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horny goat weed... isn't that an aphrodisiac? (no, really, I'm pretty sure it is!)

we had a great bbq a lot of people and it was hot and muggy but at least it didn't rain.

laura, hope megan's better now...

you know, after wayching abby today with the other kids, I'm feeling like we really went wrong with her somewhere... she can't talk, she can't share, she can't always pee or poo in the potty... gotta go to bed though.... more later
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Nicole, Mary, how's the packing? Am I packing? OH wait, you mean for DH? Or my house? Cuz Sheri should be packing the house.

ANNIE :Puke roaches!! eewww!!! Are they like madagascar hissing roaches? Ewww again!!

Andy, lol, I put mine in 2 bread pans and it stayed put. MMMMMMMMm let me tell ya, GOOD STUFF! My niece who is uber-picky even said "wow, you put zucchini in here, and I really didn't want to eat it because of that, but it's all shredded gone" - fun way to get veggies we think

Sheri, you sound good! Glad the rx is working for you. And that the stupid HMO is paying for it now.

Michelle, tell your dh :Puke too.

Laura, rofl that is TOO CUTE about Megan banging around for snacks. Lauren is like a little baby godzilla these days, thump thumping across the bed in the morning and then slamming her hands/face down on my chest, face, arm, whatever.

Sheri, yikes, I don't think I could deal with a dog that needs a blow-dry

Andy, I think things will get better at 8. My niece was queen of the meltdowns at 7, and I had her Sat-Sun and she was a delight. Different child.

Pam, glad you survived the bbq! If you are seeing something outside of what you deem normal with A, maybe it's time to have her assessed? Please don't think you did something wrong, because you didn't!

Ok I have had a CRAZY weekend. But I'm going to post now, get some choco zuch bread and go to bed. I'll come back in the morning and tell you all about the nutto things dh asked me to do and the crazy flood we had.

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Originally Posted by mamabeca
Michelle - what the heck is horny goat weed??? Weird name...
Good question, I've heard of it, but never seen it anywhere or used it. I'll look into it, though.
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hiya - long day here, but no floods

yup 7yo meltdowns are brutal. they last a long time and are so EMOTIONAL! Getting through them is just way harder. The 3yo (I gotta admit, beca at 2 was easy peasy. 3, though, was unbelievably hard) I could distract with a game, a walk, a toy, a new coloring book...this is WAAAAY more challenging. deep breath.

Az - for the ferret... Laura for the baby meltdown (sounded as bad as the one here, but less intelligable). And yes, I did get my 15 mins of peace and quiet. It was very refreshing (where's that Ahhhh smilie :LOL).

Orin has been SO tough to get to bed recently. Just too aware of life these days, I think. So tonight I actually used the crib. Also, not previously mentioned, he fell out of the bed last night (so count us in the club ) Dh and I were watching LOTR 3 and it was LOUD 'cause he's 1/2 deaf, and I'd asked to turn it down a couple of times, but it was the fight scene at the black gates of Mordor (for the other fanatics LOL) and I heard a little (oh, about 13 lb) thump and then that cry that says MOOOOOOOOOOOM so I flew upstairs and there he was, poor little fella. He'd pushed all the pillows right off the edge of the bed (did I just not hear him, or was he not crying...I'd like to think the latter) and just laying amongst them (but not on any of them) wailing and sputtering. Broke my heart, I tell ya. :cry:

Well, so tonight he's TOTALLY not going to sleep (though he's rubbing his eyes and cranky as heck) and I've nursed him, lain with him, rubbed his back, burped his back, rocked him, bounced him... just endless. So I finally put him in the crib and he cried and cried and I sang lullabys and kept my hand on him until he cio'd. My poor baby. I remember him having these spells in the early days, maybe like 2 wks? But not since then.

Karen - that's EXACTLY what I was thinking. What if I download the mp3 and then burn it to a CD (or however many it needs)? Just waiting to hear back from the people I think we might go with (Zdag, heard of them?). I sent them an email yesterday.

How's baby V? I hope she's uber-protein happy and not eating any more yuckies. Naughty kitty

Lisa - can't wait to hear the details of dh's bumblings and rumblings this weekend! Did you have to go up on the roof? I think we have super-powered baking powder. Everything I cook with it recently is rising like twice as much as normal. But they were sort of small pans. Hrmmm

Sheri - when dh and I moved when beca was about 10 months old, we hardly packed anything. The day before the move, our niece came over and helped with the kitchen. The day we moved everything went into big boxes filled with shredded paper from dh's work, and the rest into garbage bags and rather unceremoniously dumped into the corresponding room in the new place. It was interesting, to say the least. However, this last move I orchestrated very carefully and in the end everything was unceremoniously dumped into the corresponding room in the new place, so...

Ok, I told dh 10 mins and it's been 12. Peace and light to my mama friends!!! Andy
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Don't you guys know??? It's weeds that make goats horny.

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Late, and long day past, longer day ahead, but, needed to show you this: JussPress Video

What is that Pilates all about?!
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Hi everyone....I just finished the August #2 thread. Sorry 'bout Grams Annie. Big hugs.

