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Where can I find a comfy sleep bra for size DD??

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I'm looking for a comfortable bra to sleep in to support my now 36 DD's...I've found several styles of maternity/nursing sleep bras, but they all seem to be made to fit only up to a C cup. I've been sleeping in my old exercise tops, but they're really a bit too snug. Does anyone have any suggestions where I can find something that will work?
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Sorry, I don't have any sound ideas about where to look (I'm only a C-D at my biggest), but I had to laugh. I thought you were looking for a bra for your dd :LOL

maybe try Blue Canoe?
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:LOL :LOL I didn't even notice that when I first posted!! I edited it to read "Where can I find a comfy sleep bra for size DD"! My DD is only 5...hopefully she won't need any bras for quite a long time!
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I like motherwear.com -- my first pg I became a size F (of all things!) and they carry up to size J I think. Anyways, they had a good selection of bigger bras and have a great return policy and exchange policy.

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Try www.decentexposures.com They go all the way up to size L. They also have a mail-order catalog.
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For a liesure bra, usually the kind made to sleep in, try www.lbcatalog.com or www.romans.com They are catalogs for the plus size woman, but have few styles of liesure bras with larger cup sizes.
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This is what I wear

Same thing in cotton

This is what I sleep in- I generally hook the bottom two hooks and leave the rest open for nursing. I've found that these tend to run a little small- if you're currently a 36DD I'd either get the 38 C/D/DD or the 36 F/G/H. I'd personally recomend going up the band size while pg- I always found that I went up a band size or two in the last trimester and then went back down after birth.
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I was 34/36 DD before I got pg. Now I'm 13 weeks and I'm already up to 36/38 F+ (not sure... they keep getting bigger!). I just bought a Bravado nursing bra and it's fabulous. There are no underwires (it has an elastic band) and just one size (I got M++) goes from 36-40 and DD to G. Plus, if it still fits by the time baby arrives, I'll be able to nurse in it, too. I also like the fact that it only cost $35 (Canadian, not sure how much it'd be in the states... less, I'm sure). I was worried because nicer bras in large sizes can run upwards of $80.

edd 2/26/06
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Just wanted to second the suggestions for Bravado and Decent Exposures. I'm a 36DD normally and get much bigger during pg and after-probably 40who-knows-what. I can't recommend either brand highly for support, but for a sleep/around the house/nursing all day kind of bra they are both super comfortable.
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Good point, melamama. While the Bravado I recommended is very comfy, it looks terrible under clothes--kind of that "one breast, sports bra" look. :LOL
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i've got really big boobs, but because my ribcage is small (32) it makes finding ANY bra, let alone nursitng/maternity bras, pretty much impossible.

for sleeping though, i really like Bravado bras. they never supported me well because the plus sizes, although big enough for my boobs (size E/F) are too lose around the ribcage, but i found they were perfect for nighttime, or just around the house. no underwire, really easy snaps for nursing.

i think they sell them pretty much everywhere now, at least any maternity store or website.

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