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hi! i'd like to try the swap this time. we are having a surprise!

my wish list:

hotsling, size 2 (or similar type of sling; can be gently used)
burts bees products for mama or baby
essential oil type products for labor
nursing tank (size M or L - around 38C-D)
music for birth
hypnobirthing cd's (or similar, not too familiar with this)
miracle blanket (or other similar)
funky dangling earrings, bracelet
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Okay, count me in. Here is my list (so far)...
Pregnancy Tea (Plain RRL is fine)
Mother's Milk Tea
Boppy/Nursing Pillow
Music for birth (Ocean Waves)- copies are fine!
Nursing Pads
Bassinet Sheets (White or Light Blue)
Nursing Necklace

I'm having a GIRL. I live in the US. Gently used is fine with me.

I think Amy had a great idea with the donation to the Red Cross thing...
So, if you choose me and want to, please donate $ to the Red Cross in my baby girl's name... Amanda Sue Ramian
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I'd like to join in...

My list so far:

(Can be used in good condition)
Diaper covers, particularly a wool soaker
Wet bag for in my diaper bag
Inserts for diapers
Fitted diapers (I have prefolds, but would like to try some other options)
Cloth wipes
Cloth or wood toys for a baby
Bobux or Reebox in size 3-6 or 6-9 month (used is fine, neutral or boy colors)
baby socks
hats - either the newborn kind for indoors or the outdoor kind for 3 - 6 months
Mama made stuff appreciated as well

We are having a boy, same season as our last boy, so I'm pretty set otherwise...
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I'm in!

We're having a girl. (though we would love non-pink stuff - the grandmas and aunts are going crazy in that department)


cloth wipes, any style
5 Love Languages for Children book (used fine)
Sears Discipline Book (used fine)
denim overalls, 3-6 month size (used fine)
lullaby CD's (used/copies fine)
wool wash/soap
anything for new baby medicine kit, mainstream or alternative stuff

anything Burts Bees
soy candles
cotton knit pj bottoms, dark color - size L (non-maternity)
mama cloth
inflatable bathtub pillow

ANYTHING handmade
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Im in...I missed the other two also so Im pretty excited!! We're having a boy. Would prefer if the nursing pads, mama pads, & nursing necklace were not used.

Heres my ISO so far

Wool nursing pads
Boy AIOs small, medium, or large
nursing necklace
Wood toys/rattles for baby
Nice calming aromatherapy candles to use for the birth
Any Grateful Dead onesies or anything that the baby can wear
Mama Pads
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I'd love to join....

I'd love to join in....

My wish list includes the following:

I'm expecting b/g twins....

BTW - all used stuff is perfect with me...

Small sized Bumpi Diaper Cover -night
Or any wool diaper cover for nighttime use
California Baby brand baby care set
Apricot and Lavender Essential Oils
Small or Medium sized (I've got twins) Waterproof Diaper Bag for my vehicle
Large waterproof bag for 2 cloth diaper users....
A sound machine that makes womb noises
Breast pads - washable wool ones - handmade is perfect... I don't have a serger.
Nursing bras - Bravado Medium Plus or size 38-40CC
Nursing tops - not sure what size I'd need - pre pg I was Medium top. Now, I feel wide lately.
baby moccassins for boy or girl or both

Can't wait to see who I get!!!

Fun Fun!

Christy S in TX aka BodoGirl
Due early Nov 2005 with b/g twins
plan to and :bf

Testing my ticker in this post too....

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I'm expecting a surprise!

I need:
- baby mittens, from normal scratching mittens to the warm winter kind, any mittens!
- newborn gowns
- diaper pins
- socks, for me, any colors except white!

I can use:
- receiving blankets..
- for cloth diapers, no newborn or small (have enough already). If used, excellent to very good condition only! Also, I'm all set with diaper covers for now...
- nursing shirts/tank, my size is small or medium, bra size 36C (34C or 36B is alright too....)
- queen/king size fitted sheets, cotton only!
- for babywearing, a mei tai would be nice!
- I like practical things, just try me!!!!
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oh i definitly want in!

baby is a surprise, but im planning on a girl.. so either way

umm.. ISO:

*special things for our birth altar.. rocks, crystals, beeswax candles, pictures, sage..ect..

*wet bag for cloth diapers

*nursing neclace

*wooden or soft baby toys

*playsilks or cloths

*eco bella vanilla cream.. this is my absolute favorite cream and i ran out a while ago..

*wooly newborn baby socks ( i havn't learned to knit them yet! )

*arnica cream for labour

*homeopathic remedies/herbal remedies for excessive bleeding after birth.. i dont know what they are though.

*other sweet momma or baby or big brother things!
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Don't know the sex of the baby but I'm feeling girly...

