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Weekly chat: Aug 22-28

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Well, no one has started it yet so I guess I will. The weekend was nice. We didn't really do much even though we had lots planned. Dinner on Sat with my BIL and SIL were cancelled because she had contractions the night before and had just gotten back from the hospital. She's the one with diabetes so she's a little freaked about the whole birth thing, probably because she's been under such close medical scrutiny this whole pregnancy.
And Sunday we were supposed to go to the Poconos for a day trip but we hadn't prepared for it the night before and since it is our only day to sort of lounge around and sleep in (yeah right, willem comes pouncing in on our bed just as we were stirring and starting to cuddle, hoping for a quicky before he woke up... at 5:30 am!!!) So we didn't really get to go there either. But it's okay because it was hot and I was sore all over and just wanted to rest in the morning. So instead we decided to go to the last day of the Grange Fair in the area. We should have gone in the morning so Willem could have seen more animals etc but we waited until after his nap to go and as luck has it, he napped late. So we got there just in the nick of time. They were already taking all the stalls down for the sheep and cows. The rest of the smaller animals were already gone too. Willem is an animal lover. I can't wait until we can finally move into the country (in a few years) and get some animals of our own... like goats, and chickens etc. Oh, and we got almost all our food for free. I don't know about you but I just can't go to one of those things without getting a funnel cake!!! But there were no places still set up making them. Anyway, so it was fun and afterward we drove up to New Hope a cool little cultural community across the river from NJ and we walked around, poking around in shops and taking pictures by the river.

Pregancy wise I'm feeling relatively good for 31 weeks. I still feel like I'm small but I really think the baby is starting to grow. There has been a definite change in the quality of the baby's movements, not really flutters anymore it's more like poking and kicking and punching now. I see my midwives on Thursday and then I'll start seeing them every two weeks from then on.

I feel like there is still so much I have to do before baby gets here. We are pretty much set for baby stuff but I'm still going to register at Baby's R U and Target for stuff we can use later on. I've been getting more organized about it, taking inventories of what we have and what we need. I've decided I'm going to try *not* to buy any more things for the baby until after my MIL throws the baby shower in October. We are not really in a position financially to dole out more than we need to so after the shower will give me a better idea.
I want to start cooking and canning and freezing stuff, meals and summer produce, but we desperately need a freezer and I don't know if I can talk dh into squeezing one into our budget. I have faithfully looked for one all summer at yard sales etc, but I think we'll have to just dunk in and get one. I'm trying to imagine what it's going to be like with a 20 month old and a newborn, ALL BY MYSELF all day long. I can't imagine I'll be out and about much because two car seats in a little Honda Civic just doesn't seem safe to me. So I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the adjustments in the coming months, and also want to get a lot prepared (freezer-wise) so the transition is a little easier too.

As far as Christmas shopping is concerned... I'm totally using the baby as an excuse!!! we don't have $$ to buy stuff for dh's HUGE family. I want the house to be all decorated for the holidays so we'll forego any hugely expensive gifts this year... maybe the freezer can be mine in advance .I think as far as I'll go otherwise is maybe make my own Christmas cards and include a family picture. We have a membership at the Picture People, so we'll schedule a family pic after the baby is born and just get a bunch of duplicates done.

Well, done with my check in. Hope everyone is doing and feeling well this week too!
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Hey mamas! I'm back from my little trip to Athens, and it was wonderful except that I caught a cold and felt like crap. My best friend and I had our pregnancy portrait taken, and they all turned out *beautifully* so I'm excited to get them in digital format to share them with you. It was so worth the trip just for that.

My not-so-great news is that I think I may have gallstones. I'm going to the midwife today and will probably have to get an ultrasound this week. I'm *HOPING* it is anything else, but I just have a sinking feeling that's what it is. Definitely not looking forward to spending the next 3 months dealing with that.

On the bright side, I'm expecting two huge boxes of baby clothes from my friend (her little girl is 3) and another box of registry stuff within the week, so yay! Presents are fun.
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I had a busy weekend. Saturday, I had to go up to the inlaws. Ugh. I tried everything I could to get out of it. MIL is 45 mins away. SIL lives 5 mins from us. So the 2 families with kids (and the preggo) have to drive 45 mins each way to go she *her* instead of her coming to see us! (BIL lives right in the middle and is single, so he goes anywhere.)

