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So New To This!

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Hi all! I'm pretty new to all this. I've been trying to get in some viewing time of the questions threads though I'm still pretty confused! I tried to post a thread once before but I don't think it worked. This breaking into the computer age is rough! Any advice?

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Glad you are figuring things out! Welcome to the boards! : : : :
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It takes some time to get used to using forums. This one is esp big. Take your time browsing around - you'll soon get the hang of it.
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Read for awhile. You'll figure everything out pretty quickly.

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Welcome to MDC! I'm a Mama Cat's baby too.
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Yay, Yay, Yay!!!

Thanks so much for all of your warm welcomes! I'm getting there... OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! So I was sitting here and looking around at some of the posts, trying to distract myself from how much I wanna take this HPT but being terrified to do so because I want it to be positive so badly and I'm afraid it won't be even though I feel pretty sure that I am when I decide for the love of all that's sane just do it! So I did and like that I JUST found out that I am preggo! I want to shout this from the rooftops and at the same time keep it my little secret. Trying to think of an interesting and fun way to tell my husband. Not wanting to tell anyone I know with babes just yet because I know that the onslaught of good advice and pain stories are coming! :LOL They say they've been waitng for me! :LOL I could just about burst right now! My eyes would not let me believe what I was seeing. Thank God for MDC! So much great info and sassy mamas.

in the ATL, mamacatsbaby
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congratulations on your bfp healthy baby vibes to you
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Welcome to the boards.
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Nice to meet you...
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Wow!!! What a wonderful and exciting time! Enjoy!!
I fondly recall those times of sheer and utter dis-belief/happiness/wonder/fear. Enjoy the ride!
You are in the best place to learn to deal with those sometimes "unwanted" comments and lectures and pain stories. Birth and motherhood Is a time of great awakening-- dont let it be spoiled for you!
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Welcome. I'm new here and just learning my way around. You'll find a wealth of info.
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i know what you mean. I lose threads i post in all the time, or cant find ones i started. i am a mess. but, i figure the more i play around here, the better i will get. good luck!

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Hi! Congrats on your BFP!
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Hi! Welcome to MDC.

Congrats on your pregnancy!
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it's tricky in the beginning and then you'll be creating threads in your sleep. :LOL
w e l c o m e ! !
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Originally Posted by starlein26
it's tricky in the beginning and then you'll be creating threads in your sleep. :LOL
w e l c o m e ! !

So, true starlein, now I feel like an old hat! You mamas are too great. I've gotten so much great information not to mention plenty of hilarity. I love this board.
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