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Congratulations Natasha!!!!!!

And hey, my dh was really taken aback (we were tta) but came around really quickly. He's already on me asking if I've been taking my vitamins and everything I'm sure yours will come around too!!
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hey Cheryl

know many in our families won't be happy so that's why we're waiting until the last possible moment to tell
Isn't this a shame that we worry about what others are going tothink about news that we think is fantastic??. I know what you mean.My SIL and BIL announced two weeks ago that she is PG with their first child,I think DH is worried that they will think we are overshadowing their chance at all the attention as it's their first.our Issi was the first Grandchild and Griff was the first grandson and he has his Greatgrandfathers name (he is a very special man to all the family).I mentioned to my MIL on Sat(before i thought i may be PG and tested)that I was starting to get the baby itch again and she turned around and said "oh no not yet!!!" : excuse me!!!i'll have children when i want(or when I get caught out )but I will be happy whenever and just let them feel my wrath if they dare say it's the wrong time!!dh I can understand and handle,anyone else.......
anyway.thanks for the congrats,Ijust wanted to say,don't care what everyone else thinks..if you're happy they can go jump .
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Congrats to all the May mommas! I am joing you also, due May 7 2006!!!!!!!
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Congrats Sydnee and Natasha!!!
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Congrats Natasha! I just knew you were!

Yeah, my parents didn't have the best reaction in the world (well mostly my mom) but I still couldn't wait to tell them. My mom was kind of like "well, if that's what you want, I'm excited for you"
I think she thinks I'm gonna go nuts with 2. Thanks for the vote of confidence mom. SHe keeps saying things like, "you won't be able to do THAT when the new baby comes." Gee mom, I don't know if you remember, but I have had a baby! I know what it's like! Of course now I have my older child as well so I know it will be harder, but golly, I think I'm doing a pretty good job right now and I think I can handle it.

My MIL on the other hand was superexcited. She was the first person I told after ds and dh. Of course she has been bugging us for another ever since ds1 was born! She is so excited she has no problem watching ds while I take naps (although usually he naps with me), and helping me out around the house. I guess she would have done that anyway, but now she's happier about it!

All you nursing mamas, how are your nipples holding up? Mine are very very sore. Sometimes when ds latches on it feels like a knife sticking in me! But after that it's usually ok. I'm hoping it gets better, but as long as it doesn't get any worse we'll manage.

I'm planning on ordering "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" as well. I looked for it at the library today, but they didn't have it. : Nor did they have Birthing from Within or the Sears Pregnancy book. It's a huge library with 11 floors!! You'd think they'd have at least one of those. OH well.

Hope all you mamas are feeling good!
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Originally Posted by dharmama
hi mamas!!!!!

i got a yesterday!!!!! : Woohoooo!! SO happy to be joining you!!


Fantastico dharmama! I'm so excited for everyone! : :
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it was the slicing pain in my nipples that gave me the suspicion that I might be pregnant :LOL Considering Nursing with Griff was a breeze pain wise and now i get that 'awful curl my toes try not to cry and not to squeeze Griff too hard ' pain
I would like to read the birthing from within too.I got bored waiting for kid cooperation from my library and just went and bought it in the end!! that will probably end up happening again :LOL I like to have my books on hand as refrence

So who's thinking they might go for a homebirth??
my friend is due in 5 weeks and she is having one,she has a great midwife and I am thinking I would like to try it.I have speedy(as in "meep,meep' you know,the fast bird and cyote))labors and my midwife and doc who I love are in Newyork,now we are in CT they both said that I would probably deliver on the highway if i tried to get to them :LOL
well we'll see.there is also a birthing center 30 mins away,so I need to do my research,and what better place to start than here
take care mamas,
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Originally Posted by dharmama
hi mamas!!!!!

i got a yesterday!!!!! Woohoooo!! SO happy to be joining you!!