We went. I tried to be happy. MIL is so clueless with Ben. She completely invades his space, hugging on him and trying to kiss him when he doesnt want it. (Respect the kids space!). She will start to sing and he asks her to stop and she doesnt, so he gets mad. At one point, he went in to ask BIL if the hotdogs were ready yet and I was so proud to hear him ask so nicely, and talk, etc etc. MIL just steps in between them, ignores Ben completely and says "Did you come to give Gramma a hug?" Ben starts crying because he was trying to ask BIL a question. WTF? :

SILs kids are really ill behaved. At one point, when Ben was arranging his letters (its his obsession) 9yo cousin says outloud "he is so weird." Wonderful. This family is so insensitive! I could say they are weird for making every single toy into a gun and playing violent games all the time. Leave my damn autistic son alone! Whew....that felt good.

And as we were leaving, Ben started having meltdowns, so it was hard. I spent the whole 45 min ride home trying not to tell Dh "see...this is why I didnt want to come!"

Sunday was more fun. We had a birth network meeting and a shower for one of the girls, so I was out of the house for 7 hours. I was exhausted when I got home, but it was nice to get away and DH and Ben needed some quality bonding time. Ben is really a mamas boy, so when DH is around, he always comes to me anyway. When I am not around, they get along much better.

I still feel pretty good. 28w tomorrow, so I wonder when the other shoe will fall and the misery will kick in? I move slowly, I get aches and pain at night when I sleep. I have some heartburn after dinner. But for the most part, I don't feel as miserable as I remember from last time. I love my chiro, I give her a lot of credit, since I have chronic SI Joint issues and she has kept it fairly pain free for the whole pregnancy. I can't really afford her, but I can't really afford not to go, YKWIM?

MW appt tomorrow. MY BP levels have been great at home. My nurse friend took it on Friday and it was 124/72, so I feel pretty confident that if its high tomorrow, its "white coat syndrome" even though my MWs dont wear white coats. :LOL I will bring my log and really, since its been so good at home, at different points during the day, i cannot imagine this will keep me from homebirthing. We shall see.
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We had a really nice weekend, which was great! Saturday I took Sam to the children's museum and he played a ton and made a collage that he is really proud of so we put it on the wall for him. Came home, took a nap, just relaxed. It was wonderful. DH was out golfing, so he got home late-ish on Sat evening, and that was fine, too.

Yesterday we took a vintage train ride out to the beach (Sam loves trains, and it is fun when the MTA takes the vintage cars out of the museum and runs them on the subway tracks!). We had a ball hanging out at the beach - Sam was totally into playing in the waves and the water for really the first time, so that was wonderful! We all got really wet. I'm taking Fri and Mon off, so hopefully we can make it back out to the beach again this weekend.

I have to go to Milwaukee on business tomorrow (just overnight) and then Thursday we move offices, so it's just kind of a weird week. The next two weeks are also short weeks because of Labor Day, so I'm hoping we get some stuff down around the apartment!

We're meeting with the HB MW this evening, and I can't wait. My mom is really not on board with it, but she will need to get over it. I feel like her negativity will jinx us, so she'd better get over it!

In the meantime, Sam has declared that he is one of my midwives and he will deliver the baby, and he asked me "Mommy, are there any man midwives?" and the whole thing is just so sweet I can't stand it!

He also asked how we got the baby in there. So we actually showed him some photos of sperm and eggs and stuff, so now he tells everyone that daddy put his sperm in mommy's egg and now there is a baby in mommy's uterus. I must say, some people are kind of taken aback by it, but at least he has his facts right! People will say - how's the baby in mommy's belly and he says - it's not in her belly, it's in her uterus!

