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3rd Trimester Swap: MAIL YOUR PACKAGE!!

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OK, so here we go! :

* All interested mamas who would like to both give and receive a gift will post their ISO list here, in this thread (but don't post what you can give, only what you'd like to receive). Your ISO list must be posted by September 1st in order to participate.

* Your ISO list can include anything you might like for yourself or your babe, including mama-made items that someone else may make.

* If you participate, you scan through the other mamas' ISO lists and see if you can provide $15-$20 worth of stuff to any given mama (this can include stuff YOU make! )

* On September 2nd, 3rd, or 4th (please not before), you email me and indicate, in order of preference, the 2 or 3 mamas who have ISO lists that best match what you can *give* (email will work better than PMing; last time my PM box was always full, so messages didn't get to me!). I will only assign you one mama to which you'll send your gift, but I ask that you give me the names of 2-3 so I can make the best matches for everyone. In your email, please include your real name and address, so that I can make sure your match mama can send something to you!

* On September 5th , I will post the mama matches here in this thread, and I will also PM you all of the details (username, real name, address) and then you will have two weeks to get your packages together.

* All packages should be mailed out by September 19th or 20th.

So, for everyone who has already agreed to participate, go ahead and post your ISO list! As each person posts, I will add your name to this original post, so we can keep track of everyone.

Here's who we have so far:

memory maker
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I will add more if I think of anything else

Im having a girl
size large (non maternity) sleep pants to wear in hospital after birth
size medium nursing tank from Target
mama pads
nursing pads-would love wool ones
massage oil
hair silks to hold hair back
non padded ring sling (prefer neutral colors)

for babe:
tshirt tops that snap around body (not onesies)
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My List

Yay!!! I will offer to ship internationally, again. The diaper stuff or sling does not have to be new! I am totally okay with recycled stuff; I even prefer it. I'd like size small diaper stuff for the first few months but other sizes are fine!

Organic Cloth diapers of any sort: pre folds,AIOs, etc...
Diaper Covers with cool designs (outdoors, natural stuff, elephants, Asian prints or whatever)
Organic Diaper Covers or Fleece Diaper Covers
Cloth Diaper Pail Insert or waterproof bag for diaper bag
Organic Cloth Wipes

Hotsling Size (3 or 4)
Cool Ring Sling or other cool baby carrier
(I do have a maya looking ring sling, a green fleece sling, Baby Bjorn and REI backpack)

*** DH brought home a hotsling from the TP the other day! The woman lives near us so he went and picked it up. It's light blue hawian floral with white, just ot update!***
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Originally Posted by Gunter

what size hotsling do you need?
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i'm in too

i'm ISO:

*large/med white 100% cotton tshirts for making diapers (lots) in EC to good condition
**aplix hook and loop
*birdseye fabric
*cloth mama pads w/ wings for postpartum
*cloth panty liners w/ wings
*Pul to make dipes (anything but pink)
*xs/small hotsling or any pouch sling
*1/4" polybraid elastic (4 yards? or more)
*mei tai to use around the house (so doesnt have to be in the best condition as long as it's safe)

i think that's it
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Yay! I'm in.

Let me say first, that used stuff is fine, even expected/desired!

*Here's what I desperately need:

Kid's music! All we have so far is Sesame Street's Hot Dance Songs, Silly Songs, and Elmo's Sing Along (hence why I am desperate- I hear those songs in my sleep and it's all ds wants to listen to!) For lullabyes I only have Micheal Card and Twila Paris' CD's, and the Baby Mozart cd. Sooo....any baby or kids cd's.

*Any type of aromatherapy for birth, labor or general relaxation- candles, essential oils, whatever. Any stuff that smells good and will make me happy

*Books- The Thinking Woman's Guide to Better Birth, and Birthing From Within. Or any other similar books- I already have Ina May's and the Sears Pregnancy Book.

*I very much want any used/copies of hypnobabies or hypnobirthing cd's or tapes- I only have the Peaceful Sleep Now, Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations, and Breastfeeding Success ones.
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Umm I am ISO 18 years of maid service!!! :LOL j/k

There is really nothing in particular that I am looking for. The only thing I can think of is nursing tops. Size SM or M.

A unisex nursing necklace would be nice.

Otherwise anything would be appreciated.
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Count me in!
I missed previous swaps so I am excited about this one.

ISO (used stuff fine, except for maybe the mama pads):

cloth mama pads
cloth nursing pads
newborn prefold diapers
newborn diaper covers (bummis would be nice but will try anything)
extra sheet for arm's reach original bedside cosleeper
boppy cover
waterproof bag for diaper pail or for diaper bag
any organic/natural baby creme or homeopathic colic treatment (you never know!)

I LOVE, love, love baby hats. Knit, crochet, store bought, handmade, with poofs on top (or not), any pattern, style, or color Any color will do (gender is not known). Looking for warm hats for indoors and out.

Also need long sleeved shirts or onesies, hand knit booties or sweaters.

and if none of that works, we will really need:
a set or 2 of king sheets for our homebirth! used sheets are necessary!

thanks and looking forward to swapping!

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Count me in!

My ISO list:

- great kids' books (used is totally fine)
- wooden toys (used in good condition fine)
- sing-along CDs and/or classical music for kids (used is fine again)

I'm sort of international too in that I'm in Canada. But shipping to/from the US or overseas is not usually a problem.

In particular, if anyone could find/has any of the "What-a-Mess" series of books by Frank Muir I would be eternally grateful
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Please remove me from the list.
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I'm in.

Let's see...

