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Morning sickness revisited?

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I'm at the end of day #2 of what I can only think to be morning sickness. Has anyone else experienced this in late pregnancy? I didn't have it with DS#1...other than the first trimester. Is it really just morning sickness? I was thinking I'd just eaten something funny yesterday, but then it hit again today at around the same time. Yuck. Anyone else?
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ooo, me too. If I didn't know better (and wasn't the size of a tent) I would think this was the first trimester. If I don't have grape juice soon followed by some cereal the morning gets worse from there. At least at the beginning of the pg heartburn was not an issue to go along with the queasiness. The more strange stuff my body experiences, the quicker little man will make his debut is how I'm looking at it. Hang in there mama
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I've been getting nauseated for days now. I think it might be the hormones shifting as the b-day approaches.
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Me too. When I sneeze, it is a sneeze/cough/throwup all at once. Terrible. And the nausea and heartburn and diarrhea... yum.
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I've been feeling sick with nausea and just flu-like symptoms since yesterday. I can't eat very much at all. It's just awful. I'm starting week 38 tomorrow... I hope these symptoms won't last too long until labor begins...

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The heat is making me feel nauseous.
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I have been waking up feeling like I am going to throw up and I have to eat immediatly. I usually have a bowl of cereal or something first thing just to settle my stomach and then eat a more substantial meal and feel better. It really sucks to have to go through this again, but at least I am not throwing up all day like in the begining.
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Because of my indigestion I can't sleep horizontally anymore. Before I learned how to sleep I was waking up at 2AM to puke everyday. I didn't get sick my first trimester at all. Third trimester has been aweful. I don't feel sick in the daytime accept when I need to use the restroom. It's like pee or puke . But I've learned how to control it. Can't wait until baby comes out. I'm at week 37, not too long now. :
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can i join your ranks? yuk, i just made dinner and all i want to do is sip weak rooibos chai latte (iced ofcourse!) cauliflower curry etc just aint goin down tonight. i was feeling sick yesterday in the grocery store near the meat/deli section which always happened in my first trimester!!!! bleah. i guess it is another hormonal shift. i have been feelin a bit light-headed and dizzy too. yipee. i wonder if it does mean the b-day is coming. i have quite a bit of energy and keep thinking of everything i still need to get done.
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