In the meantime...some of the benefits of working here. One of my clients sent me a bouncy seat and a swing, and I got a whole box full of brand new clothes left from a client who didn't want them back. So that is pretty cool! Wish I could have had someone send me a Medela pump, but I guess that is too much to ask for. I'm kind of curious to see if they are going to try to do anything for me here at work or if Sam is too recent to warrant getting stuff for me. Sometimes when people have babies more than 3 years apart, they do parties or money collection etc. The only things I expect to be spending money on though are the carrier I want and the diaper service. I think that at the end of the day, I'll have everything else that I need. Anyway, it's something fun to think about!
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Erica - your Sam stories are too cute!

Jenn - sorry about the yucky trip to MIL's - I hate it when people won't take the time/energy to get to know kids (in the family especially) better!

Amy - gallstones EEEK! I hope things get resolved quickly

Willemsmamma - I feel like I have too much left to do also!

Things are going well here. I feel good physically, but I am pretty much emotionally DONE with being pg. : Pretty crazy for 26 weeks huh? Obviously, she needs a lot more time to cook and I want her to be as healthy as possible. Maybe a better way to say it is that I just want November to get here faster! I know that much of this has to do with losing Kira and my thoughts are normal for my situation, but it's still not fun. I am just so looking forward to bringing this baby home that I can hardly stand the wait!

Oh - and I heard from the midwife's office today that my iron is "a little low" and the nurse said to take Slow FE for 6 weeks. I'm going to call back and talk directly to the midwife to see what alternatives I have (diet, herbs etc... ) I know that a few others here have posted about low iron. What seems to be helping you?

Hope everyone is feeling comfy this week - it's HOT here!
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Wow, everyone is so busy! We had a busy weekend too. My mom watched DD for us and we had a little weekend getaway. Saturday we went to Monterey, CA- ate clam chowder and shrimp cocktail... YUM! We browsed all of the little shops- Fun. Then on Sunday we went to Sausilito, CA. The weather was perfect and we had a great time browsing in shops again. I was exhausted by the end of it all. It was nice to see DD on Sunday evening. I really missed her. I have mixed emotions... I am finally 27 weeks, 3rd trimester and I think, wow... I have come so far... and then I think... ugh... I have so much further to go. I am not looking forward to being really big and uncomfortable, but it is inevitable.

samsmom- cute story about sam and your uterus.
bensmom- put your foot down next time, make her come see you.
amy- I hope that it's not gall stones, and I hope you aren't in too much pain. Keep us posted.
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It's so good to read these sometimes and get reminded what real life is like. I feel so often like I'm doing everything wrong since I get my feelings hurt, and act pissy, and throw my hands up completely overwhelmed with just everything. I love reading about how you all have sweet ups and crappy downs, too.

DH was out of town this weekend to visit his dad. I was lonely and a little put out, having to do a lot of the "bigger" things (take out trash, walk the dogs) by myself. It made me truly appreciate him and put my own princessness in perspective. But he came back with his dad's neighbor's most delicious fig preserves, which I have already popped and eaten half a jar of. My glucose test is tomorrow -- I wonder how a pound of fig preserves wil alter my results?

Also I had my first dream about the baby last night. I was in labor in a really serene seafoam green bedroom, and right when I hit 8.5 cm I slipped out of consciousness. When I woke up, the baby was born, and nearly 3 months old. She was just adorable -- DH's hazel, almond-shaped eyes and crazy dark hair, and a beautiful round face. He had put her hair up in these two wispy pigtails on top of her head and they were both just laying in bed waiting for me to get up. I had a ton of questions about her, and it was just the most natural thing in the world that I had fallen asleep while giving birth.

I'm hoping that means I'll be really REALLY relaxed come November!
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Wow, everyone had a much busier weekend than me!

I did very little - and I had a 4-day weekend to boot! I picked blackberries and made a delightful blackberry, lime & gin sorbet (not enough gin to matter, don't worry!). Yesterday DH and I went and pillaged an old (and untended) orchard on public land near my work and got some delicious early apples, but I haven't turned them into pie yet. Aside from that, it was a nice lazy weekend. Oh, and DH got me a pressure cooker, yay! I can start preserving stuff.

Work this week is going to be insane - training customers, bleh. Now I am going to cook dinner and just relax.
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Amy: Good luck with the midwife appointment, and fingers crossed that it's not gallstones. On the other hand, I just discovered that I have them, and so far (crossing all my fingers and knocking on lots of wood) it's been controlled with medicine and diet and hasn't been a serious problem. If you have to have them -- and I'm sure you'd rather pass! -- hopefully they'll be minor.

