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I'm 29 weeks here, and waiting for the other shoe to drop. My husband told me today that I'd had "the most perfect pregnancy" of anyone he's ever known. When does the third trimester hell tend to start? I'm feeling more energetic, radiant and sexy every day now! (Please don't hate me)

Part of the "bargain" that I made with myself and the universe when I was having a hard time getting pregnant is that I would be the most grateful and uncomplaining pregnant woman possible. I thought that as punishment I would have a crappy pregnancy and feel forced to shut up and not complain about it. So far this is not the case. Someone remind me of this in November, okay?

I will whine about work, however...my entire last set of shifts we have worked short-staffed, and it's beginning to get insane. I usually get called at least once a day on my days off looking for me to work overtime shifts. The hospital management know that our pre-registration numbers are higher for Aug and Sept this year, but they aren't able to get enough staff to fill even normal levels. I've been working a lot in assessment/triage lately, and it sucks to have women labouring for hours in the assessment area or even waiting room because of lack of LDR staff. On Sunday night I looked after two women who I didn't manage to transfer to birthing rooms until they were pushing- both had been in assessment for hours!! The more time I spend at the hospital, the happier I am that I'm having a home birth.
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Amy: I'm sorry to hear that it looks like you have gallstones, but I'm still hoping that they'll turn out to be minor. I saw an OB for mine, and she gave me pain medicine (Tylenol with codiene) and some muscle relaxant to stop the spasming when I'm actively having an attack. I haven't had to use either yet, since I've been attack free since the first set -- but I'm getting REALLY tired of fat-free and high fiber foods!

I also know what you mean about feeling betrayed by your body... I worked so hard to get pregnant and was so excited when I was having a pretty normal, healthy pregnancy. I've had gynecological problems my whole life, and finally felt like my body wasn't a lemon, and could do this and like I had some peace with my girl parts and then my stupid GALLBLADDER had to go and ruin it. :

They keep telling me that -- about gallstone pain being so much worse than child birth. If it's true (and I'm crossing my fingers) then I'm in like flynn, because my cramps from endo made passing the gallstone look like a walk in the park.

Bensmom My baby is still flipping between transverse and breach himself, with the occasional stop with his head down. Don't worry too much yet... They might as well enjoy the space while they've got it!

Work got off to a chaotic start this week -- it looks like I have to appear in court next monday and I'm totally unprepared. I don't even get to argue anything, I just wrote the brief and did the research on the project that is in front of the judge, but my attorney wants me there to back her up. So not only do I have to deal with a several hour car ride, but I also have to hunt up something court-appropriate to wear at the point when I swear my belly grows a couple of inches per day. I wonder if they'd let me show up in a mumu?

Also, the nesting urge is kicking in and I'm realising not only how much stuff we have to do for the baby, but how little time we'll have to do it in after school starts next week. My prayers to the God of calenders have not come true, and they haven't obliged me by sticking an extra three weeks into august so I have no clue how we're going to get anything done! I haven't even bought *diapers* yet. Of course, I could be doing some of that rather than babbling at you all on the internet, but my joints are screaming for a rest, so I just sit here whining. No good.
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Hi All Fun to read what's going on with you ladies!

Sorry about the gallstones, Amy and Belleweather I hope it doesn't turn out to be too painful or a big deal.

As for me, the insomnia is still pretty bad, but at least I haven't been up ALL night every night- on Sat. night I was, and I was so frustrated and upset and delirious from lack of sleep that I was crying all morning. I find that herbs really don't work for me...I think my problem is so severe that they just don't touch me. I am still trying to avoid benadryl, though, so I keep listening to my hypnobirthing cd's and have dh read the scripts to me to help me fall asleep.

And, things are so tough with ds right now- we had the most awful day yesterday, and I am really ashamed to admit that I totally screamed at him (because he wouldn't stop screaming ALL DAY LONG! Oh, the irony) I just get to the end of my rope sometimes when I try to so hard to be patient and understanding of what he's feeling, and he does nothing but fuss and scream and beat up other kids all day. I know he's getting a molar and keeps saying he has boo-boo's in different places so maybe he's having growing pains??? I don't know. But I felt so awful and depressed about myself as a mother last night, I just cried and cried before I went to sleep. I just KNOW that this baby is going to be a piece of cake!

Sorry to complain all the time- life really is good, I promise. I am thankful to have a healthy pregnancy, active baby, good friends (both IRL and online ) and a loving and helpful partner. And the heat has broken somewhat (funny how 85 degrees is now considered 'cool weather'!).

