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?You're not nuts. Nuts to not protect maybe, but not nuts to worry Hope everything works out that way! How's packing???

Hi Kathy!! Glad you are back, even if just for a moment. How do you save shows on your computer???

Ok, I don't think I really want an ipod. Maybe... see a pattern here? fret, research, fret fret fret research. sheesh. all I really want are the books on audio. hrmmmmm.
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Ok its a neg but after he went to the store my senses came back and I knew it was going to be neg. Well I was due for my post-pg freak out test wasn't I? I don't even think that the af I had last month was a real af. It was super super light more light a couple of days of spotting and one day of heavy spotting. Its been so long since I had af though. I'm a compulsive tester though. Andy I could have a tubal ligation and dh could have the big V and I's still prob freak out at one point and test :LOL I think its just becuase we were talking about when to have #3 last night and a couple of days ago my mum gave me a big lecture about how I shouldn't have any more dc.

Packing's going crappy. Its hard to be motivated when you don't know when/where you're moving. Plus I've got a sore throat again : I'm hoping its just allergies and not strep again.

Good news is I've had a pretty good couple of days. Thne when dh was picking up the test he checked at the pharmacy and my rx had gone through

DH is watching the ulitamte fighting championship : so I'm going to escape off to the bedroom and read
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Thanks for all of the hugs.

Annie I am just weeping for you, I know just what you mean about that shoulder to cry on, I always want to call my Grandma and tell her things now. But its so nice that you knew she thought of you at the end and that you will be able to say goodbye in peace and quiet. Funerals are rarely what they should be.

Andy, it sounds like it would be better to meet up at another time, Japhet is getting better about longer car trips, hopefully in a couple of months it will be no big deal to drive to Lenox or environs. (I really hope so, because we are going to California in October and we'll be on the plane all the day)

"Aviva I'm sorry for your loss.
How far along did you make it with Japhet? I also have an IC. Came close to losing Megan but luckily I noticed something and went in to get checked."

I actually went full term with Japhet, I had a cerclage put in at 12 weeks and I was on bedrest for most of the pregnancy (modified bedrest, so I was like the queen of the sofa for six months). With the cerclage and bedrest I had hardly any cervical shortening until the last few weeks. They took the cerclage out at 37 weeks and then at 39 weeks I requested an induction because I was freaking out about cord accidents. I have no idea why but it turned out to be good intuition since I had a weird wonky cord and it was wrapped around his neck. Did you have a rescue cerclage with Megan? Or how did they keep you from losing her? I'm glad you didn't.

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Well, I'm exploring the big big BIG world of audiobooks on line. For some I'd still need an MP3 player...so the search continues :LOL

Aviva - ok, maybe this fall...I'm sure he'll be fine on the plane. We took Beca on trips right from the start and she was fine, both car and plane; Ori doesn't love it as much, but still - he handled 5 hrs. to Niagara just fine. Well...mostly fine

G'nite mamas! peace, andy
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OK this time I know I'm logged in as DH, but since he's the one who has the experience, I'll just type for him...

Annie, cockroaches are completely edible, high in protein and as bugs go, are on the tastier side. Ants and grasshoppers are better, but they sure rank higher than spiders. Before you all think I'm completely bug-nuts, I used to teach a wilderness survival course at Boy-Scout camp. Had to eat bugs to prove it could be done.

(and from me) Oh yeah... that is why I don't want to live in Hawaii... or Florida.

HUgs and goodnight all-
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well roaches might be nutritious, but if you saw the ones we have here (and they have them in Texas and FL tto, no?), you'd still wanna puke... ewww those hairy legs....
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Good Sunday Morning to y'all

Even if roaches were the most nutritious thing on the planet, i'd never eat one. so creepy, i hate bugs.

Sheri- Know what ya mean by freaking out. I had my freak out last week.

Aviva- Glad you made it full term. I didn't have a cercalage, as they weren't conviced I had an IC. I would have most likely lost Megan if I didn't go in to get checked. I was dialating w/my water bag hanging out, if I had not gone in. I could of had a 24 wker at home. My bag basically just pushed its own way out and really didn't have any contractions at all. They were able to keep her in for a few days, to let the steroid shots help.

I awoke this morning with someone knocking on my boobs, Megan was staring at me with her mouth wide open w/the expression on her face, you open Mom? :LOL it was so cute
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oh you kow what I did this morning?
I got so annoyed w/my hair cuz it was all snarled so I cut it. 5 inches off I just chopped away. I feel so much lighter
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Morning All,

I have to agree with Karen. I don't care how nutritious a roach might be, I still don't want to eat them. YUCK!

Wll slept through again last night, finally. Makes the mornings easier to deal with. DH is sleeping in this morning, so no coffee. I may have to make some cold press coffee and see how that goes.