Our weekend was good, we got a lot of set-up and painting done, and finally picked out a rocking chair for my mother to buy us. I didn't really want one, but she was insistant so we got a nice upholstered chair and ottoman that happens to rock. Now, of course, we have way too much furniture and are trying to shuffle things around so that we can both fit everything and baby-proof at the same time. We've also been decluttering and donating like mad since there was a huge tornado in the town due south of us and lots of people lost everything.
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Hi Mamas! Egads...what's with all of the gallstones? Is this a common thing? :

Spughy - : and : on the fig preserves....SO craving naughty, sweet things...

Bensmom - ack! I would be absolutely livid!! DON'T poke a pregnant mama with a stick...SIL's kids are very...uh...spirited (trying so hard to be diplomatic) and are always physically attacking DD in some way (grabbing, pulling hair, lifting, 'hugging and kissing', smothering...) Poor DD does NOT like her personal space invaded -she's very sensitive and quiet. It makes my head spin and every ounce of being not to scream bloody murder. I agree...LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!

I had a silly, PG brain weekend - I thought that I was meeting friends on Saturday an hour's drive away first thing in the a.m. so got DD and DH out of bed and on the road at 8:30 am...only to re-read the email I had that said NEXT weekend. DH thought that it was punishment enough that I was so mortified : We ended up going to the zoo (please don't slam me...I'm not very happy from a politica POV that I went, but DH decided that we were so far out of the city that we might as well). Anyway, as karma would have it, I spent 4 hours walking around in the sun and ended up getting cramps again today. I feel bruised and sore down there and like I've been riding a horse. (sigh) I see my OB again tomorrow, and have taken the week off of work again (I work pt - only 2 days). DH, of course, is out of town on business for the week so I have to lift DD and haul her around pretty much myself, which is adding to the discomfort. I don't know what to do...I'm 28 weeks and I'm SURE this babe will be early. But god...not that early! We need more cooking time!!

It's still hot, sunny and humid out here...never thought I'd want Fall as much as this...
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Ah, gallstones. Put it this way, once you've passed a gallstone, giving birth vaginally is a doddle. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but still...
All I'm going to say is, birthdays are bad and evil. I have a 5yo and a 31yo who have BOTH decided that they don't want to grow up, don't want to get any older, didn't want to hint about presents and didn't want home-made birthday cake.(No, I'm not sulking. It delights me to spend four times as much on a shop-bought cake that tastes like sawdust and means nobody is sleeping tonight. Honest.)
Looking on the bright side, Steve and I have finally worked things out. We re-married each other the other night- I'd been fretting, on some level, about having not committed to being with him in sickness and in health, given the mental health stuff he's going through, so we dug through the internet, found the wording and made our vows again. It feels very, very right.
I was dreaming about this little one the other night- a cute little square face with a button nose, dark brown eyes like Steve's and a shock of black hair! (I don't DO babies with hair- they've all been bald.) lying on Isaac's lambskin, gurgling and giggling at us. I really want to know what this baby looks like, and how different to the boys s/he is.
No problems with zoos here- we have a season ticket to the one down the road (used to go at least once a week when the boys were preschoolers) and spend a fair amount of time there.
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Got to go to a spa this weekend with a girlfriend because I'd promised we would for her birthday. Had a really nice time, except I almost forgot the necklace another friend made for me when I was TTC. It also didn't last as long.

DH and I are trying to catch up on household stuff that we've been neglecting because somehow almost every weekend has had something scheduled since June. So instead of shopping for babe or rearranging furniture, or finishing up the yard or any of that project stuff I want to be doing we had to spend a day just dealing with neglected laundry and cleaning, and didn't even get to take the pooch for his outing. He's also neglected.

I'm mostly doing well, but having real trouble with my joints hurting late at night. That's why I am up and posting at 4:00 AM.