And work...that's another thread...I have decided in my mind that I'm not going back- I haven't told them yet, and dread doing so. I decided I will only have the chance to be a sahm once in my life, and my baby will only be tiny once- enjoy this time while I can because it will be fleeting. We totally can't afford it- my PT salary about pays the mortgage, and we are already transferring $ from savings to make up the difference each month, but you know- this is important, and this time in life will never come back, so I need to do this for a little while, at least.

Ok, well it's been fun reading all your news The babe is kicking my guts out as I write!
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Well, I had a MW appointment today which went really well. I'm fine - blood pressure back up a bit to a much more normal 112/74. Baby is fine and, as I suspected, head down and the midwife thinks likely to stay there since she's been that way all along. MW was not particularly concerned that I'd only put on two pounds since the last visit (and those in the week immediately following that visit), which is good because I know I've been eating enough and Blobby has been super-active so I think she's stealing all my food - which is fine of course! Only problem is that the MW is concerned about my pubic bone pain since it's too early for it and the symptomology I described is not entirely normal, so I have a physio appointment next week to check it out. I hope the result of that is some extra exercises to do and not instruction to either stop working, stop weight training or stop walking the dog or anything. Actually I wouldn't argue too much about stopping working...at least this week, ugh.

I'm getting interviewed on Thursday by a reporter for the paper about hypnobirthing - should be interesting, especially since I haven't done it yet! But both the hypnobirthing classes and our prenatal classes are drawing closer and it's all starting to seem more real. Time is whipping by!!!

Hope all the gallstones out there behave themselves and everyone else has a nice, peaceful week.
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Itsybitsy- there was one day when the boys were 3 and 2 that I took them to the middle of a field and we just lay on our backs, held hands, and screamed. 3 is better, 4 is better still- honest. You can do this, he's just little and scared about how things are changing- just keep loving him.
Spughy- yay! Sorry that your pubic bone is still being naughty, but at least it's getting sorted.
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Originally Posted by flapjack
Itsybitsy- there was one day when the boys were 3 and 2 that I took them to the middle of a field and we just lay on our backs, held hands, and screamed.
That is awesome. :LOL

So good and great news:

No gallstones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy. The tech said my gallbladder looked perfectly normal, and my liver and right kidney looked great. So, really no telling what is causing the pain, but my midwife said it could just be gallbladder spasms caused by pressure of my uterus. They are waiting for the bloodwork to come back, and then I'll talk to her again to see if there is any other conclusion to come to. I'm just *very* relieved that it looks normal for now and that I don't have to worry about having it removed, ya know? Even though I'm still having pain, I feel like I can manage it for the next few months and not feel worried.

But even better than that, the ultrasound tech agreed to sneak a peek at Brynn, and she is head down!! She had been head-up until yesterday, but last night I felt some crazy movement, much more activity than I have ever felt before (and kicks in places where I had not felt them), so I asked the tech if she would mind looking because I had suspected that she'd flipped. Sure enough, she is head-down!! This just made my day. We spent several minutes looking at her face, and it was just beautiful, it made me want to cry. She already looks so different than her 19-week ultrasound when she had no fat. She just looks like a beautiful baby now with full lips and little button nose! She was even sucking and swalling amniotic fluid and kind of stuck her tongue out for a second. It was awesome. I was just really sad that DH wasn't there (because we weren't expecting to be able to see the baby), and he kept asking me over and over what she looks like now. We saw her hands and feet, and her heart beating, and her little booty and labia again (which I have to admit, was kind of reassuring since we now have so much girl stuff, but she is *definitely* a girl). It just made my day, perhaps even my week.

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Well, the week seems to be going pretty well for most of us.
Amy, are you allowed to do a gallbladder cleanse while pregnant? I can't imagine it being bad for the baby as it involves only olive oil and lemon juice. My dad passed what looked like a string of beads after doing it a couple of nights in a row.
Gunter, your inbox is full but thanks for the info... I'll definitely look into it!!!

