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can you ovulate more than once?

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dh and I tend to avoid my fertile days,which i have gotten lax about charting.at the moment it consists of 'egg white watching' :LOL
well the other night we did the dead,so to speak . it was about 4 or 5 days after lots of EW so I figured it would be 'safe'.the next day and the morning after that I had lots of clear and creamy EW(sorry to be graphic, i need answers please!!)is it possible that I ovulated again?
I had a stressful week or two,could this be the cause,if i did indeed o twice?
I wouldn't mind if i am pg at all,but my doc is treating me for ppd and he would like me to wait a few months,
please give me some insight ladies
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I'm not sure, this study came out in 2003 but I dont think I've heard anything since.

Sorry, I'm not much help


Hope it all works out for you!
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My girl friends OB told her it is possible to O twice especially if you are bfing. She was SURE she was safe and could figure out how she got pregnant. ( we had a laugh - I offered to draw a pic) Baby #3 for her
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Yes, you can ovulate more than once. How else do you get fraternal twins? However, double ovulation almost always occurs within 48 hrs.

It is much more likely that your first patch of EWCM did not result in ovulation. It is common for stress to delay ovulation. Observing the end of a patch of EWCM is NOT a reliable indicator of ovulation! Cross checking for a temp. raise is the only way to know that you have ovulated & are in phase III.

It's also possible that the EWCM you saw after you DTD was seminal residue and not cervical mucous. But I'm assuming you can tell the difference!
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