Infant Prefolds (used ok)
Kissaluvs size 1 (used ok)
Wool covers all sizes - handmade a bonus!

OK, here is a weird one. But I would really love a pair of handmade, matching baby socks and a pair for my 4yo, like in the book "Welcome with Love" (or "Hello, Baby"). The big brother and the baby have matching knitted wool socks that are multicolored and striped and it is a very cute special part of the book and i would love to do that with DS and the babe. I can measure his feet, but he wears a size 11-12. Especially with the babe coming in the winter. I wish I could knit, but sense that I will not have time to learn before Nov.

Active Birth by Janet Balaskas
The Labor Progress Handbook by Penny Simkin (yikes, just checked the price of this at Amazon! Holy smokes...but maybe someone has a used copy they don't need anymore... )

2x maternity jeans
Anything handmade will be appreciated!

I'll add more as I think about it.


Aromatherapy Candles
Maternity Tank 2x
Maternity Shorts/Summer shirts 2x (we will be in hot weather for awhile here, maybe somewhere else fall is starting? lol)
Birth Skirt
PUL/Wool/MM Windpro for diaper making
Natural/WAHM soaps, no art. frangrance, I esp. like lavender
Pregnancy Tea/Mothers Milk Tea
Boppy cover - any color
Childrens books that feature nursing babies (for DS)
Amby bed sheets
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Oh, this sounds so fun!

I am having girl - She is Due Nov 10th
Anything handmade (I like things that are knitted and tie dye)
Native sling type carrier - used (I am wearing a size 10 maternity)
Developmental baby toys or natural toys
Nursing pillow/boppy - used is fine
Fisher-Price Sounds 'n Lights Monitor (under $20 at WalMart)
Baby scrapbooking do-dads
Fluffy type white or off-white throw rug
Silky white or light off-white fabric with a sheen so I can sew curtain
Nylon bugs (bees, ladybugs, butterflys, dragonflys) that I can string from ceiling (they are sheer like pantyhose but are in pastel colors) in pink or yellow or red.
Nursing tops -size medium
Natural products /wash/shampoo/lotion etc (such as Burt's Bees)
Soothing classical or New Age music other than Enya -I have all Enya CD's (I like Gary Stadler, Mozart, etc etc.) copy CD's OK : for labor & for baby

FYI - I am in Ontario, Canada - so the mother I trade with I am willing to work an arrangement to cover addtl shipping costs - typically shipping costs are the same on both ends (US vs Canada)
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could the Canadian mama's say if they are in Canada?
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could we also list if we know the sex of our babies so in case people dont want just gender neutral things?
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We are expecting a boy this time. :


Cloth diapers (gently used is fine)
- fitted newborn diapers (kissaluvs)
- fitted one-size dipes (mother-ease, muttaquin, doodlebottoms, etc.) OR kissaluvs size 1
- small and medium PUL covers

For Mama
- anything for my poor feet (lotion, scrubs, soaks, etc)
- Mother's Milk tea
- candles with subtle soothing scents for the birth room (would they survive mailing without melting in the heat?)
- music for the birth

Other stuff (again, gently used is fine)
- the book "Welcome With Love" or any good sibling book about birth (esp hb)
- fitted cradle sheets (mattress is 18 X 36 and regular bassinet sheets don't fit)

I bought a cradle bumper last night at a consignment sale, so I took it off the list.

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Originally Posted by memory maker
what size hotsling do you need?
I do not have one, yet. But the website seems to think that I would be a 3 or a 4. Thanks for asking! I will add that to my post!
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:LOL It seems like most of us want similar things. It would be an interesting swap!
I'm in! I'll post my ISO later!
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Count me in -- will post my list later!

EDIT: here is my list, I guess I can add to as I think of more things:


Baby gender unknown

Anything handmade, knit, tie-dye, beaded, etc. for me or babe
Wool diaper cover
Nursing pads
Natural baby toys, such as wood (we have NONE as of now)
Natural baby care items like lotions or whatever else I'll need
Baby hair brush and comb
Natural/handmade soaps

Suprises are good, too!
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For the mamas and babies (and all people) of New Orleans:

Hurricane Katrina relief donation in Brynn's name

(The above would be my preference, but if that doesn't work for you, here are lists for Miss Baby and me.)

For baby (I'm having a girl):
Burt's Bees products
cloth dipes (not sure which kind I'll like yet)
lullaby CDs (used/copied OK)
anything mama-made, like knit cardigans or longies or caps, or felt toys

For Me:
maternity pajama bottoms (size M) - if they make such a thing OR
maternity nightgown (size M), knee length or so, with spaghetti straps (ie, no sleeves)
Nursing bra, size 34-DDD or 34-E
Maya wrap
Peppermint or grapefruit essential oil
pumpkin scented candles (my fave!!)
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Count me in! We're having our first boy!

I'm ISO- (used is fine on ANY of this!)

-The Continuum Concept by Alfie Kohn
-Adventures in Tandem Nursing by Hilary Flower
-back issues of Mothering, esp this month's if you're done with it!!!

-any pouch style sling for me- fleece or anything black, punk looking or cherries! size 3 or 25 inches
-black pouch for dh that will fit a 29 inch hip to shoulder

comfy nursing bras in size 38D
knit or funky or indian print hair scarves, tubes, etc
lanolin and nursing pads
anything burt's bees
anything for lips- nothing seems to keep mine soft!
scented sachets for dresser drawers
anything mary engelbreit
yankee candles- or anything that smells like dessert!
dried cranberries
i love mama-made stuff, and surprises too!

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