himself, iron for himself, etc., so really it's the ahead of time stuff he needs from me any way. Ryan sounds a little... scattered. :LOL

Oatmeal cookies. Did I mention oatmeal cookies? Yummm

Oh, I think it was Lisa who asked, but yeah, I put it in two cake pans. still overflowed. and we're still munching on it.

Jessi - I know you're not here this weekend, but I'll mention this now and maybe again next week (if I can freaking remember anything between now and next week LOL!) I can't find the back strap, and short of calling Lissi, well, if you've found both of yours and don't mind, I could even just copy it (I don't have a snap PRESS but I do have a snapper thingee) and send it back, if you like.

Karen - glad L's mood is improving! Good good good! Before his detiorates completely, I'd better run. Have a great day mamas! Andy
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Oh Annie - I'm SO SORRY about poor V. I ate ants once. Didn't kill me, and I suppose they're just protein, bugs that is. Dh says he eats them occasionally by accident. He used to work with mass traps using pheremones, and they'd swarm and he'd end up eating and inhaling some. Ug. And once he spilled the pheremone solution in the bad of his truck and they followed him for 200 miles :LOL Anyway, sorry that poor baby Violet ate it.

I got the other side of the hedge clipped! And then dh took off to drive our wayward neighbor into Albany, so it'll have to wait for the rest of the hedge. We have a lot of hedge. Quite ugly, really.

I want to watch a girlie movie tonight. Guess I'll have to let dh go golfing tomorrow to balance that one out. Marriage is hard...
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Oh my gosh Annie that would have made me puck. roaches are so icky, blech, poor V!

Well Larry is going back to veggieism!! yay I'm so happy. He strayed for a few months. But he said yesterday after he ate some cheese he could feel his arteries hardening and felt like he was gonna have an attack. So we just had a super duper veggie packed dinner
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Hey Mamas!!! Well, I haven't abandoned ship.... we had a MAJOR harddrive failure on Wednesday morning and it seems to have pretty much killed our machine. I'm posting right now on DH's laptop; he brought it home for the weekend. I'm so bummed about the lost stuff. Fortunately he's super careful and has updated our major files up until 1 day before the crash, but I've lost some shows that I had saved to watch - nothing earth shattering, but a pain.

I have to go back and read at least some of what y'all have been chatting about the last few days. Wow, 3 days without internet - - surely I must qualify for an award or something! :LOL
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its been 5 weeks since af and I'm over here freaking out and dh is laughing at me : he's off to pick up a test. He thinks I'm nuts
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OMG Az, do you really think??? Let us know.
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