I feel like I'm kinda throwing up my hands this week. I'm tired but don't nap with Willem so I guess it's my own fault. The house remains a huge disaster. I mean, I vacumed like two days ago but you should see the junk and dirt ds drags onto the carpet within like two hours. I can't keep up with the laundry and with ds constantly pulling things around the house. DH does his share around here just cooking and keeping the kitchen in relative order... but that's all he has time to do really.
I feel... weird. Pregnant, yes, but just weird. I'm tired and sore down there. This morning it felt like I had given birth, all the muscles and tissues were SO sore. I'm going to talk to my midwives about it tomorrow but maybe it's just tissue memory. I was really sore after Willem was born... for like almost three weeks.
I can't get a hold of the doctor's office that I was supposed to contact for a family phys. consult. This is the Doc who was supposed to be our backup/get me in the system. You kind of have to go around corners here in PA because of midwifery being alegal(sp?). Anyway, hope my midwives aren't too upset with me. They really want their clients to have a file in the hospital system before the birth because it if not the doctors around here tend to take extra invasive measures for homebirth attempting moms. I just hate having to fuss with it all because I know intuitively that everything is going to go smoothly with this birth. Sure it will be hard work and I expect pain etc but I know the baby and I will be fine.
Alright, my pg mind can't think of anything more to say.
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Got some bummer news last night. My best friend, the closest thing I have to a sister (in that I love her to death, but she makes me crazy, too ) was supposed to come out here from CA on the 5th of Sept. We were then going to drive down to our (DH and I) favorite place in FL. She and her fiancee have never been there and I was really looking forward to sharing the experience with them. I picked out a great rental house with amenities that they would love (nature trails nearby, walking distance to a town with lots of art galleries, etc). I have been telling Ben that he was going to see his Aunt K and Uncle D soon.

Well all of sudden last week, she started coming up with excuses why they couldn't come. Her work, his work, blah blah. It all sounded like excuses and the last story is that he cant get off work. But apparently, he cancelled both of their tickets?! You can't just cancel airline tickets, can you? These were bought at a sale fare. He doesnt want her to come alone? WTF? She has been coming here alone long before they met.

My intution tells me that she never bought the plane tickets in the first place and doesnt want to tell me that, since I explicitely told her that I would not book the house in FL til she did. Now that its too late, and on a holiday weekend, she cant find a fare under $500. I am really bummed. Partly because she will not be coming, partly because I don't understand all the stupidity. I have a strong personality and she doesn't like conflict, but come on...just be honest!

We are meeting one other couple there, another super good couple friend who live in another part of FL, so the trip should still be fun and relaxing. But we were really looking forward to the blend of the 3 couples. It would have been a fun match of personalities. And my friend insists that she will pay for her share of the house, but we'll see....

So, does anyone want to meet us in the FL panhandle on Sept 7th? :LOL
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Jenn, what a bunch of BS! It sounds like you are handling it much more gracefully than I would be able to. How thoughtless of your friend! Well I hope you have a great time anyway.

Willemsmama, I've never heard of a gallbladder cleanse. It sounds harmless enough. Can I find out about that online, ya think?

Itsybitsy, how is your insomnia? Any relief yet?

Spughy, let us know how your interview goes today!

Plagio, good to have you back!!

Everything is good here. The weather is cooling off, which is so wonderful I can't even tell you. It makes me feel happy and energetic again. Besides the back pain, I have been feeling really good and have actually been enjoying the pregnancy a lot lately. I read in another thread that some of you feel like you are ready to get the show in the road, but I'm just kind of happy and dreamy lately. Maybe it's because I started Hypnobabies this week! LOL! Last night after I listened to my relaxation CD, DH came into the room and said it looked like I'd just had sex. :LOL I have to admit, I am really enjoying it and definitely relishing the feelings of deep relaxation and peace.

Well I'm off. Hope you are all fab!
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I am so excited right now. I had been having a hard time finding a co-sleeper we could afford or a bassinett in our budget that could hold up to actually having a baby in it. I was just chatting with a friend from a playgroup I was in with my dd and she offered to ship the one she used with her twins to me. All she wants is reimbursment for the shipping. I don't think we could get a much better deal then that. Now aside from some clothing on the box of diapers I plan to pick up in October we are pretty well set for this munchkin to make an apperanace. I also just found out that my mom and grandma will probably be making a visit in March in addition to the visit from my mom and dad in December or January. After not seeing my family for close to 5 years seeing this much of them at once might be interesting, but I am looking forward to it. Now if one of the aparments we have looked at will just have an earlier then anticipated opening things will be going great! I hope everyone else is having a good day too.
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Midwife visits are every two weeks now!!! How crazy!

