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3rd.Trimester Gift Swap (Post your Thank you's or update)...

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Ok mamas~

Is anyone interested in doing a gift swap? I would be happy to organize it. Here is a link to the one they did on the Nov. board for 2nd Tri.~


I would do it just a little different. I'll explain it all once I know if anyone else wants to do this. For the third trimester it could be anything for baby (slings, diapers, handmade stuff...), for you or the birth (books, candles, good CD or tape recording of music to birth to... anything) What price range would you want to do? Around $15 plus shipping? Come on, it will be fun!

Ok, here is what I am thinking. Everyone who want to participate, start your wish lists on this post. Lets have our wish list posted by Sept. 1st. Then between Sept 2-4th , please IM me with 2-3 people who you would like to buy a gift for, and I will pick one. (For instance, if someone is asking for cloth diapers, and you make them and have a ton, you might want to pick them) Then on Sept. (OMG it's going to be Sept!) 5th I will post a list of who everyone is receiving gifts from. It will then be your responsibility to contact then mama who will be sending you a gift and give here your mailing address. Then send your gifts out no later then Sept.13th. Does that sound OK?

~ I think gently used and in good condition things are fine.
~If something comes up and you cannot send your gift, please contact me and I will make sure everyone gets a gift.
~Lets set the gift amount around $15, more is better especially if it's something you make or already have, but lets set it at min. around $15.
Note~ Please mention if you are allergic to any thing/specific scent, etc.

Important Dates~

Post your wish list no later then SEPT.1
IM me between the SEPT. 2-4 2-3 mamas you would prefer to buy for
SEPT 5TH I will post the gift giving list
Send packages out by SEPT 13TH


Oetien.............buying for... P.S.
RachelGS..........buying for...tschifo
Allgirls..............buying for...RachelGS
Emomom...........buying for...Operamommy
Mamas2atti.......buying for...*green*faery*
Amanda2b2.......buying for...PattiAnn
tschifo.............buying for...oetien
*green*faery*...buying for...Allgirls
P.S..................buying for...Amanda2b2
Operamommy.....buying for...Emomom
Kerc.................buying for...Mamas2atti
PattiAnn............buying for...Kerc

I did'nt hear from a couple mamas, so I just picked for you, hope thats OK!Make sure to e-mail your addresses to each other asap. I originally posted to mail packages out by 9/13, but if it's going to be a little longer, just let your gift partner know. If anyone cannot participate, please let me know, so no one gets left out. Thanks for playing!
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That sounds cool!
I am about to participate in the Nov DDC one, coz I thought we're not gonna have it here. But, if we are.. I am in!
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I'm in!
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I am in!
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Very cool idea, please count me in! I'm curious to find out more.
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sure, Im in
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I am gunna bow out of this...with the extended time frame it digs into a VERY busy end of September for us. its gunna be crazy, and I dont wanna make it crazier
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I'm in too! Sounds fun!
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I like, I like. Count me in too
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I would like to participate as well
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I'm in.
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Fantastic idea! Can I play too?
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Ok, I'll go first...hehe

Wish List

For baby~
~diaper covers (no wool please)
~anything crocheted or knitted
(like booties or a cap)
~any handmade type toy

For mama & the birth~
~yummy smelling massage oil
~CD of mellow music (burnt CD's are good )
~book about babies/toddlers
~sage bundle

I am 99% sure I am having a baby boy. Please no animal byproduct (like wool, leather, lanolin, etc.) No allergies here. Thanks!
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ok...my turn...I have almost everything but here goes...

For baby~last one was 9lbs

~newborn gowns that tie the back(I love these and can never find them)
~nursing necklace
~pouch carrier
~crochet hat for after the birth
~cloth diaper pattern(prefold or contour)

For mama/birth~

~a birth song(words not music,maybe a poem)

reserve the right to edit if I think of something else/different

ditto on this~
Please no animal byproduct (like wool, leather, lanolin, etc.) No allergies here. Thanks!
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I wish I had a special talent like knitting or sewing, but I'm really good at shopping.

For Baby:
I would love one of those slings with the extra fabric that can be used for a blanket or cover. Also, those sleepers allgirls mentioned sound great! (they tie in the back) Can I just say that I'm registered at BabiesRUs and if someone needs my info I can share with them? A nursing necklace...

For Me:
slippers/non-slip socks for the hospital
massaging items
breastfeeding book
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Wish List for Baby:
-Pocket sling (Black or dark blue so my DH will wear it too)
-Neutral but cute newborn clothes/onesies/sleepers--natural fibers would be preferred, cotton, knitted stuff..homemade would be cool
-Receiving blankets

For Mama and the Birth:
-Birth Music...relaxing instrumentals good, songs good too if its relaxing like something like Enya comes to mind, burned music is fine
-Breast pads
-Herbal stuff for post-partum bath (I always here how nice these are, didn't have one with DS), nice smelling massage oils, or nice essentials oils to put in a burner for the birth
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Here's my wish list!

Belly casting kit.

Wool diaper covers-preferably newborn-20 pound size

Any newborn diapers.

Wipes-something soft and thick!

Wet bags-preferably zippered-any size.

Labor candles-Something homemade or Ergo candles.

Essential oils-petitgrain, neroli, or clary sage.

Yikes, I think that's all I "need!" But I am pretty easy to please...anything handmade would be awesome.

BTW, I don't think I have ever seen the baby gowns that tie in the back, but I bought one of these to dye for my new guy and had one with my first and he wore it all the time (and it fit him for a long time): http://www.goodhumans.com/Shopping/B...under_the_nile
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My wish list:

Most needed is one wetbag, and one large pocket diaper cover! And if you can make them yourself with these sort of prints in mind, even better!!!

Apron Strings Baby Things : med Periwinkle midweight polarfleece, sm harbor seal polarfleece, med spring rose microfleece. Also, cotton prefolds and chinese prefold diapers.

Diaper Babies : FuzzyWrap AIO prints: med blue rosebud aio, med pink rosebuds aio

Happy Heinys happy hempy small or medium.

Lucy's Hope Chest one dora, one shortcake 2, one ladybugs (custom made woven covers), size L

Many Ducks large happy garden bugs AIO

Natural Babies : kissaluvs size size 1 fleece/terry combo

Wee Cee Dee : 3 wetbags: glitter roses, happy family toile, and denim. Also, 3 very baby very basic pocket diapers size M pink princess fairy print, retro harlequin flowers, and turquoise tie dye.

Natural Family Boutique miraclesalve plus from kerry's herbals
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Sure, count me in too.
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