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What are you making for the Holidays?

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My dh is doing wood working again this year so I am not in need as much as I was previous years (for coming up with gifts).
Still, I do want to make some clothing items for the girls.

I made a little waldorf doll...not sure who will get it?

Just curious to hear what everyone is up to
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holiday gifts

Im hoping to make a lot more gifts this year, especially since money is tight. I know that Im making a cape and some other dress up items as well as a nature tray for my nephew and my girls. Other then that, I have no idea. Well of course other then the homemade carmel and cookies that is. I will probably be doing some quilted pillows, and lap quilts, if I get my act in gear that is. I could also use some good ideas....do share what you plan on making!
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I'm making scarves for my sisters and Mom - all in the same pattern but in different colors to suit their tastes (one blue jean lady, one girly girl, and a goth).

The grown-up guys are getting magic mittens ... DH is getting some wrist warmers which are modified especially for his extended hours of computer gaming during the winter months (extra padding at wrist, and probably some witty embroidery :LOL ). I'm also planning to make DH some nice slippers and a cozy sweater ...
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I'm making oil cloth aprons for all the women and children on my list. My grandmother went on and on about loving her old one, but its worn out, so I looked to find one for her, but they were pretty expensive compared to buying the cloth and doing it myself.

I need ideas for men though.
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I'd love to see those!
I saw some beautiful ones on a wahm shop, but I can't recall which one?!
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For our first Christmas with ds, I made the Grandparents (and us, of course) a great calendar starring our favorite new person. That year, I posed him in cute seasonal settings for each month: In a top hat and cloth diaper with a 2003 banner for January, in his little Halloween jammies passed out in a pile of fun sized Baby Ruths for October, in camo and an Elmer Fudd hat with a toy bow and arrow and a stuffed moose at his feet for November, you get the idea.

The next year I already had a great supply of shots so I didn't have to stage any, just picked those appropriate to the month.

Last year I made one for the folks I babysit for (filled with shots of their two boys) and they said it was the best present they ever got.

I just print 8 x 11 digital pictures out of my computer, make a calendar with the software that came with our computer, fill in the pertinent family dates (birthdays, anniversarys, Elvis' birthday), then take it to Kinko to have it laminated and bound. Ends up costing about $30 a pop, but they are gorgeous and will be cherished forever.
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Originally Posted by OTMomma
I'm making oil cloth aprons . . .
I need ideas for men though.
I think you should make them aprons with a fly in front so they can pee quickly and get back to the kitchen where they belong.
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Originally Posted by Heffernhyphen
I think you should make them aprons with a fly in front so they can pee quickly and get back to the kitchen where they belong.

There are pictures at www.oilcloth.com of some there. I've cut mine out, but the sewing machine is on the fritz, so I have to get that fixed before I can sew on the straps. They seem really easy, and you don't have to do a real seam since oilcloth doesn't ravel, just turn it down and sew on straps.
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These are great ideas! I love to read about what everyone else is crafting!

I'm making a simple waldorf doll for DD, knitting a tea cozy for my mom, and making a scrapbook of DD pictures for the in laws. I'd love to knit DH a sweater, but that ain't gonna happen this year!
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I made a scarf for my lil sis, and I hope to make one for dh.

Making calendars of dd for the grandparents. Last year, I actually "Made" them..scrapped layouts for each month. This year, I plan to just choose pages from dd's scrapbook and make copies of some pages for the calendars. Or..I made just have them printed at photoworks or something...they're around 15 dollars at those places.

Want to make something really special for dd...maybe a doll?
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I LOVE reading holiday craft threads! We're trying to plan/start extra early this year, with the baby coming in October. This is what we've got planned so far: (I have the material for most of the stuff, but haven't started yet!)