And I am glad Will is better.

Welcome back Karen!

And Torin is so cute, fuzz head. WOW, what a beach, too!

I'll say more later. Just letting you all know I am here. I have been closing up my laptop and going on computer hiatuses lately, and it's been great to get out of computer land for days at a time. So then I gotta take serious time to catch up! I was off in DVD land, where I have not gone in months and months, and watched the whole first season of Six Feet Under (Kathy, I now love this show too!). I also just ate some homemade key lime pie. I have a tree. First limes (and pie) of the season. Also had major family blow out. An alcholic in the family has said he wants help, and asked the whole other alcholic lot for help. Totally mind bending and wonderful- but his courage in facing himself will cause the whole family (including thise that don;t want to) to face themselves- awesome, and will be a huge shift of some sort.

Anyway, as I said, more later. I appreciate you talking about the birth stuff Aviva, I am sorry for your loss, no words could ever touch that. But it was great to hear you welcome our birth stories cause I was feeling a little unsafe with my feelings here after your first post reminding us about our healthy babies. Cause of course we love our babes, and the "at least" is what everyone says all the time -"at least you have a healthy baby". Duh. And I love that and totally appreciate that, but it's just not the point. My birth felt kinda like a violent crime againsat me, and I am having to work freally hard to just not be in physical pain afterwards. I do physical therapy three times a week right now to get out of it, so the birth stuff was a big thing, not just a lost ideal. But on top of that, as a midwife my life work is helping people have good births, and when mine went to crap it was really traumatizing. Anyway, I think birth is a huge chance for major transformation, and in order for me to really complete this, and get what this expereince offers, it is so helpful to bitch, moan, commiserate, learn, heal, and grow here. It so helps to hear Annie, Andy, and KAren say they had sucky births but healed in later births. That gives me such hope- I hope it does to you, too Lisa. I hope we make the next due date club together or are still Janulicious-ing when we are pregnant in the future so we can celebrate the next one together...

Anyway, I was not meaning to write all this.

Can I add that sex is finally awesome again. I'm celebrating that! Woo-hoo!

TMI, perhaps.

I did mean to say I am in on any swap if you are still doing that- I didn't get what the time line was. But I'd love to send a package.

And I love the stick figure shirt, up for the janulicious/babilicious shirt. It never even occured to me I am actually Febuilicous, since Iris was born Valentines. My due date was JAn 28th, and the janulicious is what I look for on the thread...It is a word of it's own in my vocab, and means this group and all the love here. I was imagining a tight small tee wiht bubbl-y cursive that just said Janulicious across the boobs. It would be a sexy mystery....

Ok,. must sleep. Just meant a quick hello, with more personal responses to come. But I got started chatting a bit and next thing you know, it's almost a long post!

Nite, Heidi
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Oh, another quickie- so curds in baby poo is bad? Iris is still just on breastmilk and often has curds- what does that mean Oh Lisa, diviner of all things that comes from a baby arse, oh poo poo guru?
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OMG! EW EW EW gross about the cockroach! We have the big ones here in Florida, I totally know what she scarfed bleh!

And the BBQ :LOL -Was it comedy or tradegy?
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Heidi! curds are good in poo.
also i was gonna ask you about sending me one of those catalogs for your fundraiser. i do still wanna get some things for the babe.

sex is better here too, BTW :
I actaually went and bought this product that's supposed to enhance things because I was so tired of my non-interest. i think it was worth the $

older kid meltdowns can really suck, i agree. it's been a long time since we've had one, but let me tell you, tho toddlers are challenging, in some ways they are far easier than issues with older kidss.

Pam-glad thr bbq went well. yk, there is just a huge variation of kids Abby's age. huge. one boy I know who turns 3 in oct is not potty trained nor can he speak very much at all. another who just turned 3 is sooo verbal and potty trained. and then kids all just have such different personalities and stuff.

Joyce- WOW. That is some ACTION! At first I was thinknig that she (was it carmen?) moved adn held herself just like Luka, but he's never done THAT with his legs. IT looks like she's a frog swimming along. SOOOO cute! :LOL

Some old friends of dh were here for dinenr (visiting the island). actually another old girlfriend (he has a lot of those!). it was a lovely dinner. made pizza. and also pam's fudge (delicious and EASY!). R didn't make it cuz he's sick. next time tho.

I better run.... dh is calling
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Good morning! I'm back but I'm still pretty out of it. Hope everyone's well. I'll tell you all about it eventually. Today I desperately need to do laundry and clean the litterbox and stuff like that. And probably sleep some more.
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good morning, Jeni. Looks as if we are the first ones up. Well....I'm having post-nursing insomnia, I shouldn't be up.

Annie - cool about the jog stroller. I've also been looking for a used one! Everyone in Juneau runs marathons like its no big deal and its making me want to start running again.

Nicole - ouch on the neck strain! Mine has been strained on and off for quite some time now.

Lisa - what am I packing for??

Heidi - hope all works out with family members dealing with their alcoholism - so devastating - but glad to hear they are seeking help!

