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Software for toddlers

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I might be asking in the wrong place, so please don't flame me for wanting to have DD do some stuff on the computer. If you're totally against kids and computers, sorry! DD is 18 months and into the computer since she sees us on it. I'd like to get her some good, educational software. Any favorites?

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My younger bro had software called Reader Rabbit. I can't remember what else there is. But Mum's copied a whole heap of educational stuff for my 16mth old from the libarary which i'll get when i'm over there.
The libarary should have toddler educational stuff on cd that you can try.
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z-girl, no-one will flame you. I think most of us spend way too much time on the computer, so we can hardly criticise it!! I just got Reader Rabbit for toddlers for my 19 month old and he loves. It is educational and fun at the same time. He will only stay interested for about 10 mins, but he gets a lot out of it.
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We haven't bought any software yet but DS likes pbskids.org the Caillou site in particular has a "magic keyboard" game that plays music when you hit the keys. (I must be really brave - tv and computers in one post!)
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Nik really likes this Peek-A-Boo game from ctw.org.


All he has to do is hit the keyboard and Zoe, Big Bird or Elmo (his fav.) will pop up and say "Boo" (and other phrases). He actually laughs out loud at Elmo.
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My guys like the sesame street site too, and my hubby recently bought a Winnie the Pooh interacive CD on which they can play games involving identifying/matching letters, numbers, shapes, objects etc. it has cute songs on it too. Personally, having played with it a couple of times, I find it boring, much more boring than playing with them with their toys or books, but they love it.
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