Sisters and SIL: 2 holiday throw pillows, a fringed holiday coaster, and a decorated mason jar filled with spiced tea mix

MIL: A fat quarter bag (if I can figure out how to sew the darn thing!) I'm still realllllly new to sewing

Daughter: crocheted carebear

Nieces/nephews who are babies: 3 men in a boat made by DH (3 chunky wooden figures who sit in a very simple wooden boat)

Son: ISPY jar

I still need men ideas and something for my grandparents as well. Men are always so hard to craft for! (I think)
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My dd and I are in a playgroup with 8 other moms and kids (3 yo ish). I have been looking for a recipe to make fizzy bath stuff for the kids and another mom here just provided a recipe in this thread. I will be making some of these for Christmas.
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Originally Posted by klink2
My dd and I are in a playgroup with 8 other moms and kids (3 yo ish). I have been looking for a recipe to make fizzy bath stuff for the kids and another mom here just provided a recipe in this thread. I will be making some of these for Christmas.
What a grea gift idea for dd's playgroup friends. Thanks so much!!!
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For gifts, I'm making
- keyhole scarves (SNB pattern) for sis and SIL (done!)
- LTK cabled skull caps for 2 dear nephews and bro (one done!)
- seed stitch scarf for BIL with stockinette stitch "frame" that has a duplicate stitch "O" (for Ohio State) (done! but still have to add the "O")
- knit sweater for DS (though I'm going to try to get this done for Samhein)
- knit poncho for DD (also going to try to get this done for Samhein)
- felt board set for DD
- bean bag set (A-Z and 1-9) and throw mat for DD. (I'll hand-dye a floor cloth from Dharma Trading and paint matching letters and numbers on it.)
- dinosaur eggs for 2 nephews and DS

For around the house, I'm making
- 3 pairs of LTK felted mocs in newborn size to fit on 3 teddy bears that are our holiday bears for the fireplace hearth. (done!) Last year they each got a scarf
- Weir Dolls knit holiday Elf and Elf Princess
- cinnamon ornaments
- fabric gingerbread ornaments, dressed in clothes to match holiday stockings I made a few years ago

It's a good thing I started in June :
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Subbing so I can Lurk.

I need some men ideas!!! :
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Oh, I just found some beautiful fleece on a clearance rack and I got some to make dd a no sew poncho and I'm making a matching one for her doll.

A few years ago I made fleece scarves for everyone on my list and for those that weren't scarf people, I made headband things to cover the ears in the cold. I just love how easy fleece is to work with.
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Not sure what I'll be doing for DH as he's quite difficult to find things for.

Dad and FIL will both be getting knit scarves, pajama pants (easy simplicity pattern), and spiced nuts.

Mom-a knitted bath pouff and some hm bath products, a purchased t-shirt with Elvis on it, a bracelet w/matching earrings

MIL-not sure. We are buying a joint gift for IL's (George Forman Grill), so I just don't know. She's hard. Doesn't have any hobbies or anything. Her birthday is in September and I'm giving her a sweatshirt that I cross stitched Eeyore on. I'd love to make her a crocheted Irish Chain aphgan for her but I won't have the time.
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For the ladies I am making knitted dishrags and glass bottles with pouring spouts for their dishsoap. Like These.

For DD (almost 2) I am making a kitchen set. Like this one

I am still pondering the men.....

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Ideas for the men: (things we've done in the past)

Decorated picture frames (tiles shells whateveR) with special pictures inside
custom made t-shirts with something that would make them smile (iron on)
truffles...(if they can get them before the women )
other candies and food goodies
alcohol (you can make things like kaluha if into that)
teas collected and given in a gift box
a relaxation kit with rice sock or wrist guard (made almost the same way) and other relaxing things (soaps, massage oil, etc)
You can make toiletries for men too, shampoo concentrate, aftershave spray, other stuff...some links in my sig to some recipe ideas on that note

my own man is hard to think of gifts for too, at times, and i have made him all the things I can think of?!


food and beer always work for him!
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yep- men are difficult. last year i knitted my dad a nice pair of wool socks... apparently he thinks they're too delicate to actually wear! i'm thinking about knitting up a few golf club cozies for him this year...

i'm planning on making tote bags for most of my gift-giving, i found this awesome website with cool retro embroidery - www.sublimestitching.com and i ordered the daschund kit to embroider on a plain tote bag. i have some nice canvas that i'll sew tote bags from for the embroidered ones, but i want some funky fabric from www.reprodepotfabrics.com to sew some fun tote bags for the women in my family.

i will knit a couple of gifts... planning on a airy scarf for my sis- from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and the cabled belt from SnBN, and probably a pair of socks for dh.

my 3 yo dd has been wanting a mermaid doll for so long- i think i'll probably make her one for Christmas so we can completely get rid of that junky plastic mermaid doll that my MIL gave her! it's 'resting' in the attic.

but for my 7 mo dd, i'll wait a few more months and see what she's interested in.
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