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Brag about your tag sale finds here!

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I just got back from spending a couple hours of treasure hunting and bought:

A solid wooden doll cradle
A framed chalk board (about 1.5 x 2 feet)
A child's bike helmet
A large, light weight, soft vinyl collapsable picnic cooler - still in the package
4 cans of new Play-Doh
23 like-new children's books

all for the amazing low low price of...

twelve bucks!!
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I am so happy...I just got my two new hippie skirts from ebay for a total of $15 and that includes s&h. I know I will live in these skirts. I really would love to aquire a used sewing machine so I can start sewing my own...sigh...I have put the intention out there. It will happen.

Friday was a great day. I stopped at Goodwill and found platform clogs for $4 and a hooded running jacket for just $3. I love having a wardrobe of (nearly) all recycled clothing.

The only things I won't buy used are running shoes (because new knees cost more than I would save buying used shoes!) panties and bras. I would buy used bras but I never find my teeny tiny size second hand. I guess little ones like these don't put a lot of wear-n-tear on bras anyway! Ha! :LOL
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well im kind of sad i only got to go to one yard sale this weekend. i got 4 picture frames for $1, 10 childrens books for $1, a book for me 75 cents, a wooden salad bowl with wooden tongs and 4 wooden bowls for $3 (i have been wanting one for a LONG time).
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I did pretty well this weekend. All together, I think I spent about $25. I was on the lookout for winter clothes and toys for DD.

At the first sale, I got some fancy yarn and knitting books, and a child gate. Plus there was a table of free baby boy clothing. Well, there was plenty of GN items, so I snagged some of those, but tried not to be greedy.

Then, I found an umbrella stroller, some megablocks and a manual can opener for work. And 9 cloth napkins for under $2.

I thought I did pretty good, but after my nap DH told me about a sale he passed that had baby clothes. So I headed back out - that sale wasn't so good, but I found another in my neighborhood where they were packing up. I said I was looking for girl clothes, but the woman said, "Do you know any boys, I'll sell you this bag for $2." I took her up on it because I figured my nephews might be able to use it. This was a really good sized back - at worst I could freecycle it. I found a couple more items for 25 cents each. When I got home to sort through the bag, there were about 20 gender neutral items for DD, another dozen or so for my nephews, and plenty left to freecycle or sell.

With a couple more sleepers, DD will be set for winter.
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Do Freecycle finds count?? If so, I received 3 boxes of yarn, 3 nursing tops, and some nursing bras that are in brand-new condition -- all free to me!!
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I have 2 boys and try to yard sale as much as possible especially for books and puzzles. Recently I was at a sale and they only had girls clothes so I got some for a friend- a whole trash bag full maybe $200-300 worth of stuff and paid $12. And hey I just realized she is the pp. Hi !
For myself we have been looking for a futon for our playroom and I didn't realize they are so expensive. Every time I saw one I liked it was like $600.
So I was at a yard sale and they had a sign up Futon inside for sale. It is a like new cherry queen size futon about $600-700 for $80, More than I have ever spent at a yard sale but worth it for us!
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:LOL HI Carol!
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I found a bicycle trailer(Nordic trek I think it says) that is also a stroller at a yard sale a few weeks back for $35. It had only been used a few months by the previous owner for his twins and is in EXCELLENT condition.It has the zippered netting and rain shield and sits two kids with 5 point harness seatbelts and has a removable steering wheel for them to play with. We used it yesterday at the fair and the kids loved it!!! Now we just need to get bikes so we can use it as a bike trailer
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yesterday i made out really well
~thomas the tank engine bed set~ $1
~thomas curtains~ $1
~thomas back pack and lunch box (brand new!1)~ $2
~little girl lunch box w/ water container~ $1
~two shirts for me (brand new, tages still on!!)~$2
~coffee maker~ $4
~tape stories 6 of them (all in their packaging!!)~ $6
~two wooden pigs for my kitchen~ $2
~6 books~ $2

total: $20 (10 was mine and my mom gave us 10...woohoo)

and im off to more yardsales today!!
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ds and I saw a man setting up for a yard sale this weekend

he had a pool that sells usually for 59 that i have seen on sites/in stores.
he said it had a slow leak and between ds/dh and I , i think we can find it. He said he couldn't but it would hold 1/2 way full and his grandkids had had fun all summer.
I got it for a song.
and at Target though my overall total was NOT frugal ( had to get new vac but we had planned on it) I had to replace some school supplies -they had a TON on clearance. I got what I needed and used the rest I planned to spend getting some school supplies for Katrina victims....
some of it was even more discounted at the register
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omgosh i got so much stuff on saturday!!!! here is goes:
kitchen set with all the food, dishes, ect. FREE
a pad for dd cribs FREE
tons of boy clothes (all brand new with tags still on them!!!) FREE
two books on how to be frugal while raising children $1
4 recipe books FREE
books for kids $1
baby toys FREE
stacking rings and cubes (brand new toys in packaging!!) $8
tank top for me 25 cents
i got a lot more but i cant think right now :LOL
i basically filled my van for less that ten dollars!
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Well, I didn't do near as good as the pp. But I got winter clothes for dd at 25 cents each. So, I packed a grocery bag for $4, and I'm pretty sure she won't go cold this winter.

I also got a pair of pants and a work shirt at a sale to benefit the Red Cross huricane efforts.
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Earlier this summer I got a learning tower at a garage sale for $10!

I'd been contemplating spending big bucks on one for awhile and so glad I waited!!
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