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Going to Italy - what to pack for "first aid"

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I'm taking my 22 month old to Italy. What would you take for a first aid kit in case she gets sick while over there?
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We have taken international trips over seas. My biggest concern was the long ride on the airplane, and medical care. We took quiet toys that the kids liked, as well as presents that she could open once we are on the air plain. If you want to know more details of what we found helpful, I’ll write more on this issue later. Your concern is the first aid kit for the 18mo. What I always carry in my car, in my diaper bag and on trip are some what similar. Bandage, small scissors, tweezers (make sure these item are in the suite case, and not on your carry on) bottle of saline or cleaning solution, iodine for cut and open wounds, clean towel, Zip Lock bags and disposable ice pack (the one you squeeze and shake to activate it) for mostly bumps. You may want to carry children’s Tylenol, since over the counter medications in Italy are much stronger than the ones sold in US. Bon voyage!!
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Zicam (the homeopathic stuff for colds) saved my sorry butt when I got a whopper of a cold when I went to Italy...
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want to add: this is slightly ot, but when I went I also made sure that I knew where to go for emergency care before I went. I contacted my insurance carrier and they faxed me a whole list of "approved" facilities complete with address to use in case of emergency. Not only did it ease my mind that I knew of a place to go, I also knew it would be covered under the plan if needed.
I hope you have a great trip!
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