I've been knitting quite a bit lately -- I worked up four soakers so far in newborn sizes, and I can't believe how different each one is. There seems to be a lot of variability in the rise, thigh circumferance, and crotch width, so I may just hold off on making any more until I see which style suits this bambina the best.

And lately I've been feeling unbelievably lucky to have such a patient and kind DH. I just can't seem to react in proportion to things that go wrong -- I realized this morning that both pairs of my maternity pants now make me look boody-licious, since I gained a bit of weight in my rear end, and I just flipped out. Yesterday DH accidentally turned off my alarm and made me way late to work, but everything was serene, no big deal, I'll get there eventually... I feel totally unpredictable, but DH has been weathering it like a champ. In my saner moments I apologize profusely and authorize purchases of snobby beer, but I still feel like I am putting him through quite the roller coaster of emotions. More meditation, I keep telling myself...
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Hi everyone-

Happy Thursday. We have had a pretty quiet week so far. Molly had her first day of "gym school" which is little Gym, but she's in the mommy-stands-on-the-outside class now, so she is feeling quite big! It was hilarious :LOL Watching 12 almost-three year olds and two teacher try and have organization. The teachers are great, so it should be fun.

I am feeling like my pubic bone may split at any moment, but other than that, pretty good. The BH were so bad the other night that I couldn't sleep through them, which was annoying. I am definitely in the is it over yet group. Nine weeks and counting...

Has anyone seen that pic. online of a pregnant mom's belly with a foot kicking out so far that you can totally see the foot and toes, etc? I swear, one of these kicks I'm going to get the same view!

Have a good rest of the week. Hope everyone is cool and happy.
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Originally Posted by meagen
Has anyone seen that pic. online of a pregnant mom's belly with a foot kicking out so far that you can totally see the foot and toes, etc? I swear, one of these kicks I'm going to get the same view!
Yes! A friend send me that pic this morning. Kinda creepy, but cool at the same time. Fortunately I have enough "padding" over my belly that I can't see toes, but I can certainly feel the little feet sticking out sometimes!
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Originally Posted by BeTheEarth
I realized this morning that both pairs of my maternity pants now make me look boody-licious, since I gained a bit of weight in my rear end, and I just flipped out.
BTE I am out of clothes that fit, too. The thing is that the weather will be changing soon here, but not quite yet, so I hate to buy more summer stuff -- then again I hate to buy jeans that fit now but who knows in 6 weeks, when I really need them they may not. Presently I can fit into one size, but barely, and I know I have more growing to do. But the next size looks big. I have decided to hold off for now, especially since I just found out a maternity outlet is 1 mile from our new home, I can go there at a moments' notice to buy stuff if need be.
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You know, I am realizing how big my butt is. It has less to do with the baby than the sitting on my butt and eating junk food for the 6 months prior to conception, but anyhoo.... :

When I look down on my belly, I see this cute little roundish bulge and feel cute and pregnant. And then when I see a side view, the combination of my protruding belly and protruding buttocks looks...ugh. Very, very large! So I try to avoid mirrors right now and live in a fantasy world where I am one of those cute pregnant mamas with a cute belly and nothing more. :LOL
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Originally Posted by flapjack
Itsybitsy- there was one day when the boys were 3 and 2 that I took them to the middle of a field and we just lay on our backs, held hands, and screamed. 3 is better, 4 is better still- honest. You can do this, he's just little and scared about how things are changing- just keep loving him.
Thanks I really appreciate that, and I know you're right. yesterday was a little better, and today a little better yet. He did have a random screaming fit at 7pm (I worked all day and he was in daycare, so we were both worn out and I was starving and trying to make dinner and dh was out with his friends after work tonight so I was on my own) and I felt the panic rising, but I held it in and we sat on his bed and took deep breaths, then went out for a vigorous walk. I am totally exhausted but I didn't know what else to do till bedtime! Then he ran around in the yard for a while, and then the ever-popular tubby time! Now I am ready to DROP! Tomorrow we are riding on the train and carousel, which are always huge hits- I just hope the meeting up with friends aspect of it isn't a disaster.

2 things that really made me happy today:

-I got done work early, which is very rare, so went to the pool for a 1/2 hr swim- I've been dying to swim but it hasn't worked out all summer- it felt SO great, it was wonderful for my mental and physical well being.

