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I'm thinking about buying a Babylock Evolve serger??

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I have a hand me down Babylock 418 (3 thread) right now. It's somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 years old. It's nice for seams and such, but since it doesn't have a lot of features it's difficult to use for hemming and diapers. All it does is rolled hem and regular overlock. I have totally broken it, and I have no idea how much it will be to get fixed. It is completely seized up and none of the parts will move, even with the manual wheel.

So, for a while now I've been looking at new sergers anyway. Because, I've been wanting to see what all new features are available. And, there's lots of stuff that I wish I was able to do. All the while beating the heck out of the one I own.

Is the Babylock Evolve good? Does anyone have one? Our local quilt store just opened, and so they're running a special right now, which knocks about 30% off of the retail price. And, they'll let me do 12 months same as cash. It won't be a problem to pay it off in time, so I won't have to worry about paying any interest. Dh said I could get it. He realizes that I sew a lot and have really used the other one. I have to limit my mocha consumption to once per week until it's paid for though.

I'm just trying to figure out if this machine is worth the money. I'd really like a new serger, and I know there are cheaper models out there. But, I figure I probably won't be getting another one for at least 15 years or so.

Any thoughts?
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hey, I've got a 418, too!! I got it as a companion for my Evolve cause I do a ton of sewing

If you think you will use the coverstitch, then definitely go for the Evolve, it is simply the coolest machine ever! I love mine so much, it is practically idiot proof I have never regretted getting mine at all (had it for 3 years now) But, if you really only need a new serger or if you will use the coverstitch a lot and think it might be a pain to switch back and forth (though it is beyond easy to switch, it can be a pain if you sew a lot), then go for the Imagine or the Imagine Wave. Those are basically the same machine, minus the coverstitch part. The Wave is supposed to be better for tight curves because the knife is closer to the needles and it does some fancy decorative stitch, but otherwise it is the same as the Imagine.

I have decided to sell my Evolve and 418 in the next year and get an Imagine Wave and a seperate Coverstitch machine just because I do so much sewing (for my biz) that it's getting to be a detriment to my work to switch so often, but if I was just using it for home sewing, I'd keep it forever

oh, you also might want to join the Babylock Sergers group on Yahoo http://groups.yahoo.com/group/babylocksergers/ They can help you choose which machine is best for you.
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I've heard good things about them at my other sewing home board. I already have the babylock coverstitch and want to get the imagine or imaginewave some day. I like having the 2 different machines but it depends on how much you'd use the coverstitch and how you think the changeover is.
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I actually ordered the Janome 634D. Our local babylock dealer really turned me off. They were very pushy, and I didn't feel like I was going to get support after I gave them my money. I shopped around all over town, and decided on a Janome. I realized that I could buy a new serger, coverstitch only machine, and sewing/quilting machine (3 different machines!) for the same price as the babylock evolve. And, as nice as the air jet threading seems, honestly it kind of scared me. I'd be sooooo worried about it breaking and me not being able to afford to get it fixed. Right now, dh has a good paying job, but he's planning on going to med school in 2 years, so I don't know how much we'll have then.

So, I wanted to buy a machine from my local quilt shop that sells the janomes, but they only had the 644's for $499. They had one 634 left, but somebody had already claimed it. They had the 204? for $399. I was able to find a 634 brand new with warranty on ebay for $349, no shipping or tax. So, as much as I wanted to support my LQS, I really couldn't justify $200 extra dollars for the 644 by the time I paid tax. I figure I'll still be in there buying extra feet and fabric and such.

Thanks for all the help everyone!
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that sounds great! while the evolve is a wonderful machine it is very expensive. And I've heard great things on the Janomes too. AND I always buy my machines used - except my BL coverstitcher b/c I found a good deal. I really like having separate CS and sergers too.

Have fun with it
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Serger for sale

I have a Babylock BL4-838D four-thread serger that has very little use, it is about 5 years old. It does all of the standard stuff and has the user manual. There is nothing wrong with it, I just changed from crafts to other interests. I believe its value is $150. I'd be happy to sell it. Shipping is based on cost for 16 pounds. Let me know your zip code, if you are interested. I am at 32963.
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