Fantastico dharmama! I'm so excited for everyone!
I happy for you too
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Minimunklemama, (in bad Russian accent) I do a jig for you! : And a little thrown in for spice! Healthy pregnancy and baby vibes to you and all the Mamas. I'm sure DH will be just as lovey all in all whether boy or girl hmm?
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Yeah, I've had issues with our Central Library here in the A. Central being the key word I thought! They hardly have anything that I'm remotely interested in as far as birth/pregnancy/children etc. are concerned. The only thing I saw was this massage/accupressure type book that I can't remember the name of at the moment that I even sort of liked. Having A Baby Naturally has been really helpful to me. I like how Peggy O'Mara isn't all patronizing and all. My sort of SIL (sort of b/c she and DH's brother are no longer together) gave me the What To Expect book a while ago when she realized how interested in midwifery I am and where as it seems that this book has helped a lot of pregnant mamas, which I am very happy for, I find that it doesn't do much for me. I dunno, I find it kind of biased and irritating but I take what I can from it. Anyhoo, people are really weird, especially about mamas and such. How rude to have the audacity to tell someone when they should have children My sister gets all kinds of crap about my little 6 mth old niece. I'm not having it goshdangit! I just don't wanna hear it. I'm gonna have to figure out a way to politely tell people to take a hike when they feel that their unwarrented advice is especially needed. My crunchiness is too much for so many people even friends and family. DH and I weren't sure whether or not we wanted to tell anyone at first either cause we knew the onslaught would be upon us! :LOL I would love to have a homebirth but a friend of mine, actually a friend I've known for quite a while, who got me into Mothering Mag 4 or 5 years ago told me that it was illegal for MW to do HB in GA. Is that true does anyone of you ladies happen to know? We've got 2 hospitals on either side of us within 5 miles and the one I was born at has a birth center so I'll probably end up going there. We've got to check it out. I've got my heart set on a : OMG, once again I've written a river! Sorry about that ladies. Ugh, can I shop anywhere affordable that's not a mega chain? : That's another rant for another time...
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So who's thinking they might go for a homebirth??

Thinking about it! DH couldn't even talk about it with dd without getting himself all tied up in knots.

But I had a beautiful home labor and hospital birth (was only at the hospital for 45 min before she was born) so I'm hoping how that he's seen the process he'll at least consider it.
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Hi Mamas, I am nursing my 17 month old and am looking forward to learning from those that have done this before. My older DD pretty much had stopped nursing when I got PG with #2. But I don't think DD#2 is going to wean anytime soon I am hoping she nurses straight through, I have such nipple soreness at the beginning when the newborn starts to nurse that It would be so nice to be all ready to go when baby is born.

Anyway :
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Wanting another homebirth here too!

We had Mace at home, everything went perfectly. But fast forward a couple years and dh told me he was very nervous about it and was scared. Even after all the research and everything - but of course *I* did most of the reading and research. Maybe that was/is the problem :LOL

So we'll have to discuss it. And of course money is an issue.

Oh, and mamacatsbaby...
As of 2003 the practice of direct entry midwives is technically a misdemeanor. A number of these midwives are practicing, mostly in the metro Atlanta area. However, no direct entry midwife has been investigated, charged, or convicted since 1991. Most midwives practicing in GA hold national ceritifcation through the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). This credential and/or exam is recognized in every state that certifies direct-entry midwives with the exception of New York and Rhode Island.
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Hello there! If a faint + sign on those +/- tests is a real + then I'm preggers with #3 and due May 10th.

I'm breastfeeding my 28mo ds and will definitely be planning another homebirth! More later, gotta go.
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Congrats Michelle! They say a line is a line as long as it's within the time limit.
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Woohoo Michelle, another nurser on the thread YEAH!
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Hello there! If a faint + sign on those +/- tests is a real + then I'm preggers with #3 and due May 10th.

I'm breastfeeding my 28mo ds and will definitely be planning another homebirth! More later, gotta go.
Michell I took three of the +/- and all had faint + and I am Definatly pg :LOL
another mama on board
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Cool, glad to see some other nursing moms. : so far no nipple pain at all (normally with AF I have it, go figure!).

If anyone wants to help me obsess with my pg test, it's on my blog- see siggie.

I'm still in shock... and I'm trying to figure out a cute way to tell dh but I'll probably just end up passing him a note or blurting it out!
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I def. see it michelle! Welcome!

I noticed you mentioned something about hte digital tests on your blog. From what I've read, those are not as sensitive as some of the others, so if you still want to confirm, get one of the regular ones instead. I have heard the Equates are good and are reliable. I got a BFP at 11 DPO with a FRER, and one at 12 DPO with Equate. However, I found one of my Equates that I took at 10 DPO and thought was negative a few days later and it had a super dark line!
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I see it too Michelle. I have to say, there is a part of me that loves to obsess :
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