I've also got to get my act together and register somewhere. Friends are throwing a shower for us in Oct, and I need to provide guest list, and gift list, and I'm slightly stressed by this, even though I shouldn't be. As is lots of folks have given us handme downs so we have many of the major bases covered. I'm thinking of registering for something from Heifer International, and hanging a picture in the babies room.

DH and I "celebrated" our anniversary by going to a childbirth class that we will probably take. I wish I clicked more with the instructor, but I like the other people in the class, and it's the only homebirth class available. He's going to take me out for something chocolate tomorrow night.

I'm panicking a little bit that we are getting so near the end of pregnancy, and I've done so little of what I hoped to. Trying to let it go, but still have to arrange logistics for so many things. My parents will be coming out for the birth, and I'm excited, but I can't really figure out when to ask them for. They are on the other side of the country so it's all got to be planned now, and Mom wants to stay somewhere else after the babe is born so we will have privacy. So I'm trying to figure that out too.

I really should be trying to get back to sleep as the painter is here tomorrow and I have prenatal yoga in the morning.
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I love reading all of your updates! It's so nice to "talk" to people who are experiencing the same ups and downs!

We had a little vacation last week, and now that I'm back at work, I'm panicking a bit about how little time I have left! I need to do some work-related travel, and I don't have a lot of time to fit it in. Plus, I've been thinking I had oodles of time to get baby stuff ready, but that time is ticking away, too. Even though the baby will be co-sleeping with us, we'll be decorating a nursery to keep MIL busy . That means we have to clean out the bedroom that is currently an office, and move everything to another room. That all has to happen in the next three weeks, since DH will be between courses at that time.

So many other things I have planned to do...hypnobabies course, knitting, etc...but by the time I get home from work, take care of DD and get the house stuff taken care of, I'm ready for bed myself!

HAving babies so close together SEEMED like a good idea at the time!...
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Gosh all you mamas are so chatty this week, I love it.

I have a cold still, and feel crappy, and it looks like I do indeed have gallstones. I visited the midwife yesterday and she said that based on the location of my pain, she's not sure what else it could be. I was so disappointed, y'all, (like irrationally so) - I guess I've just been feeling like my body is letting me down. I eat a really healthy diet (hardly any fats, which is what they say can cause it), lots of fruits and veggies, very little red meat. She did say it could be hereditary so I called my dad and found out both he and my grandmother had their gallbladders removed, so I guess that explains it to a degree. Still the idea of going through the next 3 months enduring this pain is really depressing. Belleweather, what medicine are you taking? I didn't know that was an option! A friend had gallstones with her second child and basically just dealt with it til after she was born. Anyway, my ultrasound is tomorrow morning so we'll see how severe the situation is.

Helen, I'm so glad you and DH are at a better place. That must make life seem better all-around.

Well I have to take DD (darling doggie) to the vet so I must go now. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well and having a good week, it sounds like!
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Wow! Sounds like everyone is busy, busy!

We spent most of our weekend in our continuing efforts to turn our basement into real living space and our office into Nate's room. Slowly but surely we are getting there, but I'm feeling a bit guilty about the fact that I've been so focused on house purchases and decorating N's room that I have done NOTHING for the baby. I've purchased exactly one thing - a tube of Boudreax's butt paste. How sad am I?

We went to the county fair and N actually rode some rides by himself, which of course made me sad that my baby is so grown up. Then I found a gorgeous two foot tall handcarved giraffe for his new zoo room. So, at least his room is coming together and we can hopefully move him soon. I'm not really looking forward to that, but it was his choice, not mine.

As someone else said, I am so over being pregnant. I'm certainly not ready for the baby to be here (especially since I'm only 28 weeks), but I'm just tired of it all. Tired of being hot, tired of being tired, tired of heartburn... This pregnancy took so long to achieve, you'd think I'd be loving every minute of it, but really I just want to fast forward to a healthy baby in my arms.

Off to continue researching cloth diapers... Hope everyone's week is going well.
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MW appt today. We went right into the prenatal and talked about my BP. At home (and from my nurse friends readings) I have been around 125-135/65-72 - totally normal. At the MWs today, I was 150/80. What the heck? How can it be white coat syndrome in a comfy room, with soft lights and caring MWs? But they are not worried, told me to just keep tracking it at home. She thinks I just respond to stress in that way, and she doesnt seem to think there is any reason why it would keep me from HBing! Woo hoo! What a relief!