Sex- yes!! I can relate! Being a first time Mama, I was worried my desire would never come back! But luckily, it has! That's good since I'd like to have another one soon! AF hasn't shown up yet but we are getting signs that she may visit in the next 2 weeks!

Update on the dog - dh said that while I was working, Torin put his hand on the dog's paw and the dog went to "nip" at his hand. Did I mention she is a 95 pound rottweiler? Well.... that was the clincher for me! dh was right there and THANK GOODNESS, nothing happened. But..... she is just too unpredicatable. I have an appointment to euthanize her at home on August 31. I'm going to spoil her until then. I have all sorts of guilt about it but I cannot let her EVER hurt my child or anyone else for that matter.
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Karen - can you use Zestra while nursing?
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Andy - how did Ori sleep? I just bought the No Cry Sleep Solution. Torin does pretty well most nights but he is inconsistent. He did great 2 nights ago but last night, he was about to fall asleep when dh and a friend came home so he became overstimulated. Now, his sleep has been fitful. That's probably why I am up now at the computer because I wake at his every sound!
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Joyce - I love the video!! Very chatty! And, adorable too!
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Joyce - how did you get footage of my kid??? Seriously, that is EXACTLY what Ori does. All day. Whenever possible :LOL SUPER CUTE!!!

Heidi - curds are good and normal. No issues with Iris' anal ejections. I'm SURE the poopooguru will agree.

Calm and nice this morning. Beca is singing to Ori who is, for the moment, happy in his little chair.

Heidi - you are now part of the birthday gift exchange. Maybe I should pm you on it...

Pam is running a Waldorf Doll co-op (semi) - take a look in the coop/swap section of the trading post mamas. Lets see if we can't boost the membership so that everyone gets a bit of a discount.

Ok, time to feed this motley crew :LOL hugs, andy
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Joyce - For whatever reason, I can't see the video. We tried to figure it out, but didn't, so I will have to take everyone else's word. I have seen the babes before, so I know they are cute.

Heidi - So good to hear from you. I laughed out loud at one point during your post. It really lifted my spirits, as I had a pretty icky afternoon and evening.

Karen - Glad the Zestra worked. DH and I have just got back into the swing of things too. Took a while, but I finally feel attractive and desirable again. Musta been the 5 pound weight loss with my cycle.

Mary - I am so sorry to hear about your dog. At least she will get to go with you sitting by his side loving on her.

My neck is still strained. Not sure what the heck I did, but I am going to stop at the store today and get one of those heating patches and use it today. This sucks. DH is going to make me go to the doc if it doesn't get better soon.

Will and Em are doing great. She is such a chatty girl lately, and totally emotional. She can be fine one minute and the next she will be totally out of control and upset, throwing a tantrum. That makes me crazy.

I may have forgotten to mention it, but the Gerber thing with the major overpayment was resolved. They just refunded the money minus the amount we owed for the bill, and that was that, but it took forever to get it done.

Okay, I need more coffee. After a week of not having to get up because of Will being sick, I actually have to get dressed and out the door on time today and it is not going well.

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Hiya Heidi and Jeni!

Mary- sorry about the doggie I know it's hard. Although not quite the same, but we had to get rid of our cat because she's was very fiesty towards K. We couldn't find a home for her so a shelter she went, and chances are she would have been put to sleep, didn't have the heart to find out for sure. I still miss her but my kids are more important

Nicole- sorry about the strain. I have a neck/shoulder strain right now and it kills. I get it every so often. Nothing seems to help it but heat does give temporary relief, aaahhh.

Pam - glad the bbq went well!

still loading Joyce's video, takes time on my pc

Andy- sounds like a rough night with Ori what is it with these babes just fighting naps.

Megan finally took a nap yesterday, luckily she went down for the night fairly well.

Ok video is done, how cute, very talkative
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Hi Heidi!! So good to see you

Yes, I agree, we need to plot our ttc next so we can heal together. Or at the very least become emailing/IMing or something And I like your tshirt idea... I'm not quite ready for a curvy baby-t yet, but it's an aspiration I have.

Curdy poo is just fine. It's just my opinion that the curds are bits that baby couldn't digest. Obviously isn't hurting anyone, just has to get out somehow, like bits of fiber

Joyce, yer kid totally plays to the camera. Mine avoids it. She just freezes up and sits absolutely still. But she's done the pilates bit on both back and belly, which just cracks me up. And she's now going from downward dog to high kneeling. I wish I could figure out how to get videos online from home... have some funny ones.

Jeni, you made it home! Yaay! I dind't post pics yet, it's been far too crazy here.

Aww Mary, hugs to you and the doggie, but really, I think it's the right move. You've investigated all kinds of things and done the very best you can for her. I remember my mom feeding our dog warm chocolate chip cookies the day they had her put down. She couldn't see or walk, but could catch the cookies on the fly.

Mornin' Laura!

Ok going to hit post, get me some more choco zuch bread for breakfast (I'm gonna kill the loaf today) and then come back and tell the weekend mess.

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