My ISO lists (I know there is lots but that's better for you to choose from):

herbs n' such (this years' harvest; organic or wildcrafted away from roadways)
Echinacea tincture (preferably strained on a full moon)
Motherwort tincture (a postpartum lifesaver!!! pref. in alcohol base and
strained on a full moon)
dried Nettles or oatstraw (for tea)
Neroli Hydrosol - not if in metal container (like a breath of heaven sprayed on your face in heavy labor)
Rescue Remedy spray
Lavender Hydrosol
dried lavender for sachets
Grapefruit essential oil
Herbal Sitz bath combination (pref with willow bark and slippery elm in the ingredients)

(used fine of course):
Emergency Childbirth: A Manual by Gregory J White M.D.
Tao of Motherhood by Vimala McClure
For a Future to be Possible by Thich Nhat Hanh
Everyday Erotica by Hygenia Halfmoon

other stuff (used is fine to applicable stuff):
liquid wool wash (like eucalan or kookaburra)
Burt's Bee's or Weleda diaper ointment
Any organic liquid baby shampoo
newborn diaper covers (no gerber style pull on plastic pants though)
anything (books, toys, etc) from rosihippo.com
Waldorf style felted wool doll, felted wool toys
play silks
Robeez or similar soft leather shoes size 3-6 mo and 6-12, do they make 18-24?(have plain brown alreadyin 6-12)
newborn and infant girl color socks, toddler boy socks 18-24 mo
Wool for knitting (enough to make newborn longies) or you can save me the time and make them for me
Wise Woman sling (have to look up size)
front snap nursing bra 36DD or 38D
Glamormom nursing tank in med or large (used okay here)
BELLY CASTING SUPPLIES (unpetroleum jelly, casting strips)
any wise woman art by Mora Freeman (notecards for my birth alter/wall)
Karma Kubes from Nirvana Candles in soothing scent
Newborn/Infant size baby bunting
Car seat bunting

That's all I can think of for now.
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Which one do you think is better, short or long list?
I can make mine longer if I need to..
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oetien- I personally think long is better... especially since a lot of us are asking for the same things. But that's just me
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Yeah, I kind of agree. The more specific, the easier it will be for someone to choose and shop!
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OK mamas, just wanted to make sure you all remember to have your ISO list posted by Thursday, September 1st! I think most of you have already done this but you may want to make sure it's complete and ready to go. It's also time for all of us to start looking through the ISO lists and determine who you may want to be matched with.

I'm going to editorialize a bit here....
I posted in another thread, but the situation in the gulf coast, specifically New Orleans, is really making me heart-sick the past two days. I used to live there and still have friends there, and still consider New Orleans "home" in a sentimental way. I've been thinking about all of those mamas and babies in the area who have been left with nothing, and thinking about how much we (my family) is blessed enough to have. So I thought I might suggest that for this swap, for those who are interested, we could make donations to Red Cross or other aid organizations in the name of our match mama, or our soon-to-arrive babies. Like I said, this is just a suggestion, but if you feel so inclined, please indicate on your ISO that you are open to a donation in your/your child's name.
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On your mark, get set.....

OK, mamas! Time to really get the fun started.

*Please email me no later than September 5th with your THREE choices for a swap mama (in order of preference)!

*Please put "MDC swap" in the subject line so that I can easily pick you out if your mail goes into my junk folder.

*Lastly, please take a look at the list that I've compiled in post #1 of this thread and make sure you are on it! If you aren't, please let me know ASAP.

*I will post a listing of the matched mamas as soon as I hear from everyone, no later than September 6th (remider: I'm going out of town on September 7th, so I won't be able to do any swap administration during the week I'm gone.)
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Argh, I am swamped today- hopefully tomorrow during ds's nap time (IF we have a nap time, that is!) I can look over the list and make a few picks!!
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So, I offered to ship internationally at the beginning of this so I want to double-check who that applies to as I try to pick someone!

Looking over it seems like Mrs. Moe and MamaFern are the only ones living outside the USA and they are both in Canada, right?

Anyone else?
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sorry in a BIG hurry
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Hey Gunter, Spughy is in Canada too.

OK fabulous ladies! I've already gotten a HUGE response and we have almost everyone covered. Please check the list in post #1; if I have received your email with your three choices, there will be a next to your name.
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yep im in canada..

and to tell you the truth its way cheeper for me to mail to the states than in canada (like by about 10$-20$ a package, no matter the weight) so i really prefer having an american swap partner.. i have sent diapers to folks in canada that i ended up spending more on shipping than the diapers were worth, but to the states is no problem.. it has something to do with taxes and stuff..
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so i really prefer having an american swap partner
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