Karen - I hear you on the leaking and squiriting. Since Will has been sleeping through and has been sick, I have woken up each morning in wet spots. I hate that.

My neck/shoulder is getting better, but is still not great. I find the rest of my back is sore too since I think I am holding my self stiff to make sure I don't hurt my neck again. Vicious cycle, I think.

Okay, off to experiment with the coffee.
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Mary that the rescue won't take your dog. I hope you find a solution that you're comfortable with.

Andy the pants I got are the posh pants. They're a relaxed fit and loose in the thighs (where I really need it)

Karen I still leak all over : I sleep with a pile of prefolds in the crib next to my pillow, and usually 2+ floating around the bed :LOL plus there's usually one on the computer table or couch for when I'm feeding her there. I don't leak all the time but a good chunk of it. And a word of advise don't use your comforter as an emergancy leak collecter it will get really stinky :

Miss Emma loves her new 'do I took her on a walk and she didn't even rub against the graint wall next door to get all grey :LOL She's been prancing all about like a show dog. I think she's happy now, she actually ate her dinner o problem The dog gets moody and won't eat She's so soft and fluffy now that she's been properly groomed. I wash her and comb her but I don't have time to blow her all out like she should be. If we had the money I think I'd send her every week just so I couldh avethe soft fluffy cloud to cuddle with.

DH is off fishing. DS is with his dad. Its just me and Miss Elizabeth.
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Sheri - I just wanted to give you a hug. You sound like you are doing so much better! Keep it up.
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good morning!

laura, that must feel so nice to finally have that nursing relationship you've wanted so long! and yay on a fresh new haircut

Sheri, glad your pooch is poufy! (Mary, hope yours can find a home. that on the behaviourist)

yuck on the cockroach! i got a gross story too. i was cleaning up and found a wood chip near g that was warm and wet (ie recently in her mouth). problem is, we use those as chicken bedding and they sometimes get walked into the house. worse yet, it had a brown spot on it that looked like chicken poop. of course it could be mud....

got a lot of cleaning to do today!
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eew Pam, lets hope it was mud good luck with your bbq today.

I'm being domestic today. Cooking some nice veggie soup, just made a pillowcase for K, and some hemming for Larry's clothes, plus with the usual cleaning and stuff and the day's not even half way over yet! Think I'll start a quilt next
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I'm doing the domestic thing too Laura. Just got done making yogurt, it's in the oven yogurting. And now I am doing the laundry. The never ending laundry. That will be my personal hell. Never ending piles of laundry that keep reforming as soon as you do them. :LOL
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Pam - happy bar-b-q'ing! I hope it's a fun fun party!

Az - sounding FINE! That's awesome! Enjoy the day, just you and E. \Not that you'll get THAT much more DONE, but enjoy it anyway! YAY! Hug that puffball for me

Total meltdown over tennis this morning...not ME, Rebecca. It took several conversations and about 2 hrs to work out, but phew, that's over now. And they're off to Stewart's getting ice creams. AND they took Ori with! 'Course it's just up the street, so they'll be back in a flash, but I'm enjoying my 15 min of peace...

Anyone have any idea how one RENTS an MP3 recording??? waiting to hear back about that...

YAY LAURA!!! Ya' open ma! That's awesome...

'kay, caio mamas!!! Andy
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Michelle - what the heck is horny goat weed??? Weird name...
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Andy- my friends were just telling me about downloading mp3s from the library. you have to have a special program- one that probably times the length of time the file is good (?)- she just tried it, so the time hasn't passed yet. I wonder though, if you rent/ borrow an mp3 and it's ok to put it on a portable device (as they do at our library system now- it's new), then how will it stop working?
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did you enjoy your 15 mins of peace Andy?

I was hoping to get some today but nope Megan was miss fuss butts. 2 1/2 of unconsolable crying No idea what was up with that.
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I'm am feeling better I can see a futrue for the first time in awhile.

DH and DS are back. DH and I went out to lunch just the two of us before we picked ds up. DS's dad found a blind ferret in the road a couple of days ago and I was cuddling it when we picked ds up. I miss my ferrets

I'm eating some chicken quesadillas leftover from lunch then I'm going to have a sleep. DS is eating some chickenless soup that smelled aweful, he said it was good though

Pam I hope your bbq went well and you found a grill to bbq on.

Andy 7yo meltdowns can be tough. I think they're worse then 2yo meltdowns becuase I feel the 7yo should know better kwim

DH is watching the fighting show again. I just sounds like yelling to me. He's telling me yesterday there was blood everywhere, "it was great" : I just don't get it
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SO gald you are feeling better Sheri
yeah I don't understand them fighting shows. So glad Larry don't like them. He barely even likes football :LOL

Slow day in board land, hope you all are having a great day!
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