-I picked up my 2 new pairs of glasses today- my old frames were totally depressing me b/c they made me look so schoolmarmish and like I fade into the woodwork, and they were all warped- I don't want my post-baby pics with those glasses on b/c I so don't feel like myself in them, but I have felt so guilty spending the $. Well finally I did it, and hopefully these new glasses will make me look a bit more modern and like what I feel is 'me' if that makes any sense.


amy- woo hoo on not having gallstones! Although I'm sorry you have the pain. It sounds like several of us have funky ligament/muscle/stretching pains so hopefully it's something benign that will go away. yay on the baby being head down now, and the surprise viewing! That is so exciting! I do wish I could sneak a peak at the little one

plagio- I was thinking that we hadn't heard from you in a while, so I'm glad you're back!
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I just wanted to say that I spent the day watching a dear friends 4 year old, who is herself a dear friend. Boy did I feel pregnant. Toddling around after her on the playground, almost getting stuck on the play structure and just generally feeling large and ungainly.

I couldn't play game with her on the floor, I had to play at the kitchen table. I stole her bean bag while reading to her, so I'd have something to put my swollen feet on.

I ran out of breath pushing her back from lunch in my stroller.

Hat's off to those of you dealing with pregnancy and your kids at the same time. I was wondering how anyone ever has siblings.
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I have no idea how I managed to be pregnant with a toddler last time either- a 5 year age gap is pretty wonderful, at least from that point of view. I reckon I'm never ready for a second child until the first no longer needs a high chair for meals.
The dentist did my extractions yesterday, so I'm sitting here sucking melon for breakfast, because the anaesthetic didn't wear off until after midnight so I couldn't eat anything. (Probably the worst bit, though even with 3 shots of local in each side I could still feel what was going on. ) If I'm honest, I'm still feeling a bit blurgh, but I know it takes time for the anaesthetic to wear off totally.
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Originally Posted by BensMom
When I look down on my belly, I see this cute little roundish bulge and feel cute and pregnant. And then when I see a side view, the combination of my protruding belly and protruding buttocks looks...ugh. Very, very large! So I try to avoid mirrors right now and live in a fantasy world where I am one of those cute pregnant mamas with a cute belly and nothing more. :LOL
I know what you mean! If I just look at myself front-on, I'm adorable. Then I see my rear, where I seem to be carrying triplets. I am definitely weeble shaped.

I am suddenly extremely uncomfortable. The other day, I was sitting at my desk at work, and the baby gave an enormous FLIP -- vigorous enough that my whole body jumped. He'd been head-down, and I think he's sort of sideways now. Everything feels lower, and there is tremendous pressure in my pelvis. I'm also getting these weird sensations in my cervix that I didn't get until the last month of pg with DD. It's so uncomfortable, I don't know how I manage until November like this!
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Last night DH and I met a friend and her husband and her two kids (2 yrs and 2 months) for dinner at a restaurant - her two-year-old was GREAT, what a nice well-behaved kid. He was quiet, polite, not whiny at all - and this is after a looooong day of visiting boring relatives for him! The baby was cute and adorable and pooped all over his dad :LOL All in all, a great visit. HOWEVER, because I haven't put on any weight in 3 weeks, I've been working so hard this week that I've actually lost weight (only 1/2 lb, but still...) I tried to eat a big meal - spareribs with bean cassoulet and roast veg, with cheesecake for dessert - and boy, did that backfire! Um, literally. As soon as I got in the truck to drive home I had the WORST gut-twisting cramps and the 5-minute drive home seemed to take an eternity. Then when I got home and rushed to the bathroom it seemed way too hard to, um, release the offending matter... and afterwards I think my blood pressure dropped cause I started to black out and had to do the whole head down between the knees thing. I almost threw up, too. But then 5 minutes later I was fine.

So, lesson for any smaller-sized women out there - trying to make up for not eating during the day with one whomping huge meal - not such a good idea. There is only so much room in there, and if you try to stuff too much in, something's gotta give, and it will NOT be fun. Ok, body, thanks, lesson learned.

Oh and then I was down another 1/2 lb on the scale this morning. Of course.

But, on a more positive note, one of my best friends from high school and his wife are expecting - he left a message on my answering machine yesterday so I was doing happy dances for him last night after I recovered - AND one of my favourite coworkers here is also pregnant! Yay pregnant people all-round!

Oh, and the reporter I talked to about hypnobirthing yesterday seemed really nice and asked lots of good questions, so I'm eagerly awaiting her article which will be published Tuesday. I hope she doesn't put in the part about me not particularly liking my regular doctor though - I'm sure he reads the paper and my husband still has to see him every time he needs his prescription refilled!
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