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pasta bake thing

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Hi I'm tryin to make something for dinner tonight, i've got some rotini noodles, some ground beef, a bunch of cheese, and a jar of sauce. A few years ago, I made something in the oven with a jar of that pasta bake sauce that prego or somebody used to make. It was pretty good.

Thing is, I THINK I just threw the noodles in there uncooked and everything but I can't remmeber.....and now what I've got is just regular sauce, but I don't remember a big difference between that sauce and any other sauce, just that they had recipes on theirs.....anyway help appreciated lol.
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I would add a cup of water or so... pop it into the oven covered, and uncover for the last litte bit (15 minutes?).
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and NOT boil the noodles right?
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I did that pasta bake thing once as well- the one written on the back of the jar, right? I remember thinking it was weird that you didn't boil the noddles first, but it worked out fine.
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yeah that's what I thought, you did NOT have to boil the noodles. Do they still make that stuff? Did you have to put some water in or something though? I can't remember!!
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you put water in with it, but I can't remember how much. I don't knwo if theys till make it- I found it at my MILs house, and it made a quick and easy dinner!
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well this is what I made and it is REALLY good.

Boil rotini 5 minutes. I had some mushrooms I'd frozen so I dumped those on the last minute just to get them all unstuck. Drain.

I used a whole jar of spaghetti sauce plus a 15 oz can tomato sauce and a can of diced tomatoes which I drained. Dumped that on top. (well I did just the jar and the tomatoes at first but it didn't look saucy enough) If you're THINKING like I wasn't you would put this in a bowl and add some basil and oregano and stir.

Then I put in some black olives and turkey pepperoni and about half a bag 4 Italian cheese blend, shredded, stirred again. (you've got this all dumped in a 9 by 13 pan. you can use whatever you think would be good on a pizza as well this is just what i had.)

Cover and bake. 375 I don't know about 40 minutes. Uncover, put rest of 2 cup bag of shredded cheese on top. put back in oven till that cheese melts. Eat. I think it would be great with some parmesan and crushed red pepper on top if you're into that sort of thing.
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I just wanted to say that I ususally don't cook my lasagna noodles before assembling it. I add a little water to the sauce, but not much. I keep it covered with foil until the last 15 minutes or so.
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I NEVER cook my lasagna noodles, found the recipe on back of store brand noodles. (Brown ground beef-optional)
Add jar of sauce amd two cups of water, bring to boil. I keep it kinda simmery,then layer as usual. Sauce on bottom, noodles, 1/2 cheese mixture, more sauce, noodles, rest of cheese mix, noodle, sauce over all....then "shake" (grated parm) cheese and more mozzarella. Cover with foil, bake 40 mins, uncover and bake 15 mins more. Says to let sit for 10 mins....mmmmm good

I make this in 9x13" pan, so 4 noodles lengthwise, then one with part broken off sideways. For next layer put broken piece at opposite end of pan. = l
like that
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