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hip momma: your mom sounds, um, interesting!! must have been a fun day for you all... :

but I love the description of your tree topper. beautiful.
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thank you Interesting is one of the kinder words that can be used to describe my mom....her heart is in the right place, but her brain is in the ozone, LOL.
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a star and an angel-
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Jeez, Hipmomma- your post made me laugh so loud the kids came running in to see what was the matter! I think your mom and my mom ought to get together.

We have a paper mache star that ds1 and dh made together last year, attached to a paper mache'd toilet paper tube and painted bright yellow with a cartoon happy face on one side and a cartoon scary face on the other. (not sure I want to know the story behind that...)

Tonight at my women's group we made wool roving angels- mine is orange, I'm calling her a fairy and the star is going ot have to share top billing now.
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I'm glad my life amuses you <heehee> I've actually had years where my mom has not gotten me anything for Christmas- because she spent too much on the dogs. LOL..

I think she cracked when I moved out

Your kids star sounds adorable...my theory is that one side is naughty and the other is nice (Do they believe in Santa?)
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HipMomma- I like that theory- I have the nice side facing forward.

I am not sure if my kids believe in santa- we downplay that aspect of the yule as much as possible. I think my older son is aware of him, but I've never made out like it's santa that brings all the gifts- I think he realizes he's a pretend character. (he's all about categorizing "pretend" and "real" these days- is that a 5 yo thing?: ) I guess I'll have to ask!
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We just look at Santa as 1) The Holly King and 2) the personification of our feelings of affection for each other. Okay- that ones a mouthful for little ones, but basically we tell our kids that Santa isn't a real person so much as he is a picture of all the love that people have for one another this time of year.

If you really want to have fun- invite over some Fundie's over to talk and switch your star around to the naughty side first. <heehee>
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What a beautiful bunch of trees! KeysMama, maybe you'll appreciate this. Our tree is topped with a starfish. All of our ornaments are made from seashells we've found throughout the Caribbean.
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