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Jessi, I dumped the icons in.. but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to import them... and dh says you aren't allowed to ftp on our stuff because there is only one user - his - and he doesn't want "strangers" playing. BUT if you can give me directions (IM maybe?) I'll see what I can do.

Hi Aviva! Come join us on the other board. forum.deadfrog.net
We'll still be here to chat too, but it's not public there.
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Aviva, you know, the goddess actually looks better now anyway - nice and smooth and worn...

The biscuite thing ... well they're a bit dry, but I wasn't sure how much liquid to add so it was an experiement, and WOW what a load of herbs. The chickens might end up with them in the end...

What set me off ... well when we first started baking and I realized we had to set it aside for now, I told her that we'd come back and finish it later, and she insisted, "No, Now", and we debated/argued rather calmly a couple times back and forth, so I set the bowl on the back of the stove where I thought it was out of reach. Then we all left the kitchen and A retuned ahead of us to take inititiative, I guess. And I think it was that she 'won' some battle of 'control' over the baking that bugged me, and the fact that I am a perfectionist who wants things 'just so' and I don't handle 'monkey-wrenches' well.
Later I caught myself getting upset with something she did to try and please me. We keep butter at room temp. on the counter, and we had some for our biscuits. When I wasn't in the room, she'd used up the rest of it and decided again, to take inititative, and get out a new stick (1/2 c). However, I'd just gotten one out this morning, and flew off a teensy bit about her using it all up. Then I remembered I'd used quite a bit in the biscuits, so I apologized. She told me in her words that she spread it on the biscuits, and that she thought I'd be happy. That melted me a bit, because she did it thiking it would make me happy. Honestly, her capacity for caring seems so beyond her years. Just the other day I was complaining I felt a bit ill, like I might throw up, well didn't she go right away and get me a bucket to throw up in! If I can olnly get my head out of my ar$e long enough to stop treating her this way, maybe I won't crush her baurtiful spirit!. Thanks Aviva for getting me to think about this some more.
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Lisa I would be running all through the new house except we have to empty it out. Its full of 80yo itallian lady stuff. This woman had enough furniture for 3 houses. The lady's step-son who inherated the house got the electirc and gas turned off this am without even giving us a chance to put it in our name : We can't get the eletric guy out there until Friday and we haven't even had a chance to call the gas
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Pam, now that you've put it into words, can you make a goal or steps to get to where you want to be with A?

Sheri, that sucks! Do you get to keep/throw away all the crap, or do you have to help move it for the guy? I'd be pissed either way. There was a ton left behind here too, and we just tossed it out and the trash pickers came by and got it all.
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Wow Joyce thxs for sharing that letter

yikes Sheri- can they even do that? I know before our closing we had to tour the house to make sure it was ok and to make sure there wasn't any stuff left there. Heck I'd probably have a huge yard sale
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Wow, thanks for posting that Joyce. I'm speechless....
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Pam I'm a big believer that we tend to get mad at things when we are either replaying stuff from earlier relationships or desperately trying not to.

Then we all left the kitchen and A retuned ahead of us to take inititiative, I guess. And I think it was that she 'won' some battle of 'control' over the baking that bugged me, and the fact that I am a perfectionist who wants things 'just so' and I don't handle 'monkey-wrenches' well.
I think if this were me I'd think about why you don't want her to have control. What would happen if she did? Is there anyone else in your life that took control away from you? OR some relationship where you were expected to be in control all the time? Is it possible that you are really mad at that person and not A? I'm not trying to be your therapist, just its a thought process I went through myself. As a teen I heard my mom yell at my dad "I'm not your mom, and she's not your sister" and it was like my whole relationship with him suddenly made sense, like why he always got so furious with me so quickly, and since then, knowing that it can happen has helped me a lot when I feel mad out of proportion to what I think I should feel. Anyway I hope maybe that helps if it doesn't you can feed it too the chickens along with the herby biscuits. Stupid non-farm girl question, if you feed chickens herbs will their eggs or meat taste different?
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DH had turned on the TV to watch the news. We seldom watch television. I had to turn it off, because I started to cry and get VERY upset. I won't tell you guys what it was, because it would freak you out too. It's just too much to wrap my head around. And I'm starting to get really scared about gas prices. THere isn't a public transit option to Sac from here, and DH doesn't get off at a predictable time, so he can't get into a car or van pool. We couldn't afford gas before this...
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Lisa, I understand about the ftp and it'd be such a pain at work that I'm very happy to email them to you instead. But you need to change the permissions; they aren't readable.
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you can feed chickens most anything and i don't think the eggs taste any different, but some things might make the egfgs healthier???