I only gained 2 lbs this month, which is good since I have had huge gains in prior months. The working out seems to be keeping my fat gain down, since the baby is definitely growing fine. Measured 32(!) and the baby feels head up. That bums me out a bit. Ben was always head down, and I see the chiro and get the webster techique done every week. But it could explain why I dont seem to be as uncomfortable as some of you ladies and the kicks are all down so low. I'm 28w today, so there is time for this babe to flip.

Everything else is peachy. WE talked about all the awesome changes in my life that are making me less stressed and they both said I looked so much more relaxed at this appt (I was still working at my last one). I feel great. Almost too great. I think the exercise is keeping my energy levels up. I do crash at around 3p every day...but for the most part, I still feel like I am on the tail end of the 2nd tri. Considering I am around 100 lbs overweight, I just wonder why I feel so good?

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful week! I have a 3 day weekend doula training coming up that might be fun, but I will be away from DS all day. I will miss my little guy. And after that, I just get to look forward to vacation in FL! Ahhh, I need it sooo bad!!!!
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Hi -- I've been off-line for a while due to not having internet at home -- but I'm hooked up again now. It's been busy, in short, we moved to a very nice rental home which we are loving, my mom and sis came to town for our baby shower where DH's whole family pitched in and got us the whole lot of diapers that we registered for at Vermont Diaper Company -- I will have to post a great photo of that on-line, it shows my belly and the whole box of diaper loot. I am now in the 3rd trimester, and have gained a total of 20 lbs so far which is hard to beleive -- I have outgrown my maternity bottoms so I will need to do some shopping for stuff in the next size. I feel kind of ugly because a skin infection came back (right before the shower, of course) but I hope to knock it out soon. So, I'm tired but good -- got a lot of work done lately in the lab so I am planning on doing some desk work for the next 11.5 weeks, but I do have to go to a conference in South Carolina in a few weeks where I am giving a presentation -- I hope that's not too stressfull. OK, off to catch up on some of these posts here . .
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Bensmom - I wouldn't worry about the baby being head up at 28 weeks. My midwife told me the same at 29 weeks - except she referred to it as breech position which *does* have a kind of negative connotation! But when I was reading all the pregnancy books at home they said it was really common for babies to still be head up until 36 weeks.

My baby must be having a huge growth spurt right now because in just the last week my stomach has grown out a couple inches and I am STARVING today! Not much else to tell here - I am enjoying this pregnancy so much that I'm in no big hurry for it to end. My main problem is that I still fit into all of my sz. medium maternity clothes, but the shirts are almost all too short now to cover my stomach. But in size larges I look like I'm drowning and I'm not going for the tent look this pregnancy. I think I'm just going to have to sew additional length on to all of my tops - hopefully it won't look too silly.
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Our weekend was really pretty great even with a hassle while trying to get insurance changed from LA to FL. I ended up walking out of the office that was giving me a hassle and going to a place that should have been slightly less, but the owner of the office worked with us and we ended up with lower payments. He was also really great with dd and very easy to talk to, big points in getting my business! We are still exploring our new area and went to a park on a river Sunday. We spent some time on the boardwalk out over the river enjoying a wonderful breeze that kept things cool even with the record highs recently. I was mildly disapointed that we missed watching the shuttle being flown in, but somehow we got the time mixe up. Yesterday was another pretty good day. I had to change my appointment with the new midwife group and will be going next week because insurance isn't set up yet. They have offered to work with us on the billing if things are set up by next week so we don't get too far off track with appointments. I have been wondering if I am coming down with a case of thrush which is not something I want to be dealing with again after 6 months straight of it with dd, but at least I know all the different treatment options now! When I get in to see the midwife next week I have a long list of questions for her thanks to moving and possible thrush and wondering how huge this guy might be! I am currently dreading tomorrow. I go get my new license tomorrow and the idea of getting that picture taken at 28 weeks is not a pleasant one! After that we will see how things go, I might be going and checking out some more apartments and houses in hopes of getting moved in somewhere soon!
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