Pam- parenting can be hard for a perfectionist with a toddler. I think Aviva was just right on and said anything that I might think waaaay more eloquently. I know anger is one thing, but in all family matters I say choose your battles.

so Aviva- what was your job pre babies?? I know you were some type of teacher?? maybe with toddlers??

gotta run... be back later.

oh, and that post from joyce- ouch. those pooooooor babies- and their parents. OMG!
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michelle- we were out today.... gas is 20c more than saturday - AAACCCK!
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Gotta go to bed, but just to quickly answer...I'm thinking about the other board, I'd like to join but I have so many groups going that I've had to ease off of, and I just joined MDC so I want to be here to check it out still. I've had no time today to try and sign on somewhere else, so I don't know if I'll be able to do it or not. I would miss you guys if you all dissappeard though so if I get a chance to check it out I'll try to

I've been a daycare toddler teacher, a headstart teacher (4yr olds), briefly a jr. high teacher (really briefly...like a month), researcher at the institute for social organization of schools, and most recently a liason between a supervising agency and home day care providers that were registered with the agency to provide daycare for DYFS and Headstart kids. I also was a researcher in medical sociology in a few hospitals in between. I keep going sideways in my careers instead of up I have a masters in education and a masters (almost a PH.D. but I left before dissertation) in sociology with a concentrations in sociology of education and medical sociology, lots of education, NO idea what to do with any of it, I'm going to be collecting social security before I figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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Lisa - I registered! Activate me please! I am sure that it is going to take forever to catch up!
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Aviva, I'm queen of lateral moves, too. Drives me nuts, but my DH likes it. He says it'll be my job to try to save the world, and his job to fund it. :LOL I don't think joining the new forum will be too much more effort than reading and participating in this thread; it'll be just us. Please join!

Jessi, you still there? Didn't expect you on tonight. Might go Ikea tomorrow. Check the Ikea catalog for the lamp you wanted, and I'll get it for you and mail it up.

How big is your cousin Samantha? S, M, L, XL? I think I have some maternity clothes that I haven't eBayed yet; think she wants them? Also, is she crunchy? Have some non-crunchy things that a mainstream mama would love-love-love (courtesy of MIL shopping sprees).
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Yeah, Lisa, activate me, too.

Saw a family of triplets at the Galleria today. We made singleton jokes. :LOL

Still got that joke in my head. Moof. Fiona thought it was hi-larious.
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I think that I will be in both places too. I love Mothering. I love lurking on some threads, trying other things that are brought up, and learning new parenting things that I have not tried before, and expanding that skill set. However, I figure that I will never make senior member now! I do agree that it should be all or nothing. I want to hear from Pam, and what about Mar, Heidi and Heather?

Supply - Still an issue with me. I got a new herbal today to try. $20 so it better work. I was doing fenugreek, but to no avail. I got one with blessed thistle, fenugreek, marshmellow root and alfalfa. I hope it works. Seems kinda weak in the herb department, but it is by a good company, so may. By Gaia, the one's who do all the yoga stuff.
Does it sound like it might work? Will takes 2 5 ounce bottles a day and I am only making 8 ounces. So my freezer supply is dwindling.

Heidi - Happy Birthday!

Joyce - I heard about that story on my way to work this am. Brought tears to my eyes while I was driving. So much destruction and devastation.

Pam - I think you are doing a wonderful job. I don't have as much problems as you, probably because I work and the kids are in daycare, but I fly off the handle easily too, so don't think you are the only one. I know that I got it from my dad. He still does it, but now we call him on it cuz I don't want my kids yelled at. He still feels really bad about flicking Wills fingers for playing with the blinds. I mean really, he is just a baby and doesn't know better and in any case, if I did intend to do that, he wouldn't understand right now anyways, if they ever do. Ugh, makes me angry just thinking about it. Still, don't think you are the only one who yells and gets super upset about silly things. I do to.

Okay, off to do goodie bags for Em's officaly party at Peter Piper Pizza on Sat.
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Major, major not sleepy baby tonight. I am so fried. She and Mike are sleeping now, and I'm trying to unwind. At first she was crabby for a few hours, but fortunately after a few almost-sleeps, she got playful instead. Playful is better than crabby, if not as good as sleeping. We all laid in bed together, and she decided to turn sideways, chew on the drawstring of my pants, and kick Mike in the gut at one point. :LOL

Sheri: Freecycle! Stick all the stuff out at the curb and then post it as a free-for-all.
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Andy - I need you to pm me my babe for the exchange, I am making something.

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emptying the house is part of the deal my mum worked out it still sucks though We've got the salvation army coming tomorrow to take, hopefully most of the stuff. The clothes and stuff we've been baggin and putting in the SA collection bins.

Lisa I don't know if you ok'd me or not ,but I did try to register, same username.

Gas prices thankfully when I go back to work I take the train and walk to the station but dh is a plumber so they drive everywhere. DH says that last week his parents spent $150 on gas between the work van and mil's van. With 6 kids at home its not like they could get a smaller car. MIL rarely drives "off the island"

Our phone is turned off now too : it wasn't supposed to be until tonight then turned on at the new place tomorrow so now we have no phone as I